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How to Get Weed Smell Out of Clothes

We all have valid reasons for not wanting that trace of weeds through its smell. Authority people can vary in age and status. They can be police officers, our parents, or our employers. However, the underlying fact is that we do not like to announce our illicit doings. We want to enjoy our weed and do not want to be reprimanded. So, how do we get that weed smell out of our clothes?

It is no secret that the odor of weed is very unique and easy to discern. The scent of searing flowers or the scent of fresh buds flouring in a plant is equally recognizable. Surely, in places where the herb has been freed from oblivious restriction, this scented delight is not a big deal. Nevertheless, in states where weed is still not accepted, smokers may like to curtail the odor for privacy uses.

The best method to prevent the disclosure of weed consumption is to curtail the persistent smell that stays in the clothing. If you toke, there is commonly a deep-seated musk impregnated within the clothes. 

Weed Smell Penetrating Clothes Fabric Types

The kind of clothing that you put on may greatly influence the capability of the weed smoke odor to accumulate on the fibers of the clothing and emanate the odor far after its first exposure to the smell of weed. 

The fabrics that are employed nowadays in the production of clothing can wander from synthetic fibers such as natural fibers to polyester. These various kinds of fabrics’ capacity to penetrate odors will differ, particularly when discussing synthetic and natural fibers.

Natural fabrics are made from the fibers of plants, animals, or bugs – with the most popular natural fabric which is the cotton fabric. Cotton-fabric is a popular odor-penetrating fabric that consumes a longer period to dry and grasp body odors as well as other smells like the weed smell. This fabric grasps odors because of the fiber that surfs with moisture that diminishes the pores of the fabric.

Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, are recognized to corner odors at a higher rate, although this will make an accumulating odor problem deep-seated within the fabric. A known synthetic fiber, polyester, is a kind of fabric that is fast to wick away moisture from the skin and immediately dry the fabric. 

Nonetheless, because of this structure, the material may also easily accumulate smells on the fibers that will create a strong aroma which can be challenging to take out from the material. These fabrics smell penetrating abilities are the main disgrace when it comes to being exposed to weed smell which may be easily achieved and cornered within the fabric’s material, keeping a foul odor that will persist ever after many washes.

Effective Techniques on How to Get Weed Smell Out of Clothes

Once the smell of weed transmits in the air, it has a great probability to adhere to the fabric of the clothing and drench the whole material with the compelling odor of weed. Although some people will favor the odor of weed, many of us would opt not to flaunt around with the unique smell staying in the clothes. 

If you have ever tried the method of annihilating your clothing of this smell, you will learn the minimal effort it requires to fight this smell and try to conceal the smell from permeating from the fabric of the clothes, either with the use of vinegar-solutions, masking agents, or even a bit baking under the sun to defeat the stink. 

How to get weed smell out of clothes? Prevention is always more ideal than a cure. The simplest options which are commonly used are incense sticks and lighting scented candles as a mean to mask the odor. 

To downplay and conceal this resting smell, there are various techniques that you can try. By utilizing the following pointers, you can participate in any social commitment without worrying about being caught.

Apply Preventive Odor Quick Fix

1. Blow Away

After making a hit, make sure to blow away from smoke from yourself and your clothes. Blow upwards or sideward instead of blowing it down your clothing.

2. Toke outside

If you smoke outside, you can dramatically dispatch the greater part of the smoke that is trapped within the clothing. When outdoors, there is a larger space for the smoke to dispense into. 

Use On-the-Go Remedies

We do not always have the luxury of time to eliminate the weed-based scents. If you see yourself at a crucial point, you can use the following remedies while you are on the move.

1. Fun in the Sun

The natural features of the wind and sun can act in your benefit by putting back freshness into your clothing. By taking a walking outside for 15 to 30 minutes on a sunny day, you can essentially dispatch some of its scents.

2. Grab a Cigarette

If you will be noticed with the scent of smoke, it will be better to smell cigarettes since it is a legal substance. Try smoking 1 to 2 sticks of cigarettes before entering a compromising encounter, you can conceal the odor of your weed with tobacco.

3. Vodka

Vodka has been used for many generations already to remove odor. If you can secure a spray can and load it with this substance, it will be favorable for you. However, if you don’t have the spray can, you may also just tap yourself down through your hands that have been dampened with vodka. This popular drink acts well in balancing the smell and taking it off while in the step of evaporation.

4. Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is a common odor solution to clothing that is commonly used to soften, brighten, and eliminate smells on fabrics. The major component of vinegar that provides it the capability to achieve these essential fabric upgrades is the acetic acid. Although this kind of odor solution can work on many odors cornered on clothing, the weed smell is not just the other smells, since the science behind this smell is much unique and not easily removed.

