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How to Identify the Gender of Your Marijuana Plants?

how to identify the gender of your marijuana plants

Have you ever experienced being mistakenly called as Sir or Ma’am thru the phone or addressed thru emails because of your name? For instance, someone has emailed you with the salutation as Sir Alex, instead of Ms. Alex (sounds Russian), or Ms. Jean, instead of Sir Jean (sounds French). They commit mistakes because they have not seen you in person.

However, this thing must be avoided with your Cannabis Seeds. We may call a person with the wrong salutations unintentionally and be forgiven, but the moment you have mistakenly expected your seed with a wrong gender, it may cost you so expensive, to the extent that it will affect your provided household space for Cannabis cultivation.

Identifying the Gender of your Marijuana Plants

Marijuana Plants are known for their great and effective results to us humans, especially when it comes to medicinal and recreational abilities. If nourished well, they can help you to suppress some serious illnesses that cannot be easily cured by powerful and chemical-filled synthetic medicines which in return, may harm your liver and the rest of your health.

With the identification of your Cannabis Seeds’ gender, it will help you to set your long-term plans for the seeds you are expecting to grow and bloom, to supply you in the low times and to offer you profits.

Is it a Male or a Female?

  1. A stalk matters

In terms of the plants’ stalks, a Male plant has a thicker stalk than the female ones. This is due to their growing need to develop better support for their gaining weight. Apart from this, Male Cannabis plants produce fewer leaves, compared to the female plants.

  1. Check their Nodes

A strain’s node can the plant’s gender if it is a female or not. If a pre-flower develops into tiny bracts with hair-like stigma or buds on the nodes, most likely, it is a female. When it develops small round sacs, then chances are that your plant is a male Cannabis plant.

There are instances that the stigma and the round balls grow on a node to another. If they both grow on a single strain, then your plant might be considered as a hermaphroditic strain. All hermaphroditic plants are known to produce and pollinate on their own, even without the help of other male or feminized plants.

These indicators develop, four weeks after you plant your seeds.

With the hermaphroditic plants, its masculine traits should be picked or trimmed, like the round sacs which will affect the potency, just like what you have to do with the regular plants.

  1. Checking on specific months

Your plant may not produce a high potential bud if its gender turns into a male one, as the male plants focus on creating seeds, rather than the potency of its system that dictates the quality of THC. On the other hand, feminized plants give emphasis on enhancing its buds and flowers, posing a higher chance to create better THC content in the future.

Male plants show their gender from 7 to 10 days when planted indoors and 3 weeks when cultivated outdoors. The male gender shows faster than the female ones, giving you more time to remove them in your plant if you aim to develop a feminized plant.

In the event that one of your plants sustain so much pollen sacs, remove the plant completely, including its roots, away from the female ones and place it away from the feminized plants if you are going to need the male seeds. If you won’t need the male seeds though, simply remove the male plant to create a safer space to grow for your feminized seeds.

But why do I need to take down the male plants?

Not to be an eco-sexist but the male plants bring so much trouble with the development of a Cannabis Potency, especially if you sacrificed so much money just to meet this expected outcome.

Male plants divert the energy of a Marijuana Plant in creating seeds for pollination, instead of enriching the flowers and buds. They may still have this much-awaited potency and terpenes, but the quality is weaker, compared to the feminized seeds.

However, you can heavily rely on the male plants for the pollination of your wonderful herbs, but they may damage its offspring in the long run, if a grower prefers to keep the male plant with a female one in the same room and place, even if they are going to be planted with different pots and soils.


Identifying the gender of your Cannabis Seeds can help you create a sustainable and great breed of Marijuana Strains, especially if you are after the potency and efficacy of each plant, and not with its pollination and reproduction.

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