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How to know if Pot Seeds are Viable?

how to know if pot seeds are viable

The world has been so busy in propagating the Marijuana Items, especially on intensifying the potencies of each Cannabis Strain to make them stronger and have a long-lasting effect for each user. Little do these eager and excited people know; they may end up failing if they do not focus on the means to produce quality and viable pot seeds for our future generations.

Above anything else, before you go deeper on each Cannabis Strains that you will encounter in the future, you must be equipped first with the basics of seed viability, considering that you can be a potential Cannabis Pot grower for tomorrow’s generations.

Knowing the Seeds

Cannabis plants are dioecious and basically, they have seeds. Its female seeds will be pollinated by male seeds to reproduce. However, scientific studies suggest that female plants can reproduce without the male counterpart and harvest plants for medical and recreational use. On the other hand, there are variants of Marijuana plants that produce male and female seeds in one plant, making their reproduction be faster than any other cannabis plants.

When reproducing, a male seed must pollinate a female flower plant. If the seeds mature, the female plant will die and these new seeds will fall off to the ground and grow into new plants. Plants with both male and female flowers create male seeds and pollinate the surrounding female flowers to grow new batches of seeds. This is hermaphroditic reproduction.

Checking the Seeds

One can decide if a Cannabis seed is in good quality by checking the seed with naked eyes. The physical features of each seed can tell its current condition.

It should have a dark color, either black, brown or gray. Other seeds seem to have tiger stripes on their shells. In case you see white or green seeds; they are immature and may not sprout.

A good seed must have no cracks on its shell. Cracks appear to the seeds that already withered and died.

Most of those who produce the best weed items are big in size and have symmetrical shapes. This is an indicator of a good plant in the future. Bad seeds are often small, irregular and have deformities in shape.

A pot seed has a waxy coating on it. It appears shiny when placed under the light.

It also has a thick shell and can withstand the pressure when squeezed with fingers. If the shell is brittle, the seed is already dead and will not grow.

Young seeds are more practical than the aging ones. Before purchasing, ask the age of the seeds so that you may have the basic knowledge on how great will that seed produces when growing. After buying, place the seeds in dark and cold areas such as your freezer, to keep its quality.

Seeds from bags cause another problem. It only indicates that the owner fails to filter the female from male seeds, the big from small ones, even the ripe from immature seeds. It also gives you the extra burden to see yourself busy in separating the good and bad seeds with tweezers and magnifying glass.

Quality Control

After checking the physical traits of your seeds, try its inner qualities before using them in the future. There are simple techniques to prove their quality before planting.

Float Test

The Float Test is suitable not only to Pot Seeds but to other organic seeds as well. Fill your glass with warm water and place the seeds on it. If the seeds sink at the bottom after hours, these are in good condition.

However, if the seeds remained floating, they are dead and may not grow anymore.

This test applies to consumers and small-scale weed shop owners. It takes hours before confirmation, yet this is an effective way to see if a seed qualifies for immediate planting.

Reminder: When conducting the float test, make sure to plant the seeds that passed the quality right away. Moisture attracts molds and kills seeds in the process.

Seed Germination

There are times that buyers feel dismayed if they dispose of the seeds unable to sink during the float test. In this case, we recommend to let them germinate. After days of testing, if the seeds produce sprouts, they may still grow but with defects.

This testing is not applicable to Online and Local Shops as this consumes more time just to check their quality.

Unfortunately, there is no quick way to check if the seed you are holding if it is a male or female. Worse is when you bought bag seeds and everything is mixed inside. You cannot distinguish the gender after you plant them and let them grow.

How About the Seeds from the Online Stores?

The good thing about buying with online stores is that they collaborate with excellent farmers and workers. They have processes of sorting out the good and bad seeds before packaging them and deliver to their customers.

However, during their quality control, seeds may have experienced various heat and pressure and nobody knows what happened during the process. All you have to do is believe in what did the Online Shop tell you about your ordered seeds.

Another great advantage of these shops is that they deliver quickly. The delivery time for seeds matters because their quality will change if delivered in a long time. If the delivery time takes longer than the usual, some seeds, even packed well, may sustain cracks during the shipment, some may expire and others may grow bad because of pressure.

What Matters Most

Pot Seeds, as mentioned with the previous articles, are vulnerable and weak to everything. They may give you protection and relief in the long run but at first, they are the ones who need protection due to their young age.

The most effective way to check if the seeds are viable or not is to simply plant them on soils. Check the seeds from time to time and see what will happen. Let those delivered seeds prove their worth in soils.

If you bought seeds from a reputable Seed Bank, there is nothing to worry about. They specialize in producing excellent seeds and keeping them fresh even sold a bit longer than the usual time of selling. Aside from that, Seed Banks offer better options as they can sell seeds of the same quality, size, and gender.

When your seed fails to grow, it will die and can serve as a fertilizer. You have to maximize your resources when growing weeds. Besides, nothing will go in waste as they can help germinating seeds in unique ways, even without our intervention.

We have to take extra caution in examining our bought pot seeds. If most of the seeds delivered to you failed the simple tests, contact the Online Store right away and raise your concern for their delivered goods.

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