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Guide on How to Make Cannabis Oil

guide on how to make cannabis oil

We are now in the Golden Age of marijuana. There are a lot of products arising, and it can sometimes be hard to choose which one to use or which one to try first. From blunts to gummies, to creams, to tinctures, you can get your cannabis in any form and shape that you want and even on how to make cannabis oil.

On the other end, you also got your common methods of consuming cannabis, such as bongs and joints. You’ve also got some lesser-known forms such as cannabis oil and live resin. Cannabis oil is what we will focus our attention on today.

Cannabis oil is getting popular recently because of its ability to destroy and stop the growth of cancer cells. It also has a lot of powerful medicinal effects, but having an anti-tumoral property is one of the best things why people get excited to use it.

In this article, we will guide you on how to make your own cannabis oil. In this way, you can take advantage of the healing properties of this oil. But before we discuss the how-to, let’s first learn what cannabis oil is.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is a type of cannabis concentrate that has improved and saved a lot of lives. Cannabis oil is a pure CBD or THC that can be used in large doses compared to other forms of consumption, such as vaporizing, smoking, or ingesting raw marijuana flowers.

To be clear, cannabis oil is different from CBD oil. CBD oil is made from industrial-grade hemp that has no critical anticancer cannabinoid. The hemp, which is used in these medications, is often used with inorganic and harsh chemical fertilizers.

Steps in Making Cannabis Oil

It is advisable to look for high-quality medical marijuana in making your cannabis oil. If you own a cannabis card, you can go to your local dispensary and ask which strain they can recommend you for making pure cannabis oil, or you can also grow your own cannabis at home and make use of that. It is important to use organic cannabis so that the negative pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are used will not end up in your soil. Take note that the purer your strain is, the better.

It is also important to choose the best location to make your own oil. You have to look for an open and well-ventilated space with an electric stove and windows.

Below are the steps on how to make your own cannabis oil:

  • Step 1: Collect all your tools and ingredients

You will need 1 ounce of medical cannabis and 1 galloon of alcohol like Everclear. Make sure to use alcohol, which can be used for human consumption. Never use rubbing alcohol.

The tools that you will be needing are a wooden spoon, 1 medium glass or a mixing bowl, coffee filter or cheesecloth with a mesh strainer, a straining device like a muslin bag, a silicon spatula, a container that can catch the liquid, a plastic syringe, a double boiler, and glass jars.
At some stages in the process, you may need to use non-latex gloves, a respirator mask, oven mitts, and safety glasses.

  • Step 2: Extract cannabinoids from cannabis

Soak the marijuana buds using the alcohol by placing the MMJ in the ceramic bowl. Submerge it with the alcohol. Mash and stir the mixture using the wooden spoon for 3 minutes. Strain your mixture and let the cannabis-infused alcohol be placed in the second container while you trap the solid mash in your strainer.

  • Step 3: Do the second strain

Put the contents that are mashed up back in the first bowl. Submerge it in the alcohol and mash and mix for 3 minutes. Strain your new mixture and place the remaining green liquid to the first green liquid from the strain.

  • Step 4: Boil the alcohol off from the green liquid using a double boiler

Fill half of the double boiler with water. Pour the green liquid in the top section. Place the double boiler in the stove and put the water in the bottom part. While boiling the water, it will also start to heat the dark green liquid.

When the dark green liquid is already bubbling, it will then begin to evaporate the alcohol. Allow the contents to bubble away using low heat. You can scrape the bottom and sides of the top section using your spatula. When the green liquid stops bubbling and starts to become thick and dark green syrup, it means that all the alcohol has been evaporated. Your cannabis oil is ready! Let the oil cool down.

  • Step 5: Fill the syringes or glass jars with the cannabis oil

Pull the plunger and draw your cannabis oil in the plastic syringe. Transfer the cannabis oil from the syringe to the glass jar using an airtight lid.

  • Step 6: Store the cannabis oil in a cool and dark place

Place the oil in your airtight jars in a cool and dark place. The oil will get hard if you place it in cool temperature, so make sure to gently warm it to turn it back in liquid form before using it.

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