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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

Weed comes from dried buds or leaves of cannabis, where there were times that a cannabis strain possesses an influential and robust scent. The most common aroma you are most likely to smell is piney and skunky, the original and earliest recognizable weed smell. Due to this, distinguishing if someone smoked weeds will be an easy task.

Under restricted circumstances, you cannot go on with your day smelling like marijuana, especially when you. That is why we are going to educate you about things you should execute on how to get rid of weed smell.

Before that, we should be able to elaborate on the scent marijuana can produce, along with different aroma from various cannabis strains.

What does Cannabis plant smell like in the first place?

Cannabis plant smells differently depending on its maturity phase. Those that are yet to reach the said period tend to have weaker scents, especially when stored indoors, where it’s no longer detectable. On the other hand, mature cannabis plants emit a stronger odor. But the aroma will depend on your chosen cannabis strain. But the most standard is piney, skunk, earthy, woody, floral, fruity, etc.

Some factors could affect the power of the scent, though, so the maturity is not the only influence you’ll have to look out to know which condition the smell becomes strong.

What does Weed smell like during and after smoking it?

While you smoke your Weed, in whatever method you chose to have it, the cannabis strain’s dominant scent will appear. But, since you’ll be burning the rolling coverage of the Weed, you should expect burnt odors and smoke. Still, the first notes of your chosen cannabis will dominate it. The most common scent you’ll get a sniff on is skunky. Regardless, there are other aromas, including fruity, earthy, herbal, musky, and a lot more.

The aftermath doesn’t mean the scent will die down because the same intensity follows, which is similar during your smoking process. Getting rid of it will serve as a challenge.

Does the smell of the Weed stick to inanimate objects?

The severe aroma during the smoking session is the same as after smoking. Weed is that the smell latches itself to objects, especially in the atmosphere, so smoking in a slightly congested area will overpower the whole room. However, the intensity of the odor will only vary upon how much you’ve smoked, which means the more significant grams, the powerful the scent and challenging to get rid of, mostly when it gets to penetrate fabric and cotton sheets because it stays longer in there.

How to get rid of weed smell in your house and on objects?

The negative attachment of smoking weed may bring unsettling feelings to your neighbors, specifically if you’re into hardcore usage. Though multiple countries have already approved using marijuana, the majority of purposes contain primary focus towards medical advantage, so smoking weeds for recreational usage might arouse issues. The simplest solution is through masking the overpowering scent using the following techniques:

Lighting up an Incense Stick

This technique is the ideal way of covering a strong cannabis smell.  To conceal a weed smell, you can use any strong incense and set it around your house. One of the most recommendable fragrance is Agarbatti because it covers the odor lingering in the atmosphere. The meditative scent is the best option to select.

Strong-scented Air Freshener

For you to completely cover the lingering smell of cannabis, a strong-scented air freshener is highly necessary. If you don’t have the spraying ones, you can have a car’s air freshener and place it around the area where the cannabis odor is the strongest.

Odor Eliminator for Homes

If you find it challenging to create a home-made odor eliminator, some products can eradicate the smell in your house. The most used ones in eliminating such scents are ozium and febreeze because they intend to clear out stench in your area.

Essential Oils

Who would’ve thought that diffuser and essential oils are going to be useful in eliminating weed smell? To put the odor away, you will have to switch on your diffuser before smoking Weed so it can overpower the scent. Make sure it’s still on even after smoking weeds for better results.

Fans and Open Windows

Not being able to afford such odor-eliminating products is perfectly understandable. In this case, you will need to involve every fan available in your house and an open window as well. By the way, an exhaust fan will be great, too. The fully maximized volume, the faster it dissolves.

Burning food in a Microwave or Stove

Lastly, the final resort and the most desperate choice is to burn something in a microwave or stove. Just make sure it’s not strong enough for the fires to swallow your house. A series of smoke from cooking food can conceal the weed smell. But, faint tinges are still there, though, especially when you smoked a weed with massive grams compared to normal.

How to get rid of Weed smell from yourself?

If weed smell can attach itself from non-living things, what more if it’s a human being? Indeed, you wouldn’t want your hair, breath, and overall scent to smell like weeds, would you? If you’re mindful enough, you can purchase products that could mask the weed smell before your attempted weed smoking. But, if you cannot afford one or forgot, here are the best and most effective ways to get rid of weed smell.

Smoke in the Shower

This technique has got to be the best and result-efficient method. You will prevent the spread of weed smell all over your house, but you could also remove it from your body with the help of shampoos, soaps, and other body-cleaning materials. Make sure that the bathroom door isn’t open, and it’s tightly shut.

Smoke Filter

Manufacturers are crafting carbon-based filters to insert to the end of your Weed as you smoke, whether if it’s a joint, blunt, spliff, or other smoking methods. But if it hasn’t reached availability yet in the market, you can try and make your own Sploof, which helps swallow the smoke of your Weed, preventing it from spreading across your home.

Mouthwash products

With the help of gargling mouthwash products, you can cleanse the smell of Weed in your mouth and obtain fresh minty breath. This technique will also provide you a comfortable feeling since the lingering scent of Weed may come along with aftertastes.

Now that you have gained ideas on how to get rid of weed smell from inanimate objects down to living things, smoking weed should not give you a harsh dilemma anymore. Not unless you’re in an addiction phase where over-dosage usually comes. Like cigarettes and other intoxicating substances, moderation is always a must.

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