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How Feminized Seeds Differ to Regular Seeds

how feminized seeds differ to re

Each Cannabis Seeds are unique and differ with one another, especially those of different types and species. As we all know, there are major types of Cannabis Seeds- the Regular, Autoflowering and the Feminized Seeds. Among these three, the public has always been confused with the looks of feminized and regular seeds up to the time of their young growth.

Let’s have a look with their differences while gaining similarities with our common interests for them.

Feminized Seeds

  • Feminized Seeds are responsible for growing that much-awaited flowers and buds

Yes, and the male seeds have nothing to do with its growth, aside from slowing it down or infesting the rest of its system, that’s why they should be cut off.

Feminized seeds are in-charge of creating spaces for the future flowers of your Marijuana Strains that are tremendously special and essential. It is in flowers that you can check the strain’s abilities with its smell, composition and flower size.

On the other hand, all feminized plants create better buds than those plants of 50/50 Chromosomes. It has been proven that feminized buds can create higher concentrations of chemicals due to their unregulated growth over the course of time. They also do not experience stressful situations such as compromising the male’s regulation and physical contact with humans because they have to cut off the male parts.

With this powerful property of all feminized seeds, growers have priced them higher than the regular seeds.

  • Feminized Seeds are more expensive than the regular ones

And because they are capable of doing miracles such as reproducing without the male seeds and beating the time against the Regular Seeds, the Feminized Seeds costs more expensive. These seeds are so special that it can blow your wallet away if you are not yet ready for any long-term obligations. However, these seeds are more efficient than the regular ones because of their special traits, affected by human intervention and perfected by innovation.

On the average, each feminized seed cost $10 to $30 each, depending on the strain and brand of the seeds. We are all aware of the existing hierarchy for the Marijuana Strains and the more that you aim for a higher quality of strains, the higher the chance of its feminized seeds to cost way expensive than the other feminized seeds. However, it does not mean that when you buy cheaper feminized seeds, they are of low qualities.

Remember that all feminized seeds are refined and have proven its abilities throughout the years.

  • Feminized Seeds are more sensitive than the other races

After all, these seeds that were produced from the careful and detailed ways of genetic manipulation, have also its downside. One of which is that they are too sensitive.

You will prefer not to touch them at all times during their flowering cycle because it will badly affect the quality of their flowers and buds in the future. It will also hurt their system, making it work with not the same perfection anymore. Every stress that you will apply on them means lesser highs for you, lighter effect and weaker medicinal treatment.

If I were you, I will just disregard the temptation of touching the feminized plants every single day. Just let them grow and things will perfectly fall into places, just like how they did trial and errors during those years of the invention for feminizing the seeds.

Regular Seeds

  • They grow both male and female plants

The regular seeds grow a wide spectrum of different Marijuana Strains which basically made up the world of Cannabis Industry. They are the root of all innovation and technological advancement that happened with the Marijuana Plants for the last centuries and still, serve as the backbone of the great multi-billion worth of Industries.

The male regular plants serve as the pollen producers and the female plants receive these pollen grains to create the regular seeds. This is the only type of seed that exists even before the human race has been developed.

As the earliest regular seeds develop from their germination, they transform into wonderful species of Cannabis that have revolutionized a great change for the humans since the ancient times, especially with Ancient India, China, and the Mesopotamia. These seeds will be later studied by the modern people and they will learn that these seeds, even small and odd in appearance, will serve as the bedrock of all kinds of scientific researches that leads to the further advancement of what we have now in the modern Cannabis times.

  • They are more affordable than the feminized seeds

Since they are the backbone of the Marijuana Industry, the regular seeds are the most affordable of all seeds available in the present times. The commercial price regular seeds serve as the standard of other seeds’ price. However, the regular seeds may have different price, depending on the strains that they have, which is also applied with the Feminized Seeds.

The regular seeds are the first to be sold through grams, pieces, and sacks. There are accounts in the earlier times that the seeds of Hemp Plants, a relative of Marijuana Plants, are being sold per sacks due to its abundance in the forests. The African Slaves during the Colonial Period have sustained wide access with the regular plants despite them being penniless when they arrived in the places where they were forced to labor.

The format of pricing with the regular seeds in the Western Countries has been adopted by the rest of the world, with the worth heavily relying on the quality of the seeds, the strains, and its possible potency.

  • They are the most stable of all the Cannabis Seeds

No questions asked they are the strongest, most able, most enduring, most flexible and the most resistant to any kinds of weather. The regular seeds will not be called regular if they cannot function as the standard to what other Marijuana strains should do.

These regular seeds are more immune to any weather changes because they are intact and complete in body systems, unlike the feminized strains who are already female at all, with missing parts for stronger system against the external factors and interference.

The regular seeds can also withstand kinds of stress, depending on the extent of the stress that they will face. Unlike the feminized seeds, the regular seeds can keep its quality despite being shaken physically or faced with a sudden change of weather conditions in the area where it grows. However, like the feminized seeds, the regular ones will be affected, especially their potency, if any of these changes will prevail over the area where they are growing.

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