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How to Make a Blunt Last Longer?

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest booming industries, cannabis consumers in their quest to further explore the benefits of the weed have discovered not just the advantages of cannabis but also how to produce a better product and more importantly how to use it. There are many ways to ingest cannabis.

Cannabis can be made into many things and one of which is blunt. Read on this article as we tackle more about blunts and how to make a blunt last longer. Not too many may be familiar with a blunt but it has been used to smoke cannabis since the olden days.

What is blunt? 

To simply things, blunts look like cigars. Instead of having tobacco, it has marijuana as the main ingredient. The tobacco is removed and replaced by a strain of marijuana. A blunt can also be rolled using tobacco leaf wrappers.

A little history would tell us that the name blunt came a cigar brand called Phillies Blunt. It originated in New York City as a discreet way of smoking weed. 

It is created by filling a piece of tobacco paper with your selected strain of marijuana. You may use a clean cigar wrap which is typically made from dried tobacco leaf. Blunts appear to be brown. The wrapper is always brown because it can be dried tobacco or hemp and the fill is a green weed. 

Blunts come in different sizes. Usually, they are longer and thicker. It differs in length and size. It depends on the consumer’s preference. Some consumers like packed blunts less than the cigar size or like the size of a drinking straw. 

The flavor of the blunt depends on its exterior with the kind of wrapping used as well as the strain that is used. Sometimes it requires some experimentation to perfect the taste. This will happen or those who are rolling their buds themselves. Blunts that are being sold in cannabis stores have been created by experts that are guaranteed to be fresh, longest burning, and flavorful.

How to make a blunt last longer?

So you got yourself a blunt and you are excited to smoke it. Of course, you want to make the most of it. Now the important thing to do is to know how to properly smoke it and how to make a blunt last longer. 

Everyone has their way of smoking weed but there are ways to help you enjoy smoking more. Some techniques are used to be able to achieve a powerful and enjoyable cannabis experience. Here are very important tips on how to properly smoke a blunt and how to make a blunt last longer.

  • Light it properly – most cannabis consumers use regular lighters which is good while others prefer to light their bunt with natural hemp wick. The natural hemp wick will eliminate inhaling the fuel.
  • Light it slowly. Do not haste. Light your blunt slowly using a regular lighter or a natural hemp wick. The reason for this is to be able to create a cherry at the tip of the blunt that will burn down the entire blunt evenly. As soon as you have created a cherry, you can start inhaling.
  • Do not inhale while lighting. Hold your breath while you are lighting the blunt. It is the same way as lighting a regular cigar or cigarette. Inhaling while lighting may result in uneven cherry which will to what is known as canoeing. Canoeing is the term coined for fast-burning weed.
  • Take time to inhale and exhale while smoking your blunt. It will allow you to feel the effects and savor the taste. Do not haste. Take your time. The secret to enjoying and keeping your blunt for a long time is to take it easy in inhaling and exhaling. It ‘s all about taking your time.

Important things that you need to know about blunts

If it is your first time to use a blunt, here are some important tips that you need to consider:

  • Blunts carry or have more cannabis or weed. They are bigger compared to a regular cannabis cigar that is why they can hold more weed. A regular blunt will let you take in marijuana much more than ingestion or vaping.
  • Blunt wrappers are porous compared to regular rolling papers so it makes burning less complete.
  • Blunt will allow you to inhale deeper and hold a large amount of smoke for longer consumption.
  • Blunt wrappers are much sturdier which allows it to contain more cannabis to be wrapped in a blunt.

How to roll create a blunt?

Blunts can be bought in cannabis stores but you can also create your cannabis blunt. Here are the steps in making a blunt.

  • Choose cannabis. Select high-quality cannabis of your choice.
  • The next step is to breakdown the chosen cannabis. You could use a grinder to make the process easier. Make sure that you can breakdown evenly. Do not grind t too much that it would look sandy-like. Other’s prefer to breakdown their cannabis by hands. Either way, will do just make sure you can grind them well.
  • Empty your cigar. You may use a sharp knife to empty your cigar. One you slice it, let your fingers pull them apart and then unroll it.
  • Moisten the cigar paper. By moistening cigar paper, it will make it easier to wrap, shape, work with and it can seal micro-tears.
  • Time to fill your blunt. After grinding your cannabis, spread it at the center and put the desired amount. Usually, 1 to 2 grams is enough. Just make sure that your wrap will be able to hold it. After adding the weed, roll it between the fingers making sure that it is packed evenly before you seal it.
  • Roll and seal your blunt. As soon as you have evenly placed your grounded weed, you may now roll it. Make sure to tightly tuck one edge under the other edge. Moisten the exposed area lengthwise and then seal it.

Smoking bunts or cannabis, in general, should be taken in moderation. Bunts will give you to enjoy cannabis experience at a whole new level. With the tips we have shared with you on how to make a bunt and how to make a blunt last longer, you are assured to enjoy cannabis smoking with the strain of your choice. 

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