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How Are Autoflowering Cannabis Strains Made

how are autoflowering cannabis strains made

Upon deciding that you would want to grow your own cannabis, you may want to research different kinds of seeds. And it is intriguing why many cultivators look for how are autoflowering cannabis strains made that a lot of companies post into their online websites.

What does it mean, and how you can create an auto-flowering strain? In this article, you will eventually understand the reason behind why growers go for this kind of seeds, and we will try to uncover the cons using this to have a bountiful harvest at the end.

Getting to know Auto-flowering Cannabis

The idea of automated flowering strains is simple; instead of waiting for a particular scheduled light cycle, they flower automatically in time. That is, after a relatively short vegetative duration of 2-4 weeks, the plants begin to bloom themselves. This specific cycle occurs as growers fold in genes of a ruderalis cannabis plant considered to be auto-flowering and of short stature. This is a subspecies of the cannabis plant.

Trying to cross the autoflowering ruderalis with different varieties like Indica and Sativa leads to a crop that does not depend on photoperiods to bloom, but grows on its own.

What are its Pros and Cons?


For both indoor and outdoor marijuana a number of reasons why you would consider choosing this kind of strain, please see the list below:

  1. Once grown outdoors, auto-flowering plants can develop buds no matter what level of sunlight you get; this ensures that if you try to achieve several harvests during the season, you will not have to think about a light loss process and supplementing the heat.
  2. For indoor cultivation, this auto flower trains let you easily expand its growth strains from beginning to end because they normally mature after three months.
  3. These plants can take more than 12 hours of sunlight a day and grow larger buds in less time than a normal marijuana seed.
  4. These kinds of the plant are little and crafty and suitable for a growing area indoors and can be grown outside and not stealing much more attention from other people.


Furthermore, there are reasons why auto-blossoming plants are not as common as regular cannabis plants. Small-scale self-flowering strains do not produce high yields. Certain problems with auto-flowering seeds growing results in higher electricity costs and the struggle to train the plants in order to take advantage of your growing area.

How Can You Breed an Auto-flowering Strain?

There are two major weed subspecies, Sativa and indica, like many consumers, farmers, and breeders recognize. The other subspecies known by the cultivators are this cannabis ruderalis. This ruderalis strain has been combined to this Indica and Sativa strain to produce auto-flowering hybrids that include the characteristic of an auto-flowering, and it is known to generate a quality weed than a normal ruderalis.

Have a good amount of seeds – To start, you should have a see to get your base plant started. It is advised to get a regular seed for the breeding process, and you will need a balanced ratio of 1 is 1 female and male plant.

While it grows you need to wait for the plant reach its veg stage, make sure that you will watch the sex of your plants, if you are aiming to produce a high yield of seeds, you can just wait for them to pollinate, let them do their thing.

Selective Breeding

  • You need further work and dedication if you wish to start reducing your own strain. You may pick plants that display or distinguish the desirable features from others through selective breeding. For instance, selecting plants with the most effective aromas, growth rate, and ideal height.
  • The plants selected are kept completely apart from the majority of the crops. In a controlled environment such as a growing tent or other quarters, pollination is done with great care to avoid the intrusion of foreign diverse pollen into the breeding grounds.
  • Its parents do not have to be the same kind, but if you plan to carry on with this genetics, you clearly use the parents, and the seed produced will contribute to the plants which have the required characteristics. The amazing results normally start to appear within 3 or 4 generations. You may find it time-consuming but totally worth it.

Final thoughts

There are many benefits for growing this type of strain but also note that cannabis usually requires long periods of darkness to induce blooming, but it does not matter what light conditions there are varieties flowering. Such species are considered to be self-flowering. Not all the characteristics of cannabis are as simple to explain, but with proper knowledge on how to handle them, you should be on the right track.

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