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How To Avoid Marijuana Germination Problems

how to avoid marijuana germination problem

Are you experiencing marijuana seeds germination problems? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at the things that matter when growing marijuana to avoid germination problems.

Even though cannabis has a short lifespan it is still perhaps one of the most beneficial and profitable plants to grow. The entire process may only take three to six months before you can enjoy harvesting the fruits of your labor. Cultivating marijuana requires labor-intensive effort and needs to take great care if you want the best cannabis product by harvest time. 

Germination of marijuana seeds is generally quick and easy process but there are still crucial steps and factors that are needed to obtain a high germination rate as possible. Today, we will also focus on some of the marijuana germination problems a grower might encounter in the growing process. 

Growing Marijuana Plants

Obtaining seeds is only the first in a long line of growing activities that must be accomplished to start growing your cannabis plants. Before you go ahead and start building your marijuana garden, you need to know where the cultivation process will ultimately take place. 

Growing indoors and outdoors are the primary options for growing cannabis plants. Marijuana growers must take into consideration the space they have to work with. You also need answers to questions like; do I have enough space in my house to grow cannabis indoors? How many cannabis plants do I want to grow? If you’re planning to grow cannabis outdoors, do you have a concealed space for growing? How’s the weather in the state where you live? 

Marijuana Germination Process

Science Encyclopedia defines germination as “the process by which a seed begins its development into a mature plant”. Germination essentially means planting cannabis seeds and allowing them to sprout. This process starts with an increase in metabolic activity within the seed. 

The first sign of germination is the visible enlargement of the seeds due to the intake of water. The seeds after that may start to wrinkle and crack. This is the time when those taproots start to sprout from the seed covering. The taproot is the first root formed from the cannabis seed of the plant once germination occurs. Germination is the presence of suitable environmental conditions including enough water, right level of oxygen and appropriate temperature.

What are the marijuana germination problems you should avoid?

Growing cannabis plants require more than just considering the type of strains or weather conditions. Aside from the environmental conditions, the marijuana seed’s history and their parents play a role in how successful the seeds germinate. Seeds are created to spread throughout the environment and grow into new plants through the method of germination. 

Not Prioritizing Moisture

It is important to place the cannabis seeds in a moist culture medium to allow the germination to take place in a few hours or days. No matter what base you choose for germination that important thing to make sure is to never make it completely dries out. As soon as the cannabis seeds stop to absorb moisture, there is a possibility that the seed germination process will be interrupted and it may never germinate.  

Cannabis growers are advised to spray water to keep the medium remains moist but never over water it. This is important particularly if a heat source is used to get a higher temperature that also helps in better germination rate. 

Allowing Seeds to Germinate For Too Long

Another germination common mistake is letting the cannabis seeds germinate until the cotyledons start to appear. If the grower wait for this to happen, transplanting the cannabis plant can be very difficult and there is a great chance to cause damage to roots in the process. The longer the roots are exposed to air and light, the more likely it will lead to root damage.

To prevent this problem make sure to plant cannabis seeds when the taproot measure reaches about 1 cm to 2 cm. Following this method can make the transplanting process easier and avoid the roots from being damaged.

Placing the Seeds in the Soil before Germination

Committing this mistake may result in non-germination of the seeds. There is a big chance that the seeds will not germinate if the soil was not watered prior to sowing the seeds. There is a big risk of burying the seeds too deep which are considered not suitable to germinate the seeds.

It is recommended to germinate the seeds instead in kitchen papers and before you transplant to the soil. This method can also help germinate a large number of seeds in a limited space and make it much easier to maintain the correct humidity and temperature.

Poor Temperature and Humidity Levels for Germination

Marijuana seeds germinate effectively in environmental conditions with high temperature and humidity levels. It is recommended that growers to maintain the germination medium at around 26 to 28 Celsius and 70% humidity level. Lower values may result in slower and less successful cannabis seeds germination. This will also cause the growth of fungi that will cause the plants to die.

Cannabis Seed Depth 

If cannabis seeds are buried too deep, the seedlings may never emerge. Smalls seeds usually need to lay on top of the soil for successful germination process. If small seeds are buried too deep, lack of oxygen. Small-sized cannabis seeds can only store food for a limited period of growth, so if buried too deep the seedling may finish its food reserve before reaching the soil surface. Large cannabis seeds need a deep planting location to allow the roots to grow deeply for better anchorage.

Crowded Marijuana Pot

This common grower’s mistake to attempt germination of seeds usually doesn’t provide good results. Not giving enough space for the root growth doesn’t suit marijuana plants. Limited space between plants will also cause the marijuana plants to compete for available light and other nutrients in the soil. 

Final Thoughts 

The germination process also referred to as popping is the first step in starting your marijuana garden. Germinating seeds doesn’t always go smoothly as planned. There are times when cannabis seeds never sprouted or take longer to germinate. Other seeds pop and grow quickly. Even if growing cannabis can be challenging that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the try. 

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