Just like masking agents, vinegar will roughly combine with the smell of weed to build an aggravated smell that will infiltrate from the clothing’s fabric.

5. Laundry Mat

If you are still troubled with the thought that the weed smell in your clothes has still not exhausted, then try thinking if there is someone you know of a laundry mat or a colleague with washer and dryer who live nearby. If you think you have enough time to do the preparation, you may choose to give your clothing a good wash depending on the level of your apprehension.

Household Solutions

There are kinds of clothing that are hard to treat. They are clothing that often requires several washing cycles to eliminate the characteristic musk of the pot. Below are some long-term solutions for removing this smell.

1. Wash and do it again

If you notice that you did not succeed in removing the smell on your first washing, then consider washing it again. By putting your clothes through a second or even third cycle of washing, you will give more periods for the detergent to penetrate the hard-to-reach fibers.

2. Let it hang under the sun

If the weed smell in your clothes has not improved even after a few cycles of washing, remove the damp content from the washer and hang them on a clothesline placed under the sunlight. The sun and wind will function to elicit the remaining smell away as the garments get dry.

3. Baking soda

This substance does not only make whites even whiter. It also does an excellent job of penetrating fabrics and pulling out the odors. Just put ½ cup of baking soda at the start of your wash cycle together with the common clothing detergent.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

This substance also does an impressive job of carving into smokey leftovers and making the clothes smell fresh. Just put one cup of this substance with the laundry detergent and perform a normal cycle of washing to smell results.

Coverups, Hacks, and Myths

When aiming to conceal the smell of weed, the first thing smokers would want to grab is something that would cover the odor. They get a vanilla candle and lit it, vent a plume of aerosol spray, break out an incense stick. They may act to some extent; momentarily concealing the odor with an even more compelling odor. 

Although coverups are somehow helping in combating odor, a lot of people soon recognize that they lack something. That is when hacks and myths come into play. For the most portion, the myths are broken through the basic usage of common sense. Nevertheless, they carry on. So before you proceed with DIY hacks, try to check on the common myths that commit to eradicating the weed smell.

1. The Vacuum Technique

You have noticed this trick in some movies, but we can make sure that it does not work. A vacuum acts by blowing plenty of air. Given bigger particulate matter in that air is cornered in a bag or filter, but even HEPA filters can’t corner odor.

Hence, except that hose directs to somewhere that disregards the laws and principles of physics or to new products with a boatload of stimulated carbon. Forget about this myth and do not waste your time trying it.

2. Smoke in the Freezer

This belief perhaps began with people slithering to the walk-in freezer when they have some time to decompress. Nevertheless, when it comes to weed smell this will not act much. It was perhaps more of a method to mask visible smoke. Ejecting it as breath in a chilly room. 

3. Blow Weed Smoke in the Pillow to Prevent Getting on Clothes

There is no particular explanation of how this myth evolved. However, it is highly recommended if you like upholstery or pillow that smells similar to smoke.

Why Does Weed Create a Strong Odor not only on Clothes?

The smell of weed is not a cookie-cutter scent, as the fragrance generated from the weed will depend on the kind of strain that will draw out a distinct odor into the air once smoked. If marijuana is planted and refined, it is packed with terpenes – a kind of organic compound that is seen in variants of plants including cannabis. 

A lot of terpenes are present in the cannabis plant and each of them produces a distinct smell into the air like the smoke of the weed is produced. But why do weed smell and sticks to the clothes?

Terpenes commonly smell like thiols, a kind of chemical that is typically generated from skunks to emanate the strong aroma of skunk spray. This compound is distinguished by a strong scent which is often associated with rotten garlic or eggs. If cannabis is grown, some of the produced strains will have terpenes that will generate the odor of thiols into the surrounding, and hence the compelling odor of weed is produced.


Many people are cannabis enthusiasts and they enjoy the experience they get. However, what most bothers them especially if they have an upcoming meeting or gathering to attend is learning how to get weed smell out of clothes. They do not want to be caught with their activities because of the traces of weed smell.

The best and simplest approach to keeping an imperative distance from the turmoil of being anxious whether if you have an odor evocative of marijuana is devising a plan to inhibit the odors ahead of time. Do not pressure yourself and give it enough time. Find the best area possible, or ensure that your next engagement is with people that will not be bothered by the odors.

Marijuana is still not allowed in many states. It may place you into legal problems. Nevertheless, the tips above should help you eliminate the weed smell from your clothes. These tips are very easy to do. You do not have to grab any special equipment or ingredient to save yourself from being caught because of the weed smell.

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