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How Many Diesel Strains Are there? 

You might be probably wondering on how diversified is the marijuana strains in the current times? Some of the experts have admitted that they too, cannot determine the new strains being produced a year after year.

One may not exactly quantify the strains, but to assure the extensive diversification of Marijuana Strains, you can take a look on how a single variation of a Diesel Strain bear many fruits and created families of next-generation diesel strains in the world.

Knowing the Diesel Strain

There is a mainstream theory that the Diesel Strains came from Sativa Strains, which are known to have strong THC volumes that can make you stay awake, active and creative in prolonged hours. One must remember that the aromatic property of smelling like a diesel fuel is a good indication that the strain which you will use is indeed strong and can give a cerebral effect which you can’t feel with the other strains.

Sativa strains are known to be the Cannabis plants who grow in the warmer regions with longer days and rigid seasons. They primarily grow near the equator, where the sunlight shines directly to the exposed lands. Its leaves are slender, allowing the free air to pass through its external system and reduce the possibility of mold infestation. Its height is the tallest on all existing strains anywhere in the Earth, due to the amount of sunshine being received daily.

Its flowers and buds, however, are completely covered with whitish to silvery thick resins that protect these parts from any foreign intervention. These are the most sensitive parts of the plant; therefore, they have to be protected more than the other spots.

It is in these resinous coats that a single user can extract the highest concentration of THC in a single strain. Also, it is from here that a plant smells distinctively than the other strains. One of which is the aromatic diesel.

The smell goes like fuel because of the intensity of the plant’s THC. Remember that the stronger and higher the THC volume is inside a plant, the better the chances of acquiring the said aroma and taste.

The Diesel Strains

Aside from their smell, the Diesel Strains share another similar thing in common and that is their high THC volume. After all, they will not smell like fuel if not due to its significant THC volume.

Sour Diesel

The most renowned Sativa with a smell of diesel, Sour Diesel is a dynamic product of the cross-breeding from the prominent strains of Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk. Its THC content is 25% and is considered as one of the highest in the existing Sativa Strains today, together with the other active strains available in the market.

Sour Diesel is known to heal stress, depression, fatigue, and body pains. As a result, it can make its users feel happy, uplifted, energetic, and euphoric.

Due to its high THC concentration, Sour Diesel is recommended for morning use and has strong flavors that range from Diesel, pungent, and earthy. It is not advisable for the first-timers to use the said strain as this can bring a cerebral effect that may last for longer hours.

Double Diesel

One of the Award-winning Diesel Strains of all time, this plant is a cross-breed from NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel. Its THC content is 22% and is good for Morning Use. This Sativa-dominant strain can treat health conditions such as depression, stress, headaches, body pains, and fatigue.

Due to its active properties, Double Diesel can make its users happy, energetic, creative, and uplifted. Aside from diesel, its other flavors and aroma include citrus and grapefruit.

Also, this strain is notably winning the women’s attention as this strain is believed to be suitable and effective for them- considering the pains they induce during their monthly periods, hormonal imbalances that lead to mood swings and physical problems, and their determination to work harmoniously amid different types of pain.

NYC Diesel

A unique hybrid strain, NYC Diesel has been named after the Big Apple, due to where the seeds have come from. NYC is a cross-breed of purely not American Strains- the Afghani, and Mexican landraces. Its THC content is 22% and is suitable for Morning use. Despite its properties of being a hybrid, the plant has its major genetic structure coming from Sativa roots.

It can treat people with depression, body pains, nausea, and lack of appetite. Because of these, NYC can make its users happy, uplifted, creative, and euphoric.

This is one of the Most Awarded Strain in history as it earned 9 different awards from different Cannabis groups.

This strain is known to have a cerebral effect and has its aromatic variants from diesel to pungent and earthy.

Jack Diesel

The pride of Spanish Cannabis Industry, Jack Diesel is a powerful combination of the two major Sativa strains in the world- Jack Here and NYC Diesel. Its THC content ranges from 12% to 22%- a good one for the mild Sativa users, and is good for morning use.

Jack Diesel is known to treat different health conditions such as depression, stress, fatigue, and lack of appetite. Because of its direct approach to these health concerns, Jack Diesel can immediately make someone energetic, focused, creative, and happy.

Like the other strains, Jack Diesel is also a cerebral once tested. It won 5 Cannabis Cups in the year 2000 and continues to create a good name and build a truthful reputation in the entire Cannabis Industry.

Its other flavors and aroma include Sweet, Tropical to Woody.

Hawaiian Diesel

Considering moving to Hawaii? If yes, then this strain is a must-try! Hawaiian Diesel came from the cross-breeding of Hawaiian landrace and Sour Diesel. Its THC content is one of the most consistent reading ever- a normal 22%. However, the thing that makes Hawaiian Diesel unique, is its ability to mix with the Hawaiian culture and be a trademark of Hawaiian-produced Cannabis plants.

It can heal depression, fatigue, localized body pains, and stress. Due to its powerful ability to heal, it leaves its users as happy, relaxed, and energetic.

The said plant has its aroma and flavor of being a tropical, to sweet than pungent.

Chocolate Diesel

Have you ever considered taking a diesel strain with a hint of chocolate spreading at your palate? This is how the Chocolate Diesel works for its users. This is a cross-breed of Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai. From that experiment, an indulging strain was born.

Its THC content is 18%- a bit lower compared than the earlier mentioned diesel strains in this list and can treat any inflammations, body pains, stress, and fatigue. How about its effect? It simply makes its users energetic, creative, and euphoric.

This mouth-watering strain has its other aromatic flavors of being earthy and flowery. Due to its ability to change you at a snap, it became known as “get-up-and-go” strain.

Blue Diesel

The prominent daughter of famous strains, Blue Diesel is a strain derived from NYC Diesel and fruit-like Blueberry. This hybrid strain is unique due to its inhibition to encourage you to eat more while setting its effect immediately but smoothly.

Its THC content is 23% and can treat health conditions such as Insomnia, stress, body pains, and depression. How about its effects? Each of its users has experienced being happy, uplifted, and giggly. It brings smooth effects at all, compared with the cerebral strains.

Aside from its diesel aroma, it also has berry and blueberry hints that smoothen and lightens the mood of its users who must be active in the daytime.

Bruce Banner

Diesel strains should not be limited in the strains that incorporated the term diesel on their names. This is how Bruce Banner proves its worth to the family.

This strain is one of the most sought-after hybrid plants of today. Derived from the strains OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, this plant never failed to astound its users with the cerebral effects it brings and the THC volume it has.

The THC volume ranges from 24% to 29% with its spectrum of aroma and flavors starting from earthy to diesel, berry, sweet, sweet-sour, and strawberry. With these details, you may now have an idea on how Bruce Banner is as sweet as your cake yet as strong as the Marvel’s Incredible Hulk.

Concluding Words

Diesel strains can offer more than what you expect. Look at their innovative achievements, the awards of some strains have earned and received, as well as their effects and aroma- they did not purely rely on the diesel-like properties. Instead, these strains further diversified themselves and blended with the other matched strains to create other batches of strong and formidable breeds which can be used by the next generations.

Indeed, these great and strong strains will surely continue to make buzzes within the industry, and soon establish their brand and reputation in the field of Recreational and Medical Cannabis around the world.

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