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How Long Does it Take for CBD Oil to Work for Joint Pain

how long does it take for cbd oil to work for joint pain

Extracted CBD oil is one of the modern ways of administering CBD. CBD oil is potent and versatile as it could be infused into different CBD-based products such as wax for smoking, topical medications, food, and dietary supplements. Due to its purity, oil is naturally potent and its potency is only affected by being diluted in any medium that it is added to such as candies, chocolates, lotions or creams. Seeds and plants are now being propagated that are high in CBD but are low in CBD for its oil to be extracted and made into CBD oil which is the basic ingredient of most medicinal marijuana products. 


CBD oil and CBD wax are both cannabis concentrates. The process through which both are made are almost identical. The final product becoming either oil or wax depends upon the purging process. If the extract is whipped after purging then the final product is wax and if it purged of chemical solvents, the final product is oil.

Oil is more versatile as it could be added as an ingredient to almost all kinds of food and could also be smoked whereas wax has to be smoked for anyone to benefit from its CBD. But not all people have the ability to smoke and topical CBD medications are the way they could benefit from its healing wonders especially for body pains and inflammations.

But many people are asking, how long does it take for CBD oil to work especially for joint pain like those brought about by arthritis or mere physical fatigue.


People have different experiences with the use of CBD oil. These differences could be as diverse as the number of individuals who take CBD.  For some, the effect of CBD oil could be instant while it does not seem to take effect at all for others. This leads to some people to give up and lose hope in the medicinal potential of CBD and they give negative reviews about marijuana and other CBD products as a whole. Let us look at the different factors that affect our CBD experience.

METHOD OF ADMINISTERING CBD OIL: When the oil is taken sublingually or below the tongue, CBD enters the bloodstream within 20 minutes. A sublingual tincture is pure CBD oil that comes with a dropper that is dropped under the tongue to be absorbed by the mouth and is one of the most effective ways of taking CBD oil. Smoking or vaping CBD oil with the regular joint may take longer to take effect. Smoking using a dab rig is a more efficient way of inhaling more of the CBD and gives faster results within minutes of inhalation.

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTIC: The physical characteristic of the person who uses CBD oil will greatly affect the way his body absorbs or accepts CBD from marijuana oil and how fast CBD oil will take effect. Age, body mass, height, and weight are factors to be considered to know the proper dosage that one person must take to experience some relief from joint pain in using CBD oil.

Adults, men and those who are bigger or taller need more dosage than smaller people, women, and children. It is best to consult a doctor who will prescribe you with the marijuana CBD oil that you need in the proper dosage, administering type and other factors. Working with a doctor is the best as some brands and dosages may work with one person but never with another even if they may be of the same age or body build.

CORRECT POTENCY: Potency or dosage is one of the factors to determine whether the CBD oil you have taken will give the relief you wanted or not or how soon it will happen. Too little of a dosage will not give the effect you want. If you are taking CBD oil under the supervision of a doctor or his prescription, you may be given low dosages from up to 5mg a day and you may be given more within seven days until they find the proper dosage for your intake.

For people who are not suffering from any major pain, inflammation or mental health issued, 10mg daily of CBD oil may provide the needed relief while those who have serious medical conditions may require up to 60mg of a daily dose. Even if you are working with a doctor, you will need to observe yourself and be honest with it to give feedback to your doctor for him or her to be able to make adjustments to your dosage or prescription if needed.

CONSISTENT INTAKE TIMES: If you have been prescribed CBD oil, you should follow its intake instructions and schedules religiously. If you have been prescribed to take CBD oil in a particular dosage daily at a particular time, then you should do so. Never skip any scheduled intake of CBD oil for its effect to take place.

Sometimes, doctors divide your whole daily dosage into fractions such as taking a 40mg daily dosage 4 times a day with 10mg intake each time. This will make sure that the effect of the CBD oil will be consistent throughout the day.

CORRECT CBD OIL TYPE: Full-spectrum CBD oil is derived from plants with the whole range of 113 cannabinoids that are found in the marijuana plants. This is in contrast to CBD isolate products that are made up of select cannabinoids only. Full-spectrum CBD offers a wider range of health benefits compared to CBD isolates just like you would compare a multivitamin pill with the whole range of vitamins and minerals compared to a mere vitamin C supplement.

Full-spectrum CBD products are all-natural and did not pass through chemical processes to be isolated. They also contain very low THC with some containing as low as the legal limit for most states and countries which is 0.3 percent THC only. They are perfectly organic, all-natural and are available in most dispensaries.


We have often mentioned working or consulting with a doctor in taking any CBD oil products for you to benefit the most from the medicinal properties of CBD. Working with a doctor who will prescribe you the proper CBD dosage and administration method will ensure that you are getting the relief you deserve. Never try to self-medicate especially if you are suffering from severe forms of body pains brought about by a disease or injury.

Always buy from reputable sellers online or in a dispensary so you are assured that you are given top-notch CBD oil that is not only potent but is manufactured in the highest quality standards as well for your protection.

Also, look at your local laws whether marijuana possession and use is legal in your country or state before you try to medicate with CBD oil because even high CBD oil with low THC seeds, plants and by-products are illegal in some countries such as in the UK even if the United Kingdom is currently the largest exporter of legal cannabis and is home to GW pharmaceuticals which is one of the largest producers of medical marijuana and some marijuana-based products such as Epidiolex and Sativex.

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