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How to Get Really High on Weed?

Cannabis weed is known for delivering its powerful psychoactive high. It is just that it can bring an effect that is not that potent enough. Or, there is that diminishing effect felt afterward. You may now ask how to get really high on weed.

Maybe you have prepared everything already. You already got your weed, your favorite snacks, and your freshwater. You also have your comfortable clothes while you revisit your favorite movie, music, and YouTube channel. As you light up your weed, you do not get the high feel you are expecting. This is somehow frustrating on your part. 

Below are so far the ways that we suggest you do to get really high on weed

Store the Weed Properly

Store your weed properly after obtaining it. Make use of a baggy or a plastic container. This will help spoil its potency level. The plastic material can best conduct the electric charge. This will then fry the THC-level trichomes on the flowers. Use a steel jar or a good glass to avoid this. 

Some containers have built-in humidity controls. Some also have humidity packs, which can then be removed. If you don’t have these, it’ll help to leave a peel of a lemon, lime, and orange sealed with the weed. Leave it for about two to three hours. This will help stop the supply from getting crumbly, dry, & less potent. It is also suggested to preserve the stash in a cool and dark place.

Choose the Cannabis Strains Properly

There should always be a reputable source for cannabis weeds. This is easier if done legally by way of a cannabis club or dispensary club. When living somewhere with limited choices, knowing the name of the cannabis strain offered is a must. 

This is needed when researching the cultivar on the site. Seek for general advice. This is one way to learn more about the mellow effect of Indicas. That’s also to say, considering the tingling excitement in the face brought by the Sativas. 

Discover the sensations coming from the different hybrids. Look for one which is the most pleasing to you. Get the figures on the THC levels as expected. The traits will also somehow vary according to who has grown the strain. It is best to do experiments until ending up with the strain providing the best sensation.

Change Up the Methods on How to Get Really High on Weed

Adjust the method you do when getting high. Some people like it smoking. However, they like to get a different sensation upon trying different methods. For one, you may like the feeling brought about by the high from a bong hit or vaping. This is may also be one thing you dislike. It will depend much on the constitution of a person.

Nevertheless, do not use your lungs when you experiment with edibles. Dabs and edibles are two of the most potent cannabis products to find. It’s essential to continue with caution. 

Take a Look At Your Healthy Habits

Take a closer look at your healthy habits. Tweak your diet to best improve how you get high on weed. Your body fats are where the THC is stored and absorbed. The release could sometimes be slow. It also diminishes the quality of the high. An exercise routine and a diet reduce the total body fats you have. 

It may as well involve switching from ice cream to dark chocolate. It is also highly relevant to have an exercise component. Exercise will always be good to promote overall health. Studies also have suggested the impact it could bring to the brain the same as cannabis. It does not only elevate the mood. It also triggers the THC release from the body fats stored. In the study conducted in 2013 by a reputable organization, a cardio session is found out to increase THC levels of the blood by fifteen percent. 

Take Some Break

Maybe you have tried a lot of things on how to get really high on weed, but it’s never enough. You also have optimized the circumstances for high intensity. Still, success does not come out of it. You now need to begin considering chasing the high.

Cannabis weed enhances your life in so many ways. But still, it won’t ever resolve the emotional issues you may have. Better to be honest with yourself. This is true considering your consumption levels. If you indulge a lot more and expose more to cannabis, it may be about time to take a tolerance break. 

Experiment if you could last for a month or so without weed. When you try it on longer, you will get that stronger high experience. A month is suggested for cannabinoids to leave your body.

Now, if that tolerance break sounds unappealing to you, find support to survive through it. See what your life will be without cannabis. If there is something to feel responsible in your life, try it on right away. Feel such a stronger and more powerful high than ever before. 

Eat Only Healthy Foods

There are lots of accompaniments to weed that can enhance its potential effect. A simple cup of green tea or black tea with catechin can bind with the CB1 receptors of your brain. This can help soothe the effects of cannabinoid efficiently.

Moreover, dark chocolate holds the same effect as it contains 72-percent or more of cacao. This does not only function as an antioxidant. It also slows down the process of breaking down the anandamide. This chemical in the brain is named after the Sanskrit word “bliss”. This is responsible for sustaining the length of the high experience. 

Even foods enriched in omega-3 fatty acids efficiently synthesize the cannabinoid and endocannabinoids receptors. Better to search out for foods having terpenes such as high-enhancing pinene or THC-boosting myrcene. This pinene is found in the thyme, sage, and herbs. The myrcene is also found in broccoli, mangoes, and nuts. 

Multivitamins also can be a perfect choice for you. These also best improve the flow and the cellular absorption of the circulatory system. They also can help with the flow of the THC.


Follow the mentioned tips on how to get really high on weed so that you benefit more from experience. Try each one and experiment thereafter to enjoy the results!

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