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How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Using Bitcoins?

how to buy cannabis seeds using bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming one of the major ways to pay for different purchases online. Now, you can even buy cannabis seeds with Bitcoin, a powerful cryptocurrency that has caught worldwide attention lately.

There are now cannabis seed banks and dispensaries online that accept Bitcoin payments as well as other cryptocurrencies. If you own Bitcoin then this is your year, your time to buy cannabis seeds online.

Why is Bitcoin so popular?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which has been used for many years now but it was not until the past decade that it rose to popularity. Many now recognize Bitcoin as a convenient payment system.  As of last year, Bitcoin has risen online and just the end of 2018, the market cap was around $600 billion.

Bitcoin has gained tremendous fame in the US. Cannabis business in the US uses cash-basis only. This is because US banks are still prohibited to provide service to an industry that is considered illegal under federal law.

This may have been one of the reasons why cannabis companies have created a more efficient payment system not covered by any kind of federal regulation. Bitcoin was cited as the better option which can overcome limits provided by the government regarding cannabis use.

Why use Bitcoin?

There are so many different kinds of cryptocurrencies but the most popular is Bitcoin. This is widely accepted and recognized all over the web. There are a lot of good things to come for Bitcoin as experts predict that it could become a preferred payment method for online transactions.

Bitcoin keeps your identity safe as you shop

Bitcoin makes it easier and safer to buy cannabis seeds and other marijuana products. There is no need to reveal any banking or credit card information.

Take note that identity theft can happen to anyone. It is up to consumers to protect themselves when they shop. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will protect consumers from fraud because this method of payment is digital and is impossible to be counterfeited.

When you pay using Bitcoin, this cannot be reversed by the sender such as charge-backs when you use credit cards, you can shop online and save money because you don’t need to pay for any transaction fee.

Fees are very common when you use your credit card or debit card as you pay for your purchases online.

With a Bitcoin wallet, you can keep and use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to pay for any transactions online. You can use a Bitcoin wallet to exchange Bitcoin to any currency and use cryptocurrencies to buy anything online or offline.

When you have Bitcoin, you can buy cannabis seeds, dried flower, oils, growing and smoking accessories and so many more.  Identity theft is also the least of your worries. When you use your credit card or bank account, you will provide your personal and banking information to strangers, therefore, merchants and business owners will have access to your credit information and may use this illegally.

Anyone can earn, buy or use Bitcoin

Bitcoin is for everyone. This lets people buy anything that they want and purchase from anywhere as long as the establishment allows Bitcoin payments. You won’t have to pay for any transaction charges, currency charges, exchange rate, and interest rates from any country. You can literally use Bitcoin all over the world.

Cryptocurrencies are not tied with any currency from any country. Bitcoin’s operations are done internationally making any transaction easier and faster saving you time and effort to do so.

Forget about local buying rules

Bitcoin is not the property of anyone, any business so there’s no need to follow the rule of any company or country. When you use the financial services of a bank or a certain financial company, it will determine how you will use your money.  A financial company can seize money in your account if it has some doubts that you obtained your money by illegal means. You can completely avoid these when you use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

How do you get Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a convenient form of payment and experts predict that it will soon be accepted everywhere. As early as today, you must learn how to earn your own Bitcoin and prepare for a bright future. Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that is mined. Mining is done through different ways but the earliest form was working on different tasks and jobs which are found online.

When you key in “how to earn Bitcoin” you’ll get all kinds of tips and strategies to mine Bitcoin and some sites that will let you earn Bitcoin. These sites will ask you to work on simple tasks like completing online forms, participating surveys and working on different online tasks. You will be paid with Bitcoin and the value will depend on the complexity of the task you completed.

You can change your Bitcoin balance to any currency that you wish to use using your Bitcoin wallet. Like a regular wallet, you may store your Bitcoins and find out the status of your balance from your online wallet.

Another way of Bitcoins is by buying large amounts of Bitcoins online.  This is the best way to get Bitcoin if you don’t want to perform tasks online.

The Bitcoin wallet

You need to have a Bitcoin wallet to be able to shop for cannabis seeds or any item online. A Bitcoin wallet is a downloadable app or software online which allows y you to store your Bitcoin and pay for your purchases instantly online.

A wallet is a third-party service that lets you pay and accept payments in Bitcoin currency. There are a number of wallets to choose from such as web, hardware, mobile, and desktop wallets for Bitcoin. When you download a wallet, you must sign up for an account from a cryptocurrency exchange service which will confirm the type of wallet that you chose.

A cryptocurrency exchange service is a kind of marketplace where sellers trade Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for any currency. You may find exchanges that allow bank payments or credit card payments to buy Bitcoins. Usually, a transaction fee is charged when you make a trade. Also, in exchanges where Bitcoins are allowed, other cryptocurrencies are also welcome.

Using a Bitcoin wallet is a must when you want to buy something online. But when you buy from actual shops, you don’t need to use one. There are Bitcoin ATMs that look like regular ATMs which  will not dispense any money but Bitcoins instead

There are retail outlets and shops in the US and Canada that use Bitcoins for cash. There are even banks which trade Bitcoin for cash deposits. And there are people who will trade Bitcoins for cash.

Using Bitcoin to buy cannabis seeds

Not all cannabis seed banks accept Bitcoin. To find out if a seed bank accepts cryptocurrency, check this out from the site’s FAQs.

The very first step is to choose the kind of strain you want to purchase and proceed to check out e. In most dispensaries, you may be asked to sign up or create an account. This is very simple and will only take minutes to do so. When your account is ready, you may now purchase your cannabis.

At this stage or step of buying cannabis, you will be asked to choose your preferred payment option. This is the time to choose Bitcoin. Afterward, your delivery address will also be asked. Make sure that you provide your correct billing address to avoid errors in your orders. You will be redirected to your Bitcoin wallet and this is where you will check out your purchases.

Once the payment has been completed, a confirmation will be sent to you through email. You’ll receive two emails for your purchase. One from the dispensary or seed bank and one from your Bitcoin wallet indicating the item you have purchased and other details of your purchase.

If the seed bank you want to buy seeds from does not recognize Bitcoin payments, you can use your wallet to exchange Bitcoin to cash. When your cash is ready, you may now pay for your purchases. If other cryptocurrencies are preferred by the seed bank site then you can use your wallet to exchange Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies and pay for your seeds.

Also, Bitcoin ATMs let you exchange your Bitcoin to cash and then withdraw it so you can pay for weed from a store or a local seed bank or dispensary and take your purchases home the same day.

Other Bitcoin uses

Do you know that a town in Canada already accepts Bitcoin to pay for land taxes? The town of Innisfil in Ontario now accepts property taxes using Bitcoin and locals say that it won’t be long when this will be used to pay for other major purchases not done online. In this town, people mine Bitcoin and it has become the first-ever town to accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment.



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