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How to Avoid Munchies when on Weed

When you roll a weed, you want to surely enjoy it. Smoking may seem a relaxing activity. But, it comes with a side effect that can stress you out. That is none other than getting munchies. You need to know how to avoid munchies when on weed.

For one, weed can mess your brain signals. You will think that you are hungry when in fact you are full. Many people like cancer patients are in search of a hunger-inducing strain. This is because they aim for medicinal value to get from it. But, the weed is not beneficial when wanting to get in shape or eat healthier. You won’t like the idea of munching on nachos of six servings. 

The thing about the munchies is that they lose their entertainment value. They only become a post-toke, messing your lifestyle goals. As with extra calories, they may increase your weight. That will also result in indigestion, interrupted sleep, and heartburn. 

Below are just among the ways to avoid munchies on weed. That way, you will minimize the effects and enjoy more of cannabis consumption. 

Get Yourself Busy 

When you are high on weed, you will normally experience your mind wandering. The moment you think about food, your brain will turn onto something else. Get trained in pivoting towards another activity. This is the moment you think about a snack. It can also be any form like playing video games, dreaming up the ultimate clubhouse of cannabis, and more. These are among the activities you will want to engage in. This is provided you’ll be safe with doing them while on weed.

Lighten Up Your Meals

If you are struck in late-night munchies, you will then feel puckish during bedtime. Lighten up your meals and add cannabis on top of it. You will then be impressed by doing so. 

Schedule your breakfast, your lunch, and your dinner time. Your snacks should also be kept between meals to satisfy you more. When you become fully satisfied with these snacks and meals, you will less likely give in to munchies.

Try Another Unique Strain

If you will or will not get munchies, it depends upon the bigger part of the cannabis you will consume. If you could not control your taste buds, you better sample another unique strain. Find the right one that suits your goal of not eating a snack. High CBD strains will also do well. Even the THCV is a better option for this matter. Ask the budtender to assist with you finding the same thing. 

Remove the Taste From Your Mouth

Once you are high, you will find yourself appreciating mouthwash and toothpaste. You will enjoy its minty freshness. You also forget the peanut butter cookie and its mouth-watering taste. As you reach your jar, you will find that a non-minty flavor tastes so bad. This is true when combined with fresh breath. 

Brushing your teeth is essential when wanting to do activities while remaining high. This is just like hitting two birds with one stone. 

Get Rid of Temptation on How to Avoid Munchies When on Weed

You’ll come at a point in your life that you cannot get rid of temptation. When you feel like you’re heading to binging, get rid of everything that you will soon be eating. Never bring any junk food inside the house. Delete the contact number of the pizza man. Do anything to forget the meals to follow after smoking a weed.

Exercise Before Prepping on Vegging

Prepare in advance to avoid munchies when on weed. Exercise before smoking or vaping. Enjoy an activity that you love the most. Whether it be cycling, running, weight lifting, or yoga exercising, enjoy it more. Perform it. Burn the calories.

Prepare for An Inevitable Snacking

Make a switch-up by heading to eating healthy foods and snacks. You will then be surprised by so many sumptuous and tasty options. 

Drink More Water to Stay Hydrated

Avoid munchies by drinking more water. That way, you will stay hydrated. Your body makes the mistake of thirsting for hunger. Once you feel like having more munchies, you are only just thirsty. The effect is boosted by marijuana, making you thirsty. When you regret it munching out, better drink a glass of water, it will satisfy you more knocking out the munchies. 

No matter how many times you get those munchies, it’s a lot better to drink more water. This is a good idea since the weed only dehydrates you more. Heavy or regular cannabis users are encouraged to consume water. If you neglect it doing so, it might involve you in experiencing muscle cramps and dehydration headaches.

Water will always be the best choice when wanting to keep you hydrated. Your favorite pop or soda may just be tempting for you to drink. It also comes with an expensive price tag. 

Stock Up Healthy Snacks

Stock up healthy snacks to limit the damage brought about by munchies. The low-calorie veggies such as carrots and celery also make perfect options for snacking. This is truly the moment you feel high. Fruits and vegetables fill you up easily. And they never load you up on calories. 

Pay attention to a portion size. This will help you in limiting the damage brought about by munchies. Limit your mistakes by just eating small portions. 

Avoid Temptations

Avoid munchies, too, by removing temptations. Comfort foods and junk foods are the first being targeted by the munchies. Remove the kinds of foods. That way, you won’t dedicate much of your time to munching them out. The presence of comfort foods only sets you off to munching on them.

Avoid these foods to help decrease your desire to munch on them. This is truly the moment you get high. Go out on a walk. Better to be in a place wherein nothing is available. This makes things easier on your part.

In all these, know more about yourself. Know all about your preferences. Give the different ways above a try to know which one seems the most helpful. Do what you think is the best on how to avoid munchies when on weed. Do not stress out!

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