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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell in your House

how to get rid of weed smell in your house

Cannabis, as everyone is all aware, is a flower. And one of the functions of a flower is to create terpenes or the odoriferous compounds which are designed by nature to ward off predators and attract pollinators. These pungent chemicals may be the worst and best parts to enjoy your cannabis. The smell of sticky, fresh bud can be intoxicating as the scent of a long-lost lover. Hence, there are ways on how to get rid of weed smell easily.

Sadly, this kind of odor can also be a negative giveaway that can alert others on what you are doing. While marijuana can be used for adult-use and medicinal purposes all over the country, the prohibition still continues. If you want to prevent your neighbors from catching you, privacy and respect can be preserved with some tricks in order to avoid the smell of the weeds in your home.

Below are some ways you can do to mask out the smell of your cannabis inside your home:

  • Using an Air Freshener

Air freshener is one of the common ways most people use to get rid of the weed smell. 

If you want to use an air freshener, make sure to use an odor-eliminating spray such as Zero Odor Household Odor Eliminator. This smell-free technique is non-toxic to people, pets, and the environment. Besides masking off the stench, it can also remove the odor even if days have passed by since you smoked. An odor eliminator is an easy and affordable method to get rid of weed smell.

  • Using a Clean Glass

The smell of a weed does not just come in the form of smoke. If your glass is not properly cleaned, this can be a source of stank. Therefore, if you are using glass, you can reduce the smell by making your dab rigs, bongs, and pipes clean.

A lot of cleaning products are available that can clean your glass. The Resolution Universal Caps is one of the best one to use. They can fit almost every rigs and bong, and this can be used with some other cleaning products. This is also a good choice if you are traveling. You just need to pop one, and your piece will not spill. 

  • Using a Smoke Filter

You can use a Smoke Buddy to get rid of or reduce a weed smell. You just need to take a rip, and put the Smoke Buddy in your face, then slowly exhale. Once you finished your session, put the cap on the end, and it will get the leftover smells. This method can get rid of the smoke 95%. Smoke Buddy can also be used with some other methods.

  • Using Candles

Candles can work wonders in getting rid of a weed smell, and your house can smell good afterward. Candles can be cheap or super expensive, but sometimes, they usually do the same. You can choose any candle of your choice to get rid of the weed smell. There are a lot of fragrances to choose from, and any of these should eliminate the odor of the weed which accumulates inside your home.

  • Using a Vaporizer

The smelliest parts when smoking cannabis is caused by the smoke itself. The smoke of the weed is odiferous, but if you add some dank, the odor can increase significantly. There is always a healthier and less-stinky way to consume cannabis, and this is by using a vaporizer. 

Vaporizers can work through conduction or convection heating. Your cannabis must be heated to a temperature of at least 250 Fahrenheit to activate the cannabinoids. This is the ideal temperature to activate the THC. The conduction and convection work by heating your vaporizer without the need to use an open flameThis will not produce smoke, but instead, a vapor, which can extract more THC compared to smoke. This can extract THC of about 90% for vaporizers and 50% for bongs.

  • Using a Stash Jar

The bud itself is usually overlooked when it comes to the smell control of cannabis. The buds of the cannabis are dank. Never store your nugs in a plastic bag. Plastic bags do not have an odor-control, and they can dry the nugs out of it. One technique is to use a stash jar.

Stash jars are designed to make your buds fresh, without having to let out the stank. You can use a Herb Preserve as this is made up of Ultraviolet rays and is also a proof glass, which keeps your bud fresh. If you do not use your weeds quite often, the stash jar can store your weed for up to six months. On the other hand, if you use a lot of weeds, you can buy three to ten units of these. To get rid of the smell of the weed, make sure to keep the jar locked and loaded.

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