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Tips on How To Increase Resin Production in your Marijuana Plants

We are all interested in harvesting a cannabis plant with higher THC levels and high-quality buds. We also wanted to smoke cannabis that has a great smell and taste to level up our entire marijuana experience. So if that’s the case, every cannabis grower should understand that there are different ways on how you can achieve these amazing potentials.

And one of which is by learning how to optimize the growth of your cannabis plants since the optimal growth of your cannabis is one of the best ways for you to increase the resin production in your marijuana plants. But wait for a second, what is resin production? What is the purpose of the resin gland into the life of cannabis? Is this related to the production of THC?

Get rid of all the uncertainties about the qualities and production of resin glands. Check out this information about resin that includes a reliable list of techniques to increase its production. 

What is Resin?

Resin or also called trichomes can be mostly found at the buds of your cannabis. Some of them appear on the stems, flowers, and leaves. The resin can only be seen by simply using a magnifying tool because they are too small to be seen by our naked eyes.

And once you have zoomed-in to the resin glands or trichomes, you will be able to see their appearance which is similar to small mushrooms with a transparent color. So if you will see cannabis that sparkles like a crystal, it only means that the resin glands are well-boosted on the cannabis plant.

Resin glands were developed into our cannabis plants not just to amaze our eyes or fulfill our desires, but they are actually made for us to harvest a healthy and strong cannabis plant. Yes, they can do that for us! Because the resin glands serve as the shield and armor of your cannabis against herbivores, insects, fungus, and more pathogens. They also protect our cannabis against the harmful UV rays from the sun, including the extreme humidity and winds around its growing environment.

Aside from its defense mechanisms, the resin also contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), and many other cannabinoids. And as we know, the THC and CBD are the reasons why we are getting high with marijuana and why many medical patients are using it in treating their certain conditions.

So if you want to get an assurance that your cannabis plant will be harvested with higher THC, you need to increase the resin production in your marijuana plant by means of choosing a high-quality strain and following some good growing procedures since not all the resins found in your cannabis are potent. This means you need to develop the full potential of your cannabis for you to get more chances of getting a very potent resin.

That being said, if you are interested in growing cannabis with an increased resin production, you need to follow these tips to ensure that you will get an increase THC in your cannabis.

  1. Choose the right strain that would help in achieving your desires.

Genetics would really play a big role to meet every one of your needs and desires to cannabis. Some may think that you can grow any kind of strain for as long as you will apply all the necessary steps to increase the resin production in your marijuana plants, but the truth is, your chosen strain will make a big impact on the overall growth of your plants.

So if you want to get a resin with great amounts of THC, you should look for a strain that can produce buds with potent resin glands.

  1. Use strong grow lights to increase the production of resin or trichomes during the flowering stage.

Never use weak grow lights for it will only give you cannabis plants with small amounts of bud and resin. So instead of wasting your energy, try using a grow light that can produce UV-B light such as metal halide grow lights since exposing your buds to UV-B rays will allow prompt reaction of resin glands in preserving your plant.

You must make use of UV-B lights or any other grow lights if you desire to produce resin continually and to enhance the potency of your cannabis. These should be installed two weeks before harvesting your cannabis plants.   

  1. Change the humidity and temperature level in your grow room.

During the last 2 to 3 weeks before your harvest time, you need to make some adjustments in your humidity and temperature level to promote resin production while protecting the potency of your buds.

So to achieve this, you need to drop your humidity below 30% while maintaining the temperature between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit using a dehumidifier and air conditioner.

  1. Stress your cannabis plants in a good and better way.

Stressing your cannabis plants will allow you to get more potent resin since this is their protective response to any kind of stress. So if you want the resin to react in your buds, you need to stress them in a good way such as by adjusting the humidity, temperature, and giving them lesser amounts of water during the flowering to boost the THC production in your buds.

Note: You have to do these stresses slowly and smartly to avoid encountering issues that may lead to severe damage. Also, if someone is giving you some suggestions on how you can stress your cannabis plants in a better way, make sure that you will do extensive research first because not all kinds of good stress may end up with positive results. So think before you apply.

Overall, if you want to increase the resin production in your marijuana plants, you need to ensure that you will pick the right strain because genetics will help you from achieving your success. So before considering the suggestions here, make sure that the strain that you will pick has richer potent resin glands so you can easily apply the approaches in enhancing the production of resin in your marijuana plants.

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