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How to Force Female Seeds to Hermaphrodite

how to force female seeds to her

Determining the gender of your cannabis plant is the first step in achieving successful growth. There are only two cannabis sexes which are the male and the female attributes. Each sex has its own characteristics, especially when confronted in a not so ideal environment for it to grow. In this article, we’ll discuss the different characteristics of a feminized cannabis plant and how it reacts to certain situations.

What is a hermaphrodite?

Cannabis plants can either come in the form of male and female but there are also cannabis plants that exhibit the traits that have two sexes and these are called hermaphrodites. Cannabis growers consider having hermaphrodites problematic because it does not produce buds that can be consumed. There are two main causes of hermaphrodite: genetic inheritance and environmental factors.

When a cannabis plant turns into hermaphrodite it can pollinate itself without the need to have a male or female seed. When the hermaphroditic plants are not removed, then there will be a decrease in the amount of cannabis that can be consumed because the buds will contain seeds. It is only useful if you want to have pollination again.

How Feminized Seeds Turns Into Hermaphrodite?

The feminized cannabis plant can shift into hermaphrodites if the cannabis plant is confronted with growing stress especially if it has something to do with its survival. If the feminized cannabis plant turned into hermaphrodite, then it will still be beneficial because it will start to self-pollinate to produce more feminized seeds.

Aside from the different methods in creating feminized seeds such as the use of colloidal silver and rodelization, another way of producing another feminized seed is by introducing a hermaphrodite to a number of female plants. When the hermaphrodite is exposed to more female characteristics there will be a hormone to generate male organs. The resulting seed of this hermaphrodite and generated male organ will have 85%-99.9% of being female.

What Increases the Risk of Turning Feminized Seeds Into Hermaphrodite

Interruptions in the light schedule especially during the dark period.

Feminized cannabis plant needs a consistent light schedule, interruptions such as not turning on or turning off the lights on the right time will give stress to the cannabis plant so as much as possible find ways on how to be reminded to follow the light schedules accurately.

If the environmental condition is not optimum such as too warm or too cold.

The temperature is one of the biggest stressors of cannabis plant especially if the conditions are not ideal. Whether growing indoors or outdoors, make sure that the temperature is comfortable for the cannabis plant to breathe in,

When you have harvested you grow past the expected deadline.

There are two possibilities that may happen if you would harvest past the deadline, its either your cannabis plant will reach its maximum potency or it will turn into a hermaphrodite. If you are targeting to have buds that are in its full potency, its best to give your cannabis plant your full attention during this period.

When there is mechanical stress such as damaged roots and broken branches

When you have wounded your cannabis plant due to improper training technique and if it is not healed right away then your cannabis plant may be susceptible to hermaphrodism so it is advisable to make some training techniques at the right phase such as in vegetative phase so that the cannabis plant will still be given enough time to recover before harvest.

When there is thermal stress such as the use of cold water in irrigating or when there is lack or excess of water.

The need for sufficient water is important to let the cannabis plant deliver its day-to-day maturation activities. Your cannabis plant will not function well if it is constantly receiving less or excessive water intake. It will also lead your cannabis plant to have weakened roots and immunity that may be a way to turn it into a hermaphrodite.

How to Recognize A Hermaphrodite cannabis plant?

You don’t have to be an expert in the cannabis world for you to be able to recognize what’s normal and what’s not. It is important to recognize the production and development of Hermaphrodites because it produces pollen. There are two types of Hermaphrodites, the one that is called “banana” and two balls. Any kind of cannabis plant specifically feminized seeds has the possibility to cause hermie if bad growing practices is present

What to do With Hermaphrodite Product

Hermaphrodite still has buds that contain a concentration of THC which means that you can still get something from it, in fact, its THC level is as high as compared to feminized cannabis. Instead of throwing it away because of its physical appearance it can still be used in smoking, in edibles, in the production of hash oil or you can it and made it into the pomade. A hermaphrodite may not be a good product to be sold in the market but you can still get the same benefits that you can get from the usual cannabis buds.

Final Words

The feminized cannabis plant becoming a hermaphrodite is a survival mechanism that lets the cannabis plant cope. The process where feminized cannabis plant turns into hermaphrodite is considered as an advanced technique of seed production but needs to be delivered correctly.

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