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Can You Give Marijuana Plants Too Much Light

A lot of cannabis growers, most especially the new ones, are a bit confused if how much light for marijuana plant they could give to their plants if its too much light or not. Some may say yes, others will say no, and a few of them will say it depends on the growth stage of your plants and the type of grow lights that you are using.

So what’s the real score on this? Can you truly give your marijuana plants too much light or not? Let’s find out the answer and the different perspective when it comes to the light requirements of your cannabis plants.

Cannabis Plants with Too Much Light

They say that if your cannabis plant will receive more light, you will get the chance to harvest good quality of crops with higher and bigger yields. Additionally, the growth of your cannabis will become much faster and they can grow as tall as the height of trees!

Just look at the cannabis plants that are growing in the wild – they look so healthy and rich because they love to receive more direct sunlight. And because of this outcome, many grow light companies were trying to create their own version of technology where they can copy the same effect of what the sunlight can bring to its plants.

Although the spectrum of sunlight is more powerful than ever, there are tons of grow lights now that are actually 99.9% closer to the light production of the sun!

With this intention, many indoor growers are purchasing this kind of grow lights so they can also harvest a high-quality cannabis plant which is the same with the ones that are growing in the wild.

However, regardless of the fact that indoor growers have the power to control the light intensity, the distance of light to the plants, and temperature of the growing room, it will still result in a big failure!

In other words, no matter how good are you in controlling the temperature and light in your plants, you will still get a weak plant because anything that is “too much” is bad for the health of your plants.

So instead of aiming to get bigger yields and grow your cannabis in a much faster way with the use of too much light, simply opt for the other alternatives that will not require you to apply too much light, nutrients, water, temperature, and so on. In that way, you will avoid getting great amounts of complications which is the next thing that we will discuss.

Common Problems You Will Encounter When You Give Your Plants Too Much Light

Too much light or any changes that will happen in light will result to a few problems. Let us determine each of this and how we can avoid encountering such complications.

  1. Airy and loose buds

This condition can only happen if you will apply too much light and higher temperature in your plants. Many users of cannabis hate these airy and loose buds because if you end up getting this outcome, that only means your plant is not healthy and poor in quality.

Additionally, if your plant is not getting enough potassium most especially when it is on the flowering stage, you will end up harvesting airy and loose buds.

So to prevent this from happening, you have to ensure that your growing room is properly ventilated. Then if your plant is lacking with potassium, try using other fertilizers that promote more potassium.

  1. Light burn

Too much use of light will result in a light burn. That means you are going to harvest plants with burnt buds. And no one would like to use cannabis with burnt buds, right? Because if this will happen, the THC of your cannabis will be totally eradicated.

To avoid this condition, make sure that you will not let your cannabis to get too much light and turned into albino cannabis (light bleaching). Make an effort to put them in a comfortable condition where they can take the right temperature with an even distribution of lights.

To make it simple, if you are feeling too cold or hot, definitely your cannabis plants are feeling the same way too. So always check their situation to get better results.

  1. Nutrient Deficiencies

Yes, too much light will result in nutrient deficiency and this is because your cannabis plants will become more thirsty and hungry if they will receive too much heat from too much light.

Just imagine yourself in the middle of summertime on a beach – you will certainly feel uncomfortable despite the presence of the wind around your environment, plus you will drink more and more liquid and eat more refreshing food to take away your discomfort.

So the same with your cannabis plants, their tendency is to consume more water and nutrients because of too much light. And if you think that adding more nutrients would be enough, you are getting it wrong because if you will do this, the build-up of nutrients will occur and lots of issues will be encounter.

What’s the Solution?

Although we know the fact that light will help in the growth of your cannabis plants, it doesn’t mean that you need to overexpose them to too much amount of light for it will not give you an impressive outcome.

So to better manage the light schedule of your plants, you need to ensure that you will only use 18 to 24 hours per day of light if your cannabis is in the vegetative stage.

But if your plants are in its flowering stage, you need to provide them 12 hours of light and 12 hours dark every day because, during the flowering stage, your plants are starting the process of budding.

And during this process, they need to get a consistent darkness for about 12 hours without any interruption of light to get awesome results.

Aside from these things, you also need to measure the temperature of your growing environment by using the hand test (placing your hand for about 30 seconds on top of your plants and where your grow lights are, then if you feel uncomfortable about its temperature, you need to adjust the placement and distance of your grow lights); using a measurement tool to accurately measure the light values, or to follow the specification given by your chosen grow light manufacturer to get some guidance.

Overall, if you will use the right grow light with the right level and temperature, you can get an assurance that you can prevent complications of giving too much light to your cannabis.

Also, you have to remember that when it comes to growing cannabis, you need a lot of patience and dedication because these two factors will help you to achieve your personal desires with regards to growing a high-quality cannabis plant.

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