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How to Get Marijuana Seeds Legally?

how to get marijuana seeds legally

Finding legal marijuana seeds, how to do it? If you think that this is only a concern of people located in a city or country that does not allow cannabis consumption then think again. A lot of growers located in places where cannabis IS LEGAL still have problems getting legal seeds. How to get marijuana seeds legally is a problem that you might also be thinking of and we’re here to help out. 

Legal shops vs black market seeds

What’s the difference between legal and illegal places to buy seeds? Basically, legal shops are found in a state or country where cannabis has been declared legal or regulated. These are shops that are licensed and regulated by a local agency.

These shops are found freely in a city, in an easy to access the area where customers can just come and go. In Las Vegas, NV for instance, cannabis dispensaries, and seed banks are found in legal shops in the city. These shops are easy to access near hotels, airports, malls and in areas near casinos and entertainment centers.

These shops are open, accessible only by mature clients and offer a wide variety of products. Looking more like the lobbies of hotels, jewelry shops, and gift shops, cannabis seed banks and dispensaries want to provide good buying experience for their customers.

You will also notice that legal dispensaries, whether online or offline, abide by local laws regarding weed buying can consumption. This includes the age of the customer, the amount of weed that the customer is allowed to purchase and carry as well as all other requirements for buying weed such as a prescription for medical cannabis patients.

All these make legal dispensaries a safer and more efficient place to buy weed, seeds and other cannabis smoking and growing paraphernalia. These shops may have guarantees for their products as well so you can make sure that you’re buying safe and quality products.

Meanwhile, black market sellers are illegal. They operate in the streets and have no particular stall, store or area where they regularly remain to sell weed. These sellers have unmarked and improperly-labeled products and paraphernalia.

The price ranges from cheap to outrageously expensive. Some may even overprice their products because they know that there will be willing, eager customers to buy anyway. The problem with buying from black market sellers is that they may be selling low-quality seeds and may have unsafe payment and delivery options.

If you need to return anything or you want questions answered, these black market sellers won’t be able to help you out. They are illegal sellers and don’t owe anything to their customers. You can’t return products and you can’t report them to authorities because you are not even supposed to transact business with them in the first place

Buying from legal dispensaries in your area

The best way to find legal weed seeds from a legal dispensary or seed bank from your location. In countries where weed is legal like Canada, these stores are available in key cities and areas of the country. Recreational cannabis is federally-regulated in the country and therefore you can find weed seeds readily.

Seed banks here sell good seeds because they must follow regulations. They are licensed and thus will not charge too much for seeds as well. Seed banks have guarantees and follow special rules on returns, shipment, and deliveries.

If you visit a seed bank, these look very welcoming with seats for waiting customers, open shelves where you can check out the products available and helpful staff. You will also find people willing to help you with any questions regarding growing different kinds of cannabis too.

If a legal dispensary is not available in your area because it is illegal to grow cannabis, you have no option but to buy seeds online.

Buying seeds from legal online sites

There are legal online sites that sell top-quality seeds for the best price. You can buy seeds from a legal cannabis site located in Europe and have these delivered to you wherever you are in Canada.

The first thing you need to do to find legal cannabis sites is to ask for recommendations and read reviews. Check the terms and conditions of the site to be certain that it operates legally and that it delivers to your location.

The seed bank must have a number of payment options and one of these is your preferred one. There must be an option to send seeds via special courier or by stealth shipment. Special courier services cost extra but some customers prefer this so that they can get their seeds faster. Special couriers have tracking numbers so you can monitor where your packages are.

Meanwhile, you may also use stealth shipment, a new method that helps delivers your seeds secretly. Usually, your seeds will be placed inside an unmarked package without the need for signature when it arrives. Another way to deliver stealthily is to place seeds inside things that are totally unrelated to cannabis.

Take note that this is a legal shipment option and is used to protect customers. This may cost extra but most consumers that have used this agree that it is worth it.

Legal cannabis seed banks online have special promos and discounts which makes it cheaper to buy seeds. Promos range from free seeds, free deliveries, and discounts for seniors, students, teachers, medical patients, and military personnel.

Another good thing about buying from an online seed bank is you can buy all kinds of seeds. You can purchase regular seeds, feminized, autoflowering, autoflowering feminized, high-CBD, high-THC, landrace and medical seeds.

Buying seeds from a local cultivator

If you can’t buy seeds locally or from an online site, a safer option is to get to know a local cultivator, someone who grows cannabis and buy your seeds here. Local cultivators usually sell their seeds to dealers who sell these to seed banks. Therefore, you are buying seeds directly and hence cheaper compared to buying from a local or online seed bank.

The problem with buying from a local cultivator is that he might not sell only a few numbers of seeds. He may not sell from complete strangers as well.

So the best way to find a cultivator is to look for recommendations online or consult friends or family who has done this before. Don’t worry, this won’t take long. You’ll eventually find a  cultivator to get you the seeds you need, legally.

Getting seeds from friends and family who also grow cannabis

You can also get seeds from someone you know who grows cannabis for seeds. This is the safest and the cheapest way to get legal seeds too.

How do you know you’re getting quality cannabis seeds?

The best way to determine if you are getting quality seeds is by growing them which is of course, too late. You have already spent money buying seeds and time waiting for your seeds to arrive by mail if you ordered your seeds online.

But you can quickly check if your seeds are worth it using these methods:

The appearance of your seeds

You can easily tell if cannabis seeds are perfect for growing. These seeds should be round, with a slight taper, and must have a dark color. Brown, dark brown, blue or darker colored seeds mean that these are viable and will sprout.

Seeds have an oily appearance but when you touch them, these won’t be greasy at all. The seeds must not be open and should be smooth to touch. If you could touch one, feel for any cracks, holes, dents or any openings.

If you spot seeds that have lighter colors like green and white, these are not viable. Seeds that are very soft, with openings and are severely cracked should not be germinated at all because these will not grow at all.

Strength of your seeds

Cannabis seeds should be firm, with a compact shell or coat. Your seeds should not open or crack even when you put slight force or pressure on it. Viable seeds are also firm but not too hard that it won’t open when germinated.

Weight of your seeds

Actually, this is not the actual weight of the seeds that you are up for but the presence of heavy, viable insides. Viable seeds are heavy and will sink when placed in a glass of water. This means that these seeds will sprout or grow.

Meanwhile, seeds that will float in water are light and won’t germinate. These seeds don’t contain viable insides so you can’t grow these at all.

Age of the seeds

Another important thing to consider is the age of your seeds. Fresh seeds are more likely to sprout compared to mature cannabis seeds. Mature seeds may take longer to grow and may need to be cut, filed or cracked open to sprout.

You must be able to check the age of the seeds. The date of harvest is in the package of most breeders and growers. Check these out to find fresh and easy to grow seeds.



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