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How to Grow Cannabis Bonsai

The cannabis industry is on a roll. It is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries, and it is becoming a trend. The cannabis community is no longer made up of just users and growers. The cannabis community has also captured the attention of entrepreneurs who have seen the value of cannabis and put their investment in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis connoisseurs, in their never-ending pursuit to produce products, have discovered many benefits in cannabis, which is used in both recreational and medical use. Making cannabis bonsai has been making some cannabis enthusiasts busy recently. Cannabis bonsai is the latest trend.

As cannabis growers have also been finding ways and developed ways to improve cannabis growing. Breeding cannabis has improved over the years, and growers have developed strategies to make cannabis growing better, and making cannabis bonsai is a very good way of learning how to grow cannabis and as a hobby as well. In this article, we will give you the information and tips on how to grow a cannabis bonsai.

What is bonsai?

Bonsai plants have a long and rich culture from Japan and China that is believed to have started in 700 AD. It is also considered as a form of art. The term “Bon-sai” is a Japanese word that means “planted in a container”. This is an art form from Japanese and Chinese horticulture practice.

Making bonsai plant has become a hobby for many plant growers and now for cannabis growers as well. But how can you make bonsai cannabis?

Is it possible to grow Cannabis Bonsai?

Picture this, a small cannabis plant that to can put on display. Whether on your desk or beside a window. A bonsai plant has become appealing to many cannabis cultivators because it has become a hobby and a work of art. Bonsai cannabis appeals the most to cannabis enthusiasts who love horticulture. 

At first, cannabis cultivators thought that it is not possible to create cannabis bonsai because not all plants can be made into bonsai. Fortunately, most cannabis plants can be made into bonsai. Canna-bonsai is the term given to cannabis bonsai. 

In creating a canna-bonsai, you can also produce clone clippings. Growing canna-bonsai requires tremendous dedication and a lot of care.

How to Grow Cannabis Bonsai Tree

Growing bonsai can be fun and easy as long as you know how to do it, and you are dedicated to keeping it. In making a cannabis bonsai, there are several things that you need to have:

  • A cannabis plant of your choice. It should be a young plant.
  • A plastic-covered wire or gardening twine.
  • An electric drill and
  • A wooden stake.

Here are the important steps in creating a canna-bonsai. These steps are needed in growing and planting cannabis bonsai.

  • Ready the pot you will be using. Get yourself a pot that you intend to place your cannabis plant. A small plot is needed to hold your cannabis plant.
  • Drill the pot. To drill the pot, use an electric drill to create the holes in your pot. This needed to facilitate training. The holes should be big enough to be able to accommodate the plastic-covered wire or the twine.
  • Prepare the cutting of the mother plant. Set it in the pot. Make sure that the cutting is strong and sturdy, and it should be healthy. This should allow the mother plant to produce quality buds.
  • Trunk training – put on the wooden stake after putting the mother plant on the pot. The wooden stake will help in training the plant. The stake is used to position in the direction on which you want your plant to grow. Slowly and gently press the stake down into the soil with trunk and then wrap the trunk the way you want it. You can tie the by using the twine or the wire. Tie the trunk with just enough force and give it a room to expand.
  • Train the branch – Tie the branches of the plant. Use the wire to tie the branches and reconnect them to the holes. Do not tie them too tightly. Leave room for growth so that the branches will not be constricted. If you want the branches to grow vertically, tie them lightly, and if you want to let it grow horizontally, tie them down with more force.
  • Branch pruning – As your plant grows bigger, the number of branches should be limited. To limit the branches, you need to prune it. Pruning will restrict the number of branches which will give you that bonsai look, shape and stature. Make sure to maintain good airflow and check any offshoot branches. Do not cut the main branches; just focus on the offshoot branches.

The best thing about cannabis bonsai is that it can last long. As long as it breathes and it is being taken care of, it will continue to live. Even if the plant does not produce buds, it will continue to love. Regeneration is a process in which you can make your cannabis bonsai last longer. Trim the central parts of your plant but do not remove buds from the 1/3 part of the lower section.

The cannabis industry is growing. Cannabis cultivators continue to find ways to reinvent the cannabis growing process. Growing cannabis is not just limited to breeding and producing a new breed of products. As the cannabis industry is growing, it is also adapting horticulture science. It has embraced the art of growing canna-bonsai, which is both a science and an art. For cannabis growers has adapted the method of growing canna-bonsai, it is also embracing growing cannabis mixture of a classic and modern approach to growing marijuana.

Now we know that it is possible to grow canna-bonsai or cannabis bonsai. If you want to try the art of growing cannabis bonsai, the tips we have shared in this article will be able to guide you as you start with this new approach. Now you can have a little cannabis displayed fashionable in a pot and put it on your table or by your window.

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