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How to Grow Feminized Seeds Indoors?

how to grow feminized seeds indoors

Growing feminized seeds indoors have become a trend these days. Both new and expert marijuana growers are shifting from cultivating regular seeds to feminized seeds. And there are a lot of reasons as to why many of them prefer cultivating feminized seeds. If you’re one of these growers who is curious about how to grow feminized seeds indoors then this article is for you.

Before you provide you tips and guidelines on how to start growing feminized seeds, it’s important that we understand what these seeds are first. First of all, many growers are prefer cultivating female cannabis seeds because they produce cannabinoid-rich flowers. These are the ones responsible for providing great flavors and pleasant effects and these are what consumers are looking for.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

There are feminizing techniques that you can search on the Internet today. They are very easy to follow that even novice growers can do them. You can either choose the rodelization method or you can spray your plants with colloidal silver. Regardless of what technique you are going to choose, it’s almost 100% that you’re going to harvest female cannabis plants.

If you have limited grow space, then it’s advisable that you plant feminized seeds. This is because planting regular seeds lead to growth and development of male plants. Naturally, there’s that 50-50 chance of getting male and female plants. It’s simply the way these wonderful herbs grow, develop, and reproduce.

Some marijuana growers find it quite annoying to see a lot of male plants growing in their weed garden. Fortunately, you can now buy feminized seeds or make your own in order to get rid of the process of determining and separating male plants. Feminized seeds always produce female plants and these should increase your profits if you’re into selling cannabis.

Advantages of Growing Feminized Seeds

The advantage of growing feminized seeds is that you will no longer have to worry about male plants anymore. You can sleep peacefully at night knowing that all your plants are destined to grow as females. Also, if you’re making your own feminized seeds, then there’s no need for you to buy feminized seeds in the market again which can be quite expensive.

Another advantage of growing feminized seeds is that you can enjoy bigger profits. Remember that most consumers today are looking for female cannabis plants since they contain more THC and CBD. Female plants offer great flavor and effects which you can’t experience when consuming male plants. Moreover, female plants help you save a lot of time and energy from eliminating male plants and it also helps you focus more on taking care of your plants and harvesting them properly without worrying about male.

Here’s How You Can Grow Feminized Seeds Indoors

Choosing the Right Feminized Seeds

This step is quite obvious but you have to be 100% sure first that indeed you’re purchasing feminized seeds. You need to make sure that it’s top quality. Always keep in mind that although there are many marijuana shops that you’ll find in the market today, not all of them are committed or dedicated enough to sell you high-quality products and matchless services.

It’s also very important that you choose the right strain for you. Try to do a little research online and find out which strains is perfect for your setup. Do you want small and fast-maturing plants? Would you like to grow high-yielding crops? Are you particular about the flavor and effects of the plants? Then be sure that you gather more information about a particular strain before you start cultivating.

Gathering Your Materials


You can’t start feminized seeds cultivation unless you gather all your materials. Just like any other plants on this planet, you need to make sure that you provide them the right environment for them to grow and develop. Be sure that you give them enough light. Buy high-quality light equipment that has timers. You want to ensure that the vegetation stage is well taken care of and this is done by providing your plants more than twelve hours of light. 

Growing Medium

The next thing that you need to do is to check what’s the best growing medium for the strain that you are about to cultivate. We are not talking about soil only but as well as perlite, vermiculite, coconut coir, and rock wool. You can also choose to plant them through hydroponics or aeroponics. In fact, you can even use deep water culture which does not require any medium at all.

Air and Temperature

Your cannabis plants need to have proper exchanges of gases and this is why you have to provide them fresh moving air. Planting outdoors is very simple since the natural breeze is available. However, if you’re planting them indoors, then you should provide them fresh air intake and stale air exhaust – this prevents molds from infesting your garden. Make sure as well that you provide them the right temperature. You don’t want them to grow in an extreme environment where there is too much cold and heat. It’s recommended that you maintain 27 degrees Celsius.

Water and Nutrients

Growers must also provide their feminized plants enough water and nutrients. Make sure that you don’t overwater your plants. Always check the pH – a pH meter should always be included in your grow kit. Also, don’t forget that your plants also need vitamins and minerals. You can use compost tea or try mixing organic materials such as feather meals and molasses. This should enhance the quality of your cannabis crops.

Germinating Cannabis Seedlings

This is one of the most enjoyable parts of growing feminized seeds indoors. Be sure that you provide them the right conditions in order for them to start their life cycle. This is where you choose the right location. Always set the environment to the ideal growing conditions. Monitor temperature and humidity.

The Vegetative Phase of Cannabis

By the time your cannabis plants start to produce green leaves, then the vegetative phase has already started. This is where you provide them e18 hours of light and 6 hours of night light every day. It’s not necessary that you follow strict time schedules but a timer should be very useful during this phase. This is also the best time for you to add carbon dioxide.

The Flowering Period

After the vegetation period, you will have to be prepared for the flowering period. Some growers call this as budding and blooming period. They are basically the same and what’s important during this stage is that you must learn how to properly control the lighting schedule.

Enjoying the Harvest

After the flowering period, you will then have to carefully harvest your plants. Be sure that you learn the right drying and curing process. At this period, your cannabis should already be abundant in pistils and trichomes. Depending on the strain that you’re going to use, your plants should appear brown, scarlet, mauve or deep orange.

Additional Tips

If you’re a beginner, then be sure that you ask for tips and advice from the experts. You need to do your research first in order for you to enjoy a healthy and abundant harvest. Learn not to underwater or overwater your plants. Also, be sure that you provide them the right nutrients. It’s also recommended that you do some space planning first before you start growing cannabis. Moreover, you must also learn how to get rid of pests, molds, and or fungus. Enjoy growing feminized seeds and always remember to be very patient and just have fun with it.

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