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How to Get Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia

how to get medical marijuana card in virginia

Virginia is historically not been openly debating the most transparent medicinal marijuana legislation in U.S. states too much. Indeed, as expected, cannabis is restricted by the state, most experts do not even consider Virginia to have a system of “workable” medical cannabis or we can say that medical marijuana is NOT legal in the state.

For that reason, medical marijuana patients or users have a clear understanding of how they can obtain medicinal cannabis in their state, of course, it needed to undergo such a process that involves medical practitioners and the government and need to be thorough and responsible for their own action.

What exactly is permitted in the state of Virginia?

Heads up; this article will discuss a brief summary of the regulation in Virginia, do not assume that it is legal advice. You will then be familiarized with Virginia’s conditions about this product and what consumers need to expect.

Understanding Virginia’s take about Medical Marijuana

  1. The state does not have an actual medical marijuana program – Affirmative defense is what they have which means, they may allow an individual to have access from cannabis product like cannabis oil with a physician’s recommendation.
  2. Affirmative Defense – Although you have this license for cannabis oil, you are still not permitted to carry it legally. You will just be offered immunity or protection to criminal pursuit.
  3. Doctor’s perspective matters – there is actually no qualifying illness for this “Affirmative Defense.” So t is the physician’s directive if they will recommend it or not. As of writing, not many of them are participating with this due to lack of encouragement.
  4. Still at risk – as mentioned, even if you have this “Affirmative Defense,” it does not mean that you are legally allowed to bring cannabis oil. Even if it is coming from your doctor, you are still up for questioning.
  5. Not allowed to buy – Please note that Virginia is not allowing its people to purchase any marijuana products in their state. It still recognized as buying illegal products or carrying some from another region and shipped it in Virginia.

Products from marijuana that is allowed to use in Virginia are CBD oils and THC -A-oil. Though you have a physician’s recommendation, you are still confined to what kind of product you can use for your illness treatment with you “ Affirmative Defense.”


  • CBD oil – it should contain 15% CBD and no more than 5 percent of THC level.
  • THC-A-oil – should have at least 15% THC-A and not more than %5 of THC.

These two products are lined to be non-psychoactive elements of marijuana. As per research, they provide healing to its consumers but not offers a cerebral or physical high. While CBD oil is common as it is already available online to different states in the US, you are still at risk if you possess or purchase this product in Virginia even under “ Affirmative defense,” so you still need to be careful and ready with its consequences.

How to get Medical Marijuana use in Virginia?

Given the fact that you are still interested and really need it for medical reasons. We will provide steps on how to get “Affirmative Defense” for this state. Please see the list below:

  1. You must be a citizen of Virginia, and there is no age limit or minimum requirement, but if you are a minor, you will need to have a guardian that is registered to Virginia Board of Pharmacy.
  2. Find a qualified physician – He or she should be licensed in Virginia and registered in Virginia Board of Pharmacy as well as accept this kind of recommendation. They will have then need to give you written permission for the use of cannabis oil in the state due to your sickness.
  3. Get evaluated – No qualifying condition for this request, as long as it is beneficial for your illness.
  4. Required documentation
  • Government-issued identification card
  • Proof of residencies like issued identification card or tax receipt
  • For minors, proof of the qualifying patient’s age with a birth certification or other government-issued identification and proof of identity and residency for the parent or guardian

5. Submit an application online – if any case that you are unable to find a registered doctor for your written permission, you will need to register in the Virginia Board of Pharmacy. You may see this page. Not that the fee would be $50 to register, and you need to have written permission before attempting to register. Even if you already have written permission, you will still be charged for the %50 fee.

The application from the Board of Pharmacy will take 7-10 business days. You will then receive a registration card to the address indicated in your application.


Medical marijuana is not legal in Virginia, but they offer an “Affirmative defense” that will give some exemption for a criminal offense but still at risk. You need to secure permission from a registered physician. And you need to remember that even though you have this approved card, you are still restricted to what kind of product you can purchase or carry in the state.

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