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How to Consume Cannabis Tinctures the Best Ways

how to consume cannabis tinctures the best ways

If you are new on your cannabis journey, you should know that there are a lot of ways to consume cannabis some are more user-friendly than others. Regardless of you’re taking cannabis as medication or for recreation using cannabis tinctures are a great way to start. If you’re planning to make your own tincture, make sure you ask yourself “where can I buy sativa seeds from?”

You can use these seeds to grow your own cannabis and eventually make your own cannabis tincture. We’ll tell you more about cannabis tincture and what you really need to know about them so make sure you keep reading.

What is Tincture?

Tinctures are made by using a high percentage of alcohol and it comes in a glass bottle with droppers. Cannabis tinctures are the best way for consuming medical marijuana as it gives a precise dosage of the cannabis drop.

In making cannabis tinctures, the cannabis must be decarboxylated to make sure all the ingredients are active and the alcohol is used to extract terpenes and cannabinoids like THC from the plant. If the ingredients are not active, the effects of medical cannabis will not be as strong as it should be.

Although most of the attention is concentrated in other ways of consuming marijuana like smoking, the interest has been shifting to alternative forms of consumption over the past few years. The impact of this shift is you can easily find cannabis tinctures at any medical marijuana dispensaries.

How to Consume Cannabis Tinctures

Consuming cannabis tinctures comes in two different methods. Depending on the method you use, you can also expect that the result to be altered.

Sublingual (Beneath the Tongue)

The cannabinoids like the THC and CBD are absorbed through the blood vessels in your mouth.

Directions for Taking: Place the dose of the tincture under your tongue. Then use your tongue to gently move the tincture around your inner cheeks. You can also take a few slow, deep breaths in through your mouth and out through your nose while holding the tincture under your tongue.

After about 30 seconds, you should swallow the tincture. You should be able to feel the impact within 15-30 minutes and it will last for 2-4 hours.

The sublingual method of consuming tincture is one of the best ways to feel the effects stronger and faster. All you need to do is drop the appropriate dosage and wait for a minute and swallow it. By doing this, you are allowing the medicine into the bloodstream for a faster effect.


When the cannabis tincture is ingested, cannabinoids like THC and CBD are processed by the liver.

Directions for Taking: It is highly advisable that you consume food that contains fat when you ingest tinctures as this helps in increasing the absorption rate significantly since cannabinoids are fat-soluble. You can add tinctures to practically any drink and food including coffee, tea, salad dressings, and sauces.

The effects should set within 30-90 minutes and will last a total of 4-8 hours. Ingesting a tincture will be the same as ingesting edibles, you will notice that the effects last much longer and it will be more intense. By dropping the cannabis tincture in food, you will be able to battle munchies before they even start.

Reasons for trying Cannabis Tinctures

The following are the list of benefits of using cannabis tinctures.

Much Simpler than Smoking

Cannabis consumers who are having a hard time smoking or vaping cannabis will prefer using cannabis tinctures. There’s no smoke involved and the results kick in faster.

Has Fewer Calories

You won’t get the same amount of calories when you consume edibles such as gummies and brownies. With tinctures, you’re simply consuming the mixture and not loaded with added carbs.

Precise Dosage

The droppers work in a great way by giving a precise dosage. You only need a few drops and you will feel the desired impacts kicking in a lot faster. Very far from the idea of taking edibles that’s easier to take in higher doses like in gummy bears.


What’s good about cannabis tinctures is that they don’t smell like cannabis and being out in a glass bottle is the best disguise in making other people think that it’s just a regular medicine.

Faster Onset

You can expect to experience the effects in a lot faster rate than the other methods of consuming cannabis. Also, with the sublingual method, you can feel that the impacts also last longer.

Where Can I buy Sativa Seeds From for Making Tinctures?

If you have plans of making your own cannabis tincture, and you found yourself wondering “where can I buy sativa seeds from for cannabis tinctures?” There are a lot of places where you can get good quality seeds.

One of which is through the marijuana seed banks, always look for the reputable ones who have really set their names in the cannabis industry. You can easily find them in your local area (if allowed by law) or online. Always check the customer’s reviews and comments.

You can also find sativa seeds from medical dispensaries. The good thing about purchasing in dispensaries is that majority of their strains have medical benefits that can help combat different types of diseases.

Tips for Using Cannabis Tinctures

The alcohol-extracted cannabis tinctures are famous because the process they underwent separates a high amount of cannabinoids from the plant.

Always keep your cannabis tincture in an airtight bottle while kept in a cool, dark, dry place. If it becomes exposed to heat, light, and moisture it will reduce the quality of the tincture. If it’s stored properly, the tincture can last for many years.

If you choose to buy cannabis tinctures, keep in mind that they have a variety of cannabinoid ratios and will produce unique effects. You can opt to make a trial and error to know what tincture will work best for you.

Choose a whole-plant tincture derived from high-quality flower instead of trim. These contain more cannabinoids and terpenes that works to amplify therapeutic effects known as the entourage effects.

Never swallow the tincture immediately, allow it to be absorbed by your bloodstream for a minute.

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