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How to Make Cannabis Suppositories

Like marijuana, the science at the back of cannabis suppositories has been slightly limited. Initially thought to just deliver medicine locally, the latest research led to the probability that 80% or more THC bioavailability can be attained systematically through rectal administration. 

However, patients are more likely to experience minimal to zero psychoactive effects. It makes suppositories an excellent choice for patients who deal with pelvic pain. If you want to learn how to make cannabis suppositories, please read on. 

Ingredients You Need to Use in Making Cannabis Suppositories

When making cannabis suppositories, you should prepare the following ingredients:

  • Cocoa butter
  • Oil like FECO, RSO, and CO2 oil
  • Tools like molds

What to Know About Cannabis Suppositories?

Don’t Replace the Cocoa Butter

Want to use any other substitute for cocoa butter? Think about it again. Replacing cocoa butter is possible, but doing so can lead to some drawbacks. Cocoa butter is better to use when making cannabis suppositories because they melt around 93 to 100 degrees. Coconut oil starts melting at 76 degrees. 

Therefore, those suppositories made with coconut oil will not melt faster and should be administered by using an applicator to prevent melting while you’re holding them. Likewise, you should store them inside the fridge or freezer. Suppositories made with cocoa butter are shelf-stable. 

The Form of Marijuana Oil to Use in Making Suppositories

Marijuana suppositories need high dosages of cannabinoids. Thus, the best type of oil to use in making them will be a concentrated oil like CO2 oil, distillate, FECO, or RSO. The combination of THC and CBD is a good thing for endometriosis. However, different conditions will improve with various proportions of cannabinoids. 

How Much Marijuana Oil to Use?

While there’s no enough scientific information about dosing, commercially available cannabis suppositories fall with this range. 

Are Cannabis Suppositories Effective?

It seems to be a personal experience. In general, you can find them to be very effective but just for a limited period. Cannabis suppositories may provide you relief that lasts for six to eight hours. However, oral dosing intoxication usually prevents one from doing so. After all, the effect and experience may vary from one user to another. 

Do-It-Yourself Simple Marijuana Suppositories Recipe

For this recipe, you’ll need the following:

  • Cocoa butter, 24 ml (melted and a bit cooled)
  • 12 suppository molds (2 ml)
  • RSO, FECO, or cannabis distillate (1 gram)
  • A syringe with a pipette or blunt tip
  • Metal fork

Directions on How to Make Cannabis Suppositories

First, you need to warm the oil by using a hairdryer for up to 10 seconds. You can also do put the oil inside the plastic bag immersed in warm water for two minutes. Both techniques will make the oil faster to dispense. Mix the oil with cocoa butter by using a metal fork or syringe’s tip. Blend them well until the butter dissolves completely.

With the blunt tip of the syringe or a pipette, fill every suppository mold with a mixture of oil and cocoa butter. Work carefully as the mixture starts to harden when you allow it to cool under room temperature. Don’t fill each mold by eye. It should be a 2ml mixture for every suppository to make sure each piece will contain the recommended dose.

Put the molds inside the fridge or freezer and wait until they set. Once they hardened, get them out of the molds and keep them inside a jar made of glass. Store the glass jar in a dark and cool room until they become ready to use. 

You can use these suppositories vaginally or anally. Lay flat on your bed 15 to 30 minutes after administering one to prevent leakage. Expect that the effects will come by in the next 30 minutes. The duration of effects, however, may differ from one user to another. 

Other Things to Consider

It is very important to measure carefully the base liquid that will help ensure correct dosing. However, working with a small volume of liquid might be difficult if you do it by using the regular measuring tools available in your kitchen. 

If you’re making cannabis tinctures, topicals, or any other concentrated marijuana mixes, you should invest in a graduated cylinder set and a scale. This may cost you a bit at first. Eventually, you’ll be getting the best return for your money. That would be a practical purchase. If you use a non-reusable plastic pipette in transferring the mixture to molds, be sure the melting cocoa butter is cold enough that the plastic will no longer melt. 

The cocoa butter should be a bit cool before you add distillate or any form of oil. This way, it will not destroy the precious cannabinoids. However, make sure the cocoa butter will not get as cold as the room temperature. Otherwise, it will start to harden. 

In determining the dosage for every suppository, you can divide the sum of milligrams of the medicine present in your cannabis oil by the total count of suppositories you made. 

What Strain Can I Use in Making Cannabis Suppositories?

You can use any strain of cannabis when making suppositories. Feel free to use whatever cannabis strain best suits your taste and expectations. You can also ask your marijuana doctor to find out which cannabis suppositories can fit your condition aside from the one you’ve been smoking. 

If you’re thinking of using cannabis suppositories for certain conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, chronic backache, anorexia, insomnia, depression, and anxiety, you should consult your doctor first to be sure. Usually, cannabis suppositories are recommended for some conditions like pelvic pain. 


Learning how to make cannabis suppositories should be a very exciting experience for anyone. It is so easy to make them. You just need to have all the necessary ingredients and tools. Then, once you’re ready, you should follow the directions provided. 

Just keep in mind that you need to measure the mixture instead of just relying on your eyes. Each suppository must have the right amount and number of cannabinoids for the best possible effects and results. If you’re having doubts, just step back and read again the instructions given above. 

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