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Different Ways on How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis germination is the mechanism by which the seeds germinate and, when a little white tendril grows from the seed, you know that it is sprouting. Cannabis seeds sprout within a week but may also last for a couple of days for certain varieties.

And factors including light, moisture, humidity, and temperature for cannabis seeds to spring should be monitored because germination is a natural process for all kinds of plants. At the end of the article, we should know what are the effective techniques to successfully germinate cannabis seeds and the equipment and tools you need to have to start the process. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Getting Started and Everything you Need to Know On How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Before you even start these methodologies in germinating your precious strains of weeds, it is advisable to be prepared and well informed about the rule. You would want to know everything about the factors you need to consider we outlined below:

You Should Know the Law

Before you attempt home cultivation, you must be familiar with state laws and regulations. In four states like Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington D.C, recreational and medical marijuana is authorized. While there are nineteen States only marijuana can be possessed and used for medical purposes and should have an MMJ Card.

Observe the Said Law

Marijuana cannot be cultivated at home and can only be acquired from authorized pharmacies in many states with a prescription from a licensed doctor.

Selecting your Cannabis Seed

Based on cannabinoid content, you may also choose your seed among three cannabis subspecies: Sativa, indica, and ruderalis.

Methodologies You Can Use

Cannabis growing indoors is extremely inefficient in power and can raise the electricity bills by more than ten percent. You will need to germinate the seeds indoors. Unless you intend to replant outdoors, however, you will continue your seeds at the latest by late March to early April.

Methods of Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Using a Paper Towel to Moist the Seeds

Although you may have to purchase bottled water and pH testing kit, this method uses basic items available in your home.

Things you’ll need

Feminized seeds.
Water, distilled
dinner plates.
Paper Towel
A dark and warm place for storing
Tweezers, no hands
pH test kit
potting soil
Tray or cup
fluorescent Light
Timer for your light

Steps to follow:

Soak your feminized seeds in the clean or distilled water for a day. Check the water’s pH using the test strip. It should range from 5 to 6 percentage. To ensure proper germination, you want the pH of water and soil to be as similar to the finest as attainable. At first, the seeds will float and eventually sink. You can use the tweezers to give the seeds a little pressure to make them sink. They may not be viable if they still float after 24 hours.

Layover in your plate the sets of your paper towels. Use your clean water for your paper towel moist with a room temp.

Put marijuana seeds in the middle. Using tweezers to extract seeds from the water and place them on the towel of moistened paper. Cover with two extra moist sheets of paper towel. Then put over the paper towels and seeds a second dinner plate. This will help heat the seeds.

Plant the seed that has germinated. You will then see a taproot in about six days. It is advisable to use a good base to place on your cup or trays. And let it drench.

Rockwool Cubes Method

Get the materials you need. Rockwool cubes are better than paper towels for retaining water, you can maintain a constant pH, and after sprouting they are easier to transplant.

Materials you need:

Feminized marijuana seeds.
Rockwool cubes.
Toothpick and tweezers.
tray to hold water and cubes (waterproof)
Test kit for Ph.
pH balancing chemicals
Bottle with Id (2liter)
A warm, dark place for storing potting soil.
Trays or plastic cup
fluorescent light
Timer for the light

Steps to follow:

Stabilize your Rockwool cubes and hydrate. Rockwool has an alkaline pH of 7.5 that is too high for seeds of the cannabis that prefer a more acidic environment. Using regular water or even better use a clean one. To verify the pH of water, use test strips, get your test kit for pH.

Start preparing the cubes of Rockwool for seed. In a tray, place the soaked cubes. Most cubes come with preformed holes to create at least ¼ hole on one side if not using a pointed object. Make sure that the hole is large enough to fit the seed.

Protect tray with a transparent plastic container. By trapping moisture and retaining heat, this will help to maintain a humid environment. Place the covered tray under a forty Watt fluorescent tube with cubes of two to two to three inches for 24 hours.

Finally, the roots should start nudging out of the cube of Rockwool after a couple of weeks. Before the roots begin to tangle, you want to implant the seedling. Sliced into a Rockwool slab one and 1/4 in. wide by one-inch-deep holes. Exclude the 1 inch Rockwool cubes, be careful not to touch or damage the roots, and place the holes in the big Rockwool slab that you already cut out.


Germinating seeds is the base of having a quality bud, most especially if you are to create a medicinal strain, just follow the steps and consider all the factors to be successful in creating one.

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