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How Long Do Autoflowering Cannabis Seed Take to Grow?

how long do autoflowering cannabis seed take to grow

Are you new to the world of cultivating different breeds and strains of cannabis? Are you a marijuana veteran trying to test your green thumb and gardening skills? Whatever your level of expertise may be, you might be fascinated with the latest favorite classification of cannabis, the autoflowers. You might also have asked yourself, “If I were to involve myself in planting autoflowering cannabis, how long do autoflowering cannabis seed take to grow?” Read more, as we talk about autoflowers and tips on growing and caring for them.

The Basic Must-Knows for Autoflowering Strains

The beginnings of the autoflowers have been traced in the 1940s from Russia. The Ruderalis was deemed the mother of autoflowers. According to the American Journal of Botany, the name cannabis ruderalis was first used by Russian botanist D. E. Janischewsky in 1924. The word ruderalis is derived from the Latin which means rubble, lump, or rough piece of bronze. It grew in the wild and many were surprised that it was not necessary to wait for the sun’s signals for it to start flowering, but it just grows and blooms on its own timeframe. The Ruderalis plants begin their flowering stage within three to four weeks, no matter what the lighting situation may be.

The Ruderalis is well-known for its short stature, as well as containing lower levels of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical accountable for marijuana’s psychological effect. Luckily, breeders and growers did not stop there and studied cross-breeding or intermingling Ruderalis with other strains of standard cannabis. Thus, the autoflowering strains were born.

The autoflowers are well-loved by growers because they need not worry about light schedules. This means that your autoflower will just bloom anywhere it might have been planted, as long as it is ready. You do not need to study time zones or planting at certain times in the day. The only thing you need to do is plant the autoflower when you are confident that you have at least two to three months of generally sunny weather.

Answering the Main Question: How Long Do Autoflowering Cannabis Seed Take to Grow?

In a general viewpoint, autos are ready to harvest much faster than photoperiods. You only need to wait around two to three months, and you’re ready to go.

During the first few weeks after planting, you will only see the plant growing some stems and leaves. This is commonly known as the vegetative stage. After that, you will start to see some buds beginning to form and your plant gaining a bit of height. Another few weeks after they stand a bit taller, you will notice a growth plateau. You will now need to watch out for the fattening of your plant’s buds. The buds will be gaining weight and might need support at this point.

If you have a particular period in mind, you can address your concerns to your seed bank. Most excellent breeders can give you the specific timeframe depending on the auto strain you will purchase. You must note, though, that some breeders will only give you the shortest time then instruct you to harvest. Sometimes, your autoflowers can give out a higher potency and produce more yields if you allow them an extra week or two.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Harvest?

As growers, we sometimes tend to be overexcited to see the fruits of our labor. But, harvesting is as important as growing the plant. When you harvest too soon, your cannabis baby can lose its potency and give out lesser yields. If you collect too late, your hit can make you end up extremely slow, super stoned or sleeping for ages.

If you are feeling too eager about harvesting, pull off whichever buds look the readiest, dry them, and test the potency for yourself. You can do this in stages. Only begin the harvest when you feel like it, there you can check which strength levels feel most right for you.

As the saying goes, “When in doubt, listen to your gut.” You can read and research all you want, but only you know how you want your cannabis to feel like.

Some Tips for Taking Care of Your Autoflowers

  1. Start training your plants. Plant training, when done correctly, can teach your plants to produce more buds and increase their yields. The best time for training is when your plant is in its vegetative stage. For autoflowers, this is a short two-week period, so make sure you can make the most of it. As a starter, you can do the topping technique. It is usually done after your auto has developed three nodes. You can also pull your cannabis plant sideways to promote upward growth.
  1. Be aware of climate considerations. You already know that autoflowers do not rely on light schedules and cycles. But it does not necessarily mean you can plant at any time. Most growers prefer planting every March and September for best results. It’s also considerable to remember that even autoflowering cannabis plants need warmth to grow, and there can be substantial rain placing the buds at risk of rotting. To avoid these concerns, ponder growing indoors, or if you can, a greenhouse, to provide protection from external elements.
  1. Control yourself from overfeeding. – Take note that autoflowering strains of cannabis do not necessitate heavy feeding since there are quite smaller in size and their vegetative stage is faster than standards. Autoflowers do not require special feeds and other nutrients like nitrogen to bloom properly.
  1. Begin your harvest gradually. – Because autoflowers do not really have a longer time to develop their canopy, the best style for harvesting is in sequence or one part after the other. You can start with the colas at the top, and then give the buds at the plant’s lower part extra time to develop more and gain density before picking them.
  1. Get the next batch of seeds ready. – So your production will be continuous, it is a good practice to prepare the next seeds that you will plant while you are waiting to complete your harvest.

Before You Go

No matter what it is that you are planting, this process will always be an adventure. There are many resources that you can consult, but the only thing that will always work is trusting in your instincts. Remember, especially if you are still a novice, that gardening does not ask for perfection, as it is an experimental process. Now that you know the answer to, “How long do autoflowering cannabis seed take to grow?” take your time and enjoy the process. As long as you give proper time, attention, and care to your cannabis seeds, you will reap exceptional yields.

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