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How do Feminized Cannabis Seeds Grow?

how do feminized seeds cannabis grow

A lot us love cannabis, don’t we? We plan on planting and grow it similarly to just any other plant. And by the time of harvest, we’ll just get the buds and then, smoke cannabis freely.

Well, live within the fantasies, my dear. It ain’t as easy as you’ve expected. There are a lot of things to think when you’re planning on cultivating cannabis plant even if choosing the feminized ones. Nevertheless, challenges will always come from buying the seed to the point of harvesting it.

In this article, we’ll focus on enumerating some crucial things that you should always remember when growing your feminized cannabis plants.

What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

As we’ve known, cannabis is a dioecious plant. This means that the plant could be express into two sexes; respectively, a male and a female.

Upon natural breeding method, determining the sex of the plant is not readily identified until the vegetative stage. Nonetheless, shared genetics between it’s male and female plants. The dominant genetics will take the gender of the plant.

However, as growers, we always to get female cannabis plants. It produces buds and flowers which we are going to harvest and cure later on. In contrast, male cannabis plants any of these buds. It could not be used either for smoking.

That is why a lot of growers get disappointed when getting male plants. Good thing is that a Dutch breeder had introduced the concept of feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds are chemically-induced seeds created to accurately give you female plants. Nevertheless, the possibility of planting male plants are eliminated when using feminized seeds. 

Most likely, planting feminized cannabis seeds will save a lot of time, effort, and even money during the process. It’s definitely the most practical way of planting cannabis.

Things You Should Note When Growing Feminized Cannabis

Growing feminized cannabis is just like any other cannabis. The only difference is that you’ll be able to get an assurance that plants will be precisely female. This means it will produce buds as needed.

Before started planting female cannabis, then it’s important that you’ll be able to be equipped with enough knowledge on growing cannabis. However, for basics, here are a few things you should remember. This includes the following;

#1. Be Aware of the Timeline

As a cannabis grower, you should be able to know when the plants are going to undergo vegetative stage and pre-flowering stage. You should have a detailed plan for its growing period. As a suggestion, keep a growing notebook and take note of the plant’s height, leaf condition, and soil’s pH.

It’s important that you’ve taken a lot of research on the strain that you’re planting. Learn what strain and genetics it possesses. Usually, sativa weeds are taller than indica and autoflowering strains.

#2. Know the Legalities

Another important thing to understand is the policies and laws regarding cannabis in the area you’re living in. As we’ve understood, cannabis is a controversial plant and its relatively banned to a lot of countries in the world.

That is why it’s important that you have able to watch the news and ask a lot to people as related to growing cannabis. Regardless, there are countries which cannabis is illegal but laws are a bit lenient to cannabis cultivation.

However, if it’s truly prohibited and you really want to grow, then plan carefully your discreet cultivation. Though it’s inadvisable, just make sure you’ll not be caught doing it.

#3. Optimization on Basic Growing Parameters

These parameters refer to light, temperature, and nutrients. It’s essential that you’ll be able to understand what are the conditions necessary for your cannabis plant to grow.

If your planning to grow indoors, then you have more controls on the growing conditions of the plant. It’s important to maintain these conditions at the most optimum rates. Nevertheless, each stage of cannabis plants employs a different degree of nutrient and light exposure.

However, if you’re cultivating outdoors, then let nature do its job. Just watch regularly your plant. It’s vital to prevent your plants to be soaking wet. It will develop molds or powdery mildew on a few of its parts.

In general, any nutrient and lighting output you’ll place into cannabis plants will certainly affect the bud quality generated. That is why its best to evaluate these conditions to have successful cannabis cultivation.

#4. Identify When to Harvest

This is the most critical thing that every cannabis grower should know. You should be able to understand when to harvest your buds. By telling the right time, it means that you should evaluate carefully if it will have the maximum THC content to reach the highest potency degree.

One efficient method to determine if its ready to harvest is through looking the trichomes. These trichomes are tiny packets that are attached surrounding the buds. A shift from clear to an opaque white denotes that the plant is ready for harvest.

However, the trichomes should not turn amber since it will slowly lose its potency. Nonetheless, one should not also harvest prematurely as the THC content ain’t at its peak.

Nevertheless, it’s important to be patient and observe thoroughly. A mistake will turn all the efforts to nothing.

#5. Choose the right strain

You should able to determine what strain works for your convenience and the environment you have. As a newbie grower, it’s important that you choose an easily grown strain. Select something that ain’t too demanding with light and nutrients. Also, get those highly pest and weather resistant cannabis varieties.

Apart from that, it’s vital to consider the weather and environmental conditions. If you’ll be deciding to grow indoors, then it’s best to cultivate autos or indica dominant strains as they’re shorter. Evaluate the strain’s growing conditions and take note if its best suit to your convenience and everything’s around.

Moreover, if it’s possible, examine the parents of the seeds you’ll be purchasing. Several traits will be inherited upon planting it. You should at least an idea what it looks like. Bad genetics will get you bad buds no matter how nutrients or lighting you’ve poured on it.

#6. Be prepared with EVERYTHING

By everything, it means that you should be able to get ready on finances, the time, and the effort requires to grow cannabis. There’s no option of backing up once you’ll be able to start planting cannabis. You’ll waste everything that you’ve prepared if you’ll decide to stop it. 

It’s helpful to list down everything that’s needed. Expect the unexpected and take precautionary measures in case things will fail. Budgeting and time management is necessary. Take a lot of time on planning and listing what’s most necessary during cannabis planting.

#7. Take note of the hermies

Hermaphroditism could happen at any rate when planting female cannabis plants. It’s a condition when a genetically female plant will develop male reproductive organs during its vegetative to flowering stage. This condition could possibly take place with regards to its genetic quality or exposure to extreme stress as to light or heat.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you’ll give all the necessary nutrients for the plant to grow well. Otherwise, choose carefully good genetics when buying cannabis seeds.

The Final Word

In growing feminized cannabis, it’s most essential that you’ve been provided with all the knowledge and skills necessary for the cultivation process. Extreme research and regular monitoring is an integral part of the success of cannabis growing.

However, if you fail for the first or second time, then don’t be distress. There’s always a lot of chances on cannabis cultivation. The most important thing is that you’ve learned already what to do the next time about it.

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