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How Many Strains of Weed Are There?

how many Strains of weed are there

You probably have heard about those different kinds and varieties of cannabis. You may have also determined their usages and benefits as well. But do you know how many strains of weed are there? It is important that you fully understand their classifications to know the kinds of cannabis available in the market today. Through this article, we will tackle some info and details regarding this matter that will certainly help you out.

How Many Strains of Weed are There and Other Facts

Marijuana has been utilized for equally medicinal and leisure drives for thousands of ages. Sativa, as well as Indica strains, have been from place to place since the 18th period whereas hybrid strains are rather new-fangled. With a past going back thousands of ages, one must marvel just how various strains of weed are there?

This piece will aid cannabis enthusiasts to distinguish the variances among the diverse types of marijuana strains obtainable so they can gain a restored understanding of them. This will aid cannabis handlers to recognize which strains are top suitable for them.

In the United States, marijuana is used chiefly for medicinal drives, nevertheless, some states have endorsed leisure cannabis besides. Overriding weed has numerous diverse effects, equally psychologically and bodily. Most of the effects of medicinal and leisure cannabis usage are optimistic, nonetheless, it likewise has roughly opposing effects too.

The most shared result of marijuana is its capability to relax and still the handler equally bodily and psychologically. It has also been established to deliver brief liberation to patients dealing with body discomfort, pains, worry, and despair to term a small number of.

The opposing responses related to overwhelming weed comprise fear, increased nervousness, dry lips, red-eye, and weariness. Individually strain has diverse tastes, smells, and effects. Let us take a faster look at the three foremost kinds of marijuana.

How to Select Your Promising Strain

The type of strain one selects will regulate the type of high felt when spent. It also controls how the shrubberies will be upstretched since diverse strains need diverse mounting surroundings and situations.

When selecting a strain, it is suggested to sensibly reflect the kind of cannabis knowledge one expectations to attain. For the novice, look at the strains as if they’re unglued on a range. On one hand, there are indica strains that deliver a calming and elated high, whereas conversely there are sativas that stretch handlers more vigor and upsurges attentiveness. Hybrids are likewise obtainable for handlers who need to experience a mixture of equally sativa and indica results.

Selecting a strain isn’t as unassuming as it looks however since cannabis comprises 80 recognized cannabinoids that mark diverse parts of the body and cerebral. Consuming a better understanding of how a piece strain will distress the handler generally will aid make the conclusion a slight informal.

Arrangement of Strains

There are three chief kinds of cannabis, and they are:





This strain is supposed to have initiated in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush area. Indicas are eminent by their petite and luxuriant presence. They yield more crops and have briefer development associated with other cannabis kinds.

Indica strains are typically used for medicinal drives because of their capability to decrease swelling and deliver provisional respite from body hurt. It has likewise been used in states where medicinal cannabis is lawful to aid insomniacs and further handlers who have trouble snoozing.

It has a more comfortable high likened to sativa strains which take a more active high. Its effects are more soothing and comforting, and it’s likewise been identified to source the munchies, a disorder where one senses strong starvation twinges.

Samples of general indica strains are Northern Lights, Bubble Kush, Pineapple Kush, as well as Pineapple Chunk strain.


Sativa strains can produce quite high and have a gangling presence and can spread heights for up to 20 feet. They are preferred of leisure handlers since of the inspiring and active high that they can cause. Its results lean typically towards the intellectual side. They are ideal for users who want an energy increase and a shot of imagination. It is outstanding for fighting temper swings and treating the indications of certain psychological situations for example unhappiness, nervousness, and bipolar syndrome.

Sativa plants likewise have a high quantity of THC; therefore, they are not typically prearranged for medicinal usage since they are more suitable for leisure smokers. Instances of general sativa strains are Jack Herer, Candyland, Island Sweet Skunk, as well as Green Crack.

Hybrid Cannabis

Hybrid strains are the consequence of a crossing among an indica as well as sativa. Think of hybrids as the descendants of two cannabis parents. Their varied heredities mean they will show the characters of whichever one or both parents contingent on their ancestry. Most cultivators favor refining hybrid strains since they can grow the finest of both worlds in terms of results.

They deliver a combination of equally bodily and psychological effects. Instances of general hybrid strains are Lemon Diesel strain, OG Kush, THC Bomb strain, Sunset Sherbet strain, Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, as well as Sour Grape strain.

Hybrids are ideal for cultivators who need to enhance some diversity to their produce garden, and they are a high-quality option for smokers who need to get high equally bodily and psychologically. Individuals who are novel to the cannabis division are suggested to test hybrid strains so they can practice direct how smoking cannabis makes one feel. Hybrid strains can likewise be used for medicinal drives as they can deliver patients with stable effects that they can use from with consistent usage.

Hybrid strains are entirely cropping of research. Cultivators are testing with breeding diverse strains to understand what they can crop up with. Smokers are testing to practice the diverse hits that respectively strain brings.


These are answers to your question ‘how many strains of weed are there’. It is important that you fully understand this matter before you start using the cannabis you wish to try.

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