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Tips on How to Grow Bigger Cannabis Buds Outdoors

tips on how to grow bigger cannabis buds outdoors

One task where patience, hard work, and determination work together very well is growing marijuana on your own. Upon putting in all your efforts in the process, the leading goal mind will always be for you to have a significant and healthy harvest of your most desired cannabis strain. Here are the core ideas on how to grow bigger cannabis buds outdoors.

If you are a newcomer in this aspect or a veteran who is looking for other ways to improve harvest, you will need this set of details of the step by step to fulfill the task.

What are Cannabis Buds

Cannabis or more commonly known as marijuana, herb, weed, or green wax, is a green plant that offers recreational and medicinal uses to smokers. An intense high that gets straight to the brain is something that cannabis lovers look forward to in any cannabis.

This is why many users turn into growers so they can make their crops and possibly blend strains to come up with your mix. Mainly, the part of cannabis that is the tastiest and most wanted is the bud.

The buds of cannabis grow during the flowering stage of cannabis growth. Compared with marijuana plants’ buds contain a more concentrated and pure content of THC than the leaves. It is the possessor of the high effect, which is given much value to the growers.

Male buds and female buds vary in some ways in terms of THC levels. Several think that potent buds do not have another purpose except for pollination. However, this is false due to the scientific fact that male buds to offer potency for smoking. On the other hand, female flowers need not prove anything anymore because that is already given.

Ways to Grow Cannabis Plants

For a starter, decide first on the setting or location of the cultivation. It can either be indoors, outdoors or greenhouse.

When growing indoors, everything will be under your control from the light, soil, water, nutrients, fertilizers, and tents, among others. Although that may sound a piece of great news, indoor cultivation may also be expensive.

Outdoor growing, on the contrary, gives a lot of natural resources that you need to adjust with, like the light and water. The light cycle appropriate for the cannabis planted must be identified early, and so you can adapt it to your plants’ needs. Avoiding the presence of pests, molds, as well as the heavy rain and extreme climates may be hard when growing marijuana outdoors.

In between indoors and outdoors, the best and equally effective way to grow a marijuana plant in a greenhouse. It is a combination of the two other methods and entails the same set of necessary tools.

Tips on Achieving Bigger Success in Cannabis Cultivation

Whichever way you choose to do the cultivation, you can apply the steps below, too, depending on the strain of cannabis used.

  1. Pruning for a “lollipop”- like crop – because lower nodes and branches don’t receive enough light, they do not grow as much as those that are on top or in the canopy part of the plant. Therefore, it would be best just to cut them away so that the nutrients and energy will also be focused on the nourishment of the higher branches to grow larger buds.
  2. Training cannabis to grow in a specific direction or manner you desire – some marijuana naturally grows taller than other strains, which thus results in a garden where one becomes the center of sunlight and air. In such a case, training the plants would aid for a more leveled garden of crops. You can do this by tying their branches down in the ground to encourage the branches to grow bigger with more nodes.
  3. Feeding the plants with the right nutrients and fertilizers remains the number one ingredient – by giving correct fertilizer and nutrients to the cannabis, their large and healthy growth is 100% possible. In the vegetative stage, nitrogen is most needed, while phosphorus for the flowering period is necessary, too.
  4. Proper light source and cycle – if you have a limited budget, then growing cannabis must be done in a small space because the lighting source should be based on the area of cultivation. Every 100 watts of light must cover one square foot space. Also, ensure that the height or distance of the light from the plants are far enough so they will not get burned.
  5. Provide the right climate for the cannabis strain – study how the strain grows and in what temperature it survives. If you are living in a place where it is cold, then you may choose to develop a weed for cold climates. Likewise, plants that only grow in warmer weather may be grown, given that you will put up the best outdoor setting for its healthy growth. You can do this by adding more light to the area or make some coverings like tents.

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