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How to Breed Autoflowers Seeds in 5 Ways

If you want a better yield and cannabis that can produce more marijuana in a short span of time, then autoflowering cannabis could be the best choice for you. Autoflowering plants will bloom in just 2 to weeks compared to regular seeds that will bloom in months. In just 11 weeks, you will have fully mature plants that are ready to be harvested. Autoflowering marijuana seeds are heaven-sent for marijuana growers and think of how to breed autoflowers which want more profit and those that have very little time, and patience, to wait for months to harvest.

Regular plants, wild marijuana plants, and most outdoor plants spend a year to grow, blossom and are ready for harvest. Growing stages could start from early spring and end before fall when the blooming stage follows until wintertime. All in all, you will only get a chance to harvest once a year which is very bad for business.

With autoflowering seeds, everything is in autopilot. Autoflowering plants will grow automatically in just 2 to 3 weeks regardless of the season as long as you give it food and a lot of light. If you grow autoflowering plants indoors, you can basically grow and harvest up to three times a year.

The downside of growing autoflowering cannabis plants

It’s not all fine and dandy when it comes to growing autoflowering plants. These plants cannot grow from clones and therefore you must buy seeds to grow each and every crop. And for an average grower or for anyone growing weed for the first time, this is a huge expense. Autoflowering seeds are very expensive. This is why many cannabis growers who prefer autoflowering plants grow their own seeds.

Growing your own autoflowering cannabis seeds is the best and the most economical way of growing autoflowering seeds. If you manage to successfully harvest seeds you will have hundreds of seeds to use for your crops. Female cannabis plants can produce hundreds of seeds per breeding and therefore just ten female plants can give you thousands of seeds. You can even sell seeds instead of just growing cannabis plants which could be another possible source of income for you.

How To Breed Autoflowers Seed Production

Breeding autoflowering seeds production is just like breeding regular cannabis plants. Be patient and soon you will have hundreds of autoflowering seeds to use and even to sell.

  • Purchase regular auto seeds, make sure that these are not feminized seeds

The first thing you need to do is to find a reputable auto seeds distributor to purchase regular auto seeds. It’s a good idea to purchase a large number of seeds to increase your chance of getting the best female and male plants. Consider a large sample of seeds, you can bet that the batch has 50% male and 50% female. Remember to purchase regular auto seeds and not feminized seeds.

  • Germinate your seeds

Grow your plants according to their growing preferences. Give it lots of uninterrupted light, plenty of water and plant food and you can expect these to germinate marijuana seeds and grow in just three weeks. Keep this batch of plants in a safe and quiet part of your grow room and you will soon be able to identify the gender of your plants in just five weeks depending on the strain. Take note that it is best to grow your plants indoors at this time so you can efficiently monitor their growth and development.

  • Time to identify the gender of your plants

You are looking for preflowers to identify the gender of your plants and by the time these are 5 weeks old, you will be able to spot these easily. Male preflowers are very visible and these are found at the junctions of the branches and stems. The pollen sacs look like little balls. On the other hand, female pre-flowers are also located at the junction of the branches and stems and will form at the fourth or fifth branches up starting from the base. Female preflowers have pairs of tiny white hairs or pistils. Outdoors, preflowers form towards the end of summer when the hours of daylight decrease. These huge changes in lighting conditions will trigger plants to produce preflowers.

Aside from identifying the gender of the plants according to the appearance of their preflowers you can also detect the gender of your plants by their general appearance. Generally, male plants are leggier than their female counterparts. Females tend to have longer intermodal length. Female is shorter with more leaves and may look like small bushes compared to males that grow taller or higher.

  • Select the best male and the best female or females

Now that you have identified which plants are males and which ones are females, you must now take the best male and female, or a few females, to start pollinating them. Naturally, your best plants should be sturdy, with brightly colored stems and leaves, with many preflowers and all the typical characteristics of a healthy plant. Take these to a separate sterile room so they can begin pollinating.

  • Destroy all worthless males

Life is short for plants that are not chosen as the alpha male. To prevent imperfect seeds and of course strains of imperfect plants in the future, remove all the other male plants and destroy them.

  • Pollinating time

Pollination could be done naturally, leaving the job to nature.  This can be accomplished outdoors with the help of natural wind and air moving male seeds to the female pistils. But if you prefer to grow cannabis plants indoors, you can pollinate plants manually by actually taking bits of the pollen to the pistil. You can also set up a ventilation system inside the room to actively move pollen inside the room.

  • Observe best practice in caring for your crops

Now that your plants are pollinating, you must take care in handling your plants. Observe best practice by washing your hands before and after you check on your plants and to wear a coat as well. By following these steps and with a little bit of luck you will have hundreds of seeds per female auto-flowering plant you own.

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