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How to Keep Marijuana Plants Small

When growing marijuana, most growers want the plants to be as big and tall as possible, so they can have the highest possible yield. However, there are occasions when having tall plants aren’t feasible for a grower, and luckily, there are methods to keep your plants small without damaging them. This article will examine some of the things that you can do to ensure your plants will grow as small as you want.

Strain and Type

There are strains that naturally grow small. Ruderalis strains or auto-flowering plants tend to be short in stature. These strains do not consume much light, and so only grow to about 3 or 4 feet high. Auto-flowering plants have short vegetative stages and take around a month to bud. The only downside about this type of strain is its bud production, due to its size, it does not produce as many buds as a tall and bulky plant.

Size of the Container

If you want to keep constraint the growth of your cannabis plant, use a small container or pot. By using a small container, roots will not have space to grow. Consequently, the plant will be forced to stay short. Though this process is not advisable, this has been proven effective in some instances.

Plant Training and Topping your Cannabis Plants

If you are aiming for a well-controlled growth, this method could be perfect for you. L.S.T (Less Stress Training) has been employed by a lot of users to prevent their plants from growing. Also, by using this method, you can release your inner creativity through plant design and landscaping. If you’d like to read more about topping your cannabis plants, you can read a full article about it here.

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