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How to Breed Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds? 

how to breed autoflowering cannabis seeds

This article shall go over what methods are exactly is responsible for how to breed autoflowering cannabis seeds. Who won’t like growing plants with high quality and valuable cannabis seeds? But this is something that a person must be well aware of when it comes to having proper soil nutrients, light quality, and adequate watering to obtain final yield with the best results.

First Things First: How to Breed Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

There is a need to do a bunch of research on the best practices on how to breed autoflowering cannabis seeds the right way. The flowering stage of cannabis isn’t that easy to manage when you are really into it. This stage is very sensitive to various problems as it matures. If you are aiming for maximum yield, you should know and understand that there is no room for mistakes. To avoid this, dealing with what to work on each cannabis autoflowering stage. On this article, you will realize the different growing methods of autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale.

All you need to set up your own autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale at home are some very basic supplies: wire fencing, straw, and soil and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Apartment dwellers who have a sunny balcony or patio can also grow their own spuds. Even if you have a lot of space, there are a number of good reasons for growing your autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale.

Planting Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

The first step is to prepare the autoflowering cannabis seeds. You can do this by cutting them into egg-sized pieces, making sure that each piece has at least two or three “eyes” from which the plants will sprout. Leave the pieces to dry out in a breezy spot for a day or two. For one section of soil, you will need 12 to 24 pieces of autoflowering cannabis seeds each. They should be planted about six inches from each other and at least three to four inches from the edge. This gives the plants room to grow. Remember to keep the eyes pointing upwards to the sky.

Water the first layer and then add another layer of straw and another foot of soil. This is your second layer where you can plant more autoflowering cannabis seeds. You can continue until you reach the top of the tower. Remember to water each layer as it is completed. Maximum height of two to three feet works best because it keeps the bottom layers from drying out.

Seeding Your Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Planting autoflowering cannabis seeds is a simple way to grow your own strand and to connect with nature. Whether you live in a city apartment or in the country, there are many good reasons to grow your autoflowering cannabis seeds. It’s best to choose local varieties that can do well in your climate. In just a few months, you’ll have a harvest of autoflowering cannabis seeds to be a source of income or for medicinal purposes.

During this stage, the stretching action that your cannabis plant displays eventually slows down while it grows upward. Gradually, the real buds will be more visible other than hairs or the budlets on this stage. You can also notice that the pistils of the flower are becoming white. Take note that your cannabis plant will get picky on the nutrients and the environment where it grows. Closely keeping an eye will avoid major problems on the autoflowering cannabis seeds.

The tip here is to be aware of symptoms that your plant is showing just like the discoloration and the rapid loss of leaves. It is indeed normal for your plant to shed a few leaves cause there will be the parts that don’t get light. But the overall health of your plant must be lushly green in week three to four as the budlets form.

Also, notice that the nutrient burn that is happening on your cannabis plants. This occurs when you give your plants too much of high level of nutrients. Your plant actually burns when this happens where it will never recover. Most of the time, this happens accidentally but the burning will go up until it reaches the fingers of the leaves. If you experience this, no need to worry since your plant can still bear good bud even if this happens.

Watering Your Cannabis Sprouts

There is a whole different way on how to breed autoflowering cannabis seeds. Once you see that the fresh and green leaves turn into brown or yellow, you are definitely stressing them out. Few more days and they will eventually die. If you get to expose them in much more hours in direct sunlight or in any light sources, this can bring stress on your cannabis plants with many other factors on it. Decreasing the intensity of the lamp lights in the indoor growing of your autoflower marijuana seeds for sale can help a lot. Intense sunlight on outdoor growing makes the leaves and buds diffused and wilt. Place them on places where there are shades of trees that can protect them from direct rays of the sun.

It is also very crucial to not overwater them during the feminization process. One of the most common mishaps in growing cannabis plants is that they overwater their seedlings. Once they drown on water or from any water source that you directly apply to each seedbed. If you plant your cannabis seeds on soil, you can water them directly a few centimeters away from the root section on a circular motion. Make sure that the soil is dry at the end of the day to allow nutrient absorption.

Light and Temperature for Your Cannabis Plants

The cannabis plant requires a long dark period in order to get to the stage where flowering is concerned. However, there are varieties that shall affect the flower regardless of the conditions for light or temperature. These are what we all known as varieties of autoflowering. It may not be very simple to explain but this is where breeders dwell their attention upon.

Some traits of the autoflower are really complicated and might require more than a single gene to express. The autoflowering feature is one of the basic genetic traits that are in line with the simple laws of dominance and recessive. It is a recessive trait since it is an observable trait if given to an adolescent planting through autoflowering with a standard. Keep them in a short period for a few weeks and they can grow standardly.

Adding Bloom Boosters or Other Cannabis Fertilizers

Putting so many nutrients and bloom boosters for the optimal growth of your autoflower cannabis plants may be one of the commonly made mistakes when you are into cannabis cultivation. On this article, you can get to learn how to use these nutrient boosters in the best and most productive way to make your cannabis yield successful and profitable. All cultivators for autoflowering seeds for sale can relate to this since you cannot be a good grower without a good knowledge for fertilizer use.

You might be overwhelmed with the more than a hundred options on the internet or into the shop you just visited. But remember, not all will be applicable and can help you in producing good yield for your cannabis production. There exist many companies that can feature a long list or selection from the basic components of the nutrients as well as the fertilizer to grow your autoflowering seeds for sale.

With this being said, you cannot get to blame growers or other influencers just like what StrainCentral has detailed when they fell for something trendy bloomer despite the side effects. The risk is more in the best intentions rather than worse. So they end up frequently overfeeding nutrients and administration of more unnecessary fertilizer in their desire to produce better yield for cannabis plants.

What Should I do next?

Remember that these tips on how to breed autoflowering cannabis seeds the right way are just our basic guidelines for you to follow. Auto-flowering cannabis seeds do not need special lights on the vegetative stage is good for three to four weeks. Genetic tendencies of being hermaphroditic occur sometimes on strains of feminized cannabis plants, which is one of the two things that causes a cannabis plant to be hermaphroditic wherein the other one is environmental stress, and some of its strains only occur on extremely rare amounts.

In special cases where they wanted their marijuana to grow outdoors, it is the high temperature which causes the loose buds. This is something that you should not do on High Times Seeds. In most part of the life cycle of auto-flowering seeds for sale, you will be encountering fewer problems since the temperature during the autumn is cooler. If they bloom earlier than usual, it may be because they are bred to do flowering early or they are just deprived of light. This is an issue that needs to be addressed.


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