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How to Become a Master Grower of Weed

In the expansion of demand for marijuana, various individuals who understand cannabis advantages also want to learn how marijuana cultivation goes. With this fact, cannabis growing has become a norm for everyone who seeks perfect quality and graded results. If you have noticed, cannabis aficionados and marijuana curious are trying to significantly learn growing cannabis in order to be able to call themselves masters. 

In this article, we will be talking about how to become a master grower. But before we even go further, let us talk about what a master grower is, the things you should know, and the factors to put into consideration. 

What is a master grower?

For many, a master grower is just someone who has mastered growing marijuana. In fact, even before marijuana has become illegal due to some negative views about its effects, master growers are those who have developed and perfectly crafted the quality of cannabis. They are pretty much our ancestors. But this term is definitely broad. 

Nowadays, master growers are those who are formally certified to be an individual that knows how marijuana cultivation goes in terms of the results being medicinal and recreational driven in all aspects. Typically, master growers hold a Master’s Degree in Botany or Horticulture, but this does not change the fact that degree can be bypassed in various phases. It is simply a formal position for someone whose profession is dedicated to mastering the art of cannabis cultivation.

Moreover, master growers have a great understanding of cannabis growing in terms of selection of strain, clone, and diversity, seed determinations, germination, growth cycles, genetics, cannabis requirements like air, light, nutrition, cannabis growing equipment, plant diseases, infections, how to fight against environmental factors, growing methods, an in-depth understanding of standards, and etc. 

The job description of a master grower 

  • Grow room and garden maintenance.
  • Communicate with other cannabis experts for collaboration.
  • Checks soil quality, PH level, humidity, nutrient quality, and etc. 
  • Pest and plant diseases study and control
  • Provision of cannabis necessities.
  • Deals with state laws, systems, and inventory. 

What are the factors to put into consideration?

To become a successful master grower, there are few things you should consider before submitting your resume to various companies. Remember that big or commercial cannabis companies receive a lot of submissions, so you should ensure that you are qualified and stand out among the rest. 

In-depth understanding of marijuana cultivation

Make sure that you have a great understanding of horticulture. Let’s say you are not a Master’s Degree holder of Botany or Horticulture, knowing every aspect of marijuana growing would be able to help you become a successful master grower professional. 


There are several online courses that can help you get a certificate. Though there are no national standards yet regarding online certification, having one can give you points addition. 

Have an experience

You can give yourself a way to successfully become a master grower by starting in working at some small-time nursery companies that nurture, produce, and develop plants, and the like. 

Cannabis familiarization

While having a certificate or having an experience with some plant companies is a plus, understanding the terms, cannabis requirements, and all about marijuana can help you ladder up to your success. You can also grow your own marijuana at home with discretion in order to understand how marijuana plants grow, respond to the growing environment, and etc. 

Steps on how to become a master grower

Just as you already have an idea of previously discussed details regarding the factors to put into consideration, submitting your resume to a prospect company and being ready for an interview is your next step. The steps below are easy to grasp. 

1. Be humble but very sophisticated

As soon as you were shortlisted for an interview, presenting yourself humble but sophisticated is the best way of getting the position. The interviewer obviously has seen your resume and hence your certification, experience, and knowledge about cannabis cultivation. 

So, the best way is to show that you are a humble individual that is open to improvement and criticism, but at the same time, you also let the interviewer know your complex understanding and sophistication about marijuana cultivation. Show them that you are far interested in learning new growing methods in the way that your knowledge can help in great satisfaction and quality results. 

In this way, not only that the interviewer will see you as a perfect asset, but they will also see you as a motivated and easy-going individual that can perfectly fit in their company. 

2. You should be one step ahead

As soon as you get hired, it is time for you to show what you got. As being a master grower is an expert in all aspects of cannabis cultivation, knowing a step ahead than others will help you build your company’s trust and confidence. 

With these, you should not stop learning, but you should start discovering new things that you might encounter in the future. In the end, your job description is the only role in the company where questions are thrown against. 

So, you shouldn’t bring everyone down by not knowing the answers about what is going on. 

3. Be observant and do not neglect small lapse

Though being a master grower is just a position, your living proof of being a true master grower comes up with your quality work. While you do your simple task, being observant in everything from planting and cannabis development is a must. You should not neglect every possibility of mistakes as small lapse can be a building fire against your career. 


Master grower is definitely an enticing job, especially for many wannabes. However, the steps to take should be regarded in careful traces. As far as being an expert not only for homegrown cannabis but also for commercial growing marijuana industries, getting what it takes can help you ladder up to your success. 

Having a master’s degree may be an easy step, but what makes everything worthwhile is knowing that you have strived hard for certification and learning before even getting the position you desired for. The above steps hopefully helped you on how to become a master grower. May the success and fulfillment of your yearned career are achieved in the near future. 

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