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How to Cut Cannabis Clones

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What are Cannabis Clones?

This process is done to make a smaller copy of a particular cannabis plant. A clone is a particular part of a cannabis plant that is cut and by planting, it then grows roots and becomes a new plant.
There is particularly one reason why people clone plants. Most of the users wanted to restore the plant’s gene quality through duplication of the said plant instead of breeding. Basically, if your plant is female, then most likely your cloned plant is female as needed for cannabis cultivation.

Cutting to Generate Cannabis Clones

The most critical part of planting cannabis clones is cutting a mother plant. Nonetheless, you need to remember a lot of things related to these in order to successfully cut your cannabis plants. The following includes;
You should have sharp scissors or Fiskars prepared before start cutting cannabis plants. Employing a dull scissor could harm your cannabis plant and clone.

You can grow your clones to a mature and healthy cannabis plant. An indication of plant’s maturity is its leaves. If it goes alternating and branching, then the plant is most likely ready to be cloned.

It is best to cut the part where new branching occurs or when young leaves are starting to sprout into the top of the plant. Cut a few inches about 5-8 inches or 10-20 cm long from the top of the plant.
It is important to cut the plant 45 degrees away to maximize the potential root growth as needed during cultivation.

If possible, cut plants at those lower half branches or portions of the cannabis plant. These parts are said to have the most root growth hormone making it grow faster as needed.
Remember that after cutting your plant, place the trimmed part immediately into a clean glass full of water. This will help the clone start to grow roots.

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