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How to Clean a Weed Grinder

Grinding your cannabis weed before smoking is a significant stage for your using procedure. Grinding your weeds provides more constant burn while you are smoking; it also increases the effect and allows you to smoke all your buds. Learning how to clean a weed grinder is important to ensure a clean and enjoyable cannabis experience. 

Why Use a Weed Grinder

Even you can easily pick apart the weeds with just using your fingers, using an herb grinder is the perfect way to break the weed into smaller and easy to smoke pieces. Your cannabis grinder is a handy tool to help you experience the best session with your cannabis weed. As your grinder gives such benefits, your grinder also needs care and little love, such as cleaning it. 

Why Clean Your Weed Grinder Regularly

It is a great idea to clean the dust and gunk that stayed in your weed grinder—cleaning your grinder helps the device to function at its best performance. It will also alleviate the aversion you encounter, especially when you use it. Using a dirty grinder may sometimes give health risks for cannabis users. 

Dirty grinders can possibly have mold spores, allergens, and old debris that can have possible breeding for bacteria. Cleaning a weed grinder does not require much time. However, cleaning your grinder is well worth the time you used to work the grinder much right.

Learn How to Clean a Weed Grinder

Weed grinder comes with different sizes, shapes, and materials used to make it. Other grinders are made from metals, so using water will possibly expose the metals into rust while some grinder is made from acrylics and another type of plastics that easily dissolve and degrade when you exposed it into isopropyl alcohol. It is the reason why it is critical to find out if what material is your grinder made of before trying to clean it. In addition, if you possibly purchased a grinder that is made from both materials, well, you think that you are definitely screwed in trying to clean it.

But, you don’t have to worry at all, just do extra care while cleaning it to prevent breaking some parts. The following will explain briefly how to clean your grinder, either it is made from metal or plastic. But, you need to gather some tools and materials to use for cleaning your grinder.

Things Needed

  • Water (preferably hot)
  • Isopropyl alcohol (to use for metal grinder)
  • Dish Soap (to use for plastic grinder)
  • Large-sized plate
  • Freezer
  • Soft paintbrush (or toothbrush)
  • Toothpick
  • Small container (for holding the kief)

Basic Steps for Cleaning a Weed Grinder

1. Disassemble the Grinder Parts 

In disassembling the weed grinder. You need to be extra careful as it has small pieces that easily break or lost. If you have 4 –pieces, 3 –chamber grinder, then you have a lid. The chambers include the collection chamber, grinder chamber, and the kief chamber. Another type of weed grinders has a removable screen that used to collect chambers and the kief chamber. This removable screen is so fragile, so be careful when you try to remove it. Using much force or sharp objects can possibly break s a small hole in the removable screen that can be made about the screen as useful as a screen door in the battleship.

2. Placing the Parts of the Grinder in a Freezer 

This method is not required, but this can possibly make the next procedures easier and faster. In this step, you just need to place the grinder parts in the fridge for about 20 to 30 minutes. The freezer can harden the sticky plant particles that mounting in the surface of the weed grinder. 

This method is very convenient for taking out every small cannabis goodness from the screen in between the kief chamber and the collection chamber. While for plastic grinder, you need to handle your grinder after removing it in the freezer. Cold temperature may become brittle the plastic when it is in low temperatures.

3. Drain the Weed Grinder 

Once you remove the weed grinder parts from the fridge, place all the parts in a large-sized plate, and mildly drain them with your hand against the plate. The main use of this plate is to collect the small leftover weed. You can also used, plastic cutting board or cereal bowl for this step.

4. Brush and Grate 

The next step brushes all the surfaces of the weed grinder using a soft paintbrush (toothbrush can also work with this). It is easier to do if you use a small paintbrush like the watercolor paintbrush. If there are small gunk that hard to come out using the brush, then used a toothpick to scrape that part.

5. Time for Using the Water and the Isopropyl Alcohol 

With this step, you can clean your weed grinder into two different steps depending on your grinder (metal or plastic grinder). For the Metal Grinders, immerse the grinder parts into a small bowl that contains isopropyl alcohol. Using such alcohol may help to kill the bacteria that can possibly be hiding from your grinder. Just let the bowl unsettle any unmanageable plant matter to loosen up. 

Allow the parts to immerse until the alcohol turns into a color that shows all the particles have already loose. On the other hand, for the plastic grinder, boil the water first then pour the pieces into the hot pot. Use a mild heat to gently boil the parts and leave the parts into the hot water for at least 1 minute. Using tongs, remove the grinder parts from the hot water and cool them down using a towel. Allow the parts to cool down until they reach room temperature.

6. Reassemble the Parts 

After cooling down the weed grinder parts, gently reassemble it and check if you assembled it properly by trying it. 

Why Clean the Weed Grinder?

  • Having a clean grinder helps you to keep from possibly getting sick
  • Cleaning the weed grinder can help to extend the life of the grinder
  • Having a clean weed grinder can guarantee for a hustle free operation of the weed grinder

When Is the Ideal time to Clean Your Grinder

You can clean the weed grinder every 30 to 60 days of using it. If you are just using it once or twice per month, then clean your weed grinder every 60 days. So, if you are using your grinder more often, your weed grinder also needs more constant cleaning.


Now you know how to clean a weed grinder. Having a clean weed grinder plays a great role in your excellent smoking session. Cleaning your weed grinder does not demand a lot of time and effort, but that little time is well worth that you experience when your next smoking session comes. Take a few minutes doing this method, and your time will reward you a perfect grind with fresh and flavorful weed than you taste before. 

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