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Hotboxing 101: A Quick Guide

Hotboxing is a colloquial term for sharing a smoked weed in a particular enclosed place where smokes will fill in; it could be any place, but it seems a car scene is the most preferred and remains the most iconic. It started from Cheech and Chong’s classically amusing hotboxing passage that inspired several weed smokers. Besides, what’s not to love in doing hotboxing in a shared space? 

Before we learn the basics in hotboxing, let’s start by defining the norms in hotboxing and the dos and the don’ts. Along with that, we will also unveil the proper ways of doing hotboxing, among other things.

What are Hotboxing and its purpose?

For better definition, Hotboxing refers to smoking weed in an enclosed, unventilated room that could be anything such as cars, as mentioned previously, small shed, bathroom, and anything that fits the description. Usually, two or more people do hotbox, and a single entity is a rare circumstance. The thrilling part is where the smoke fills the room and puffs from each person who smokes create massive clouds.

You might think an unventilated room is dangerous for you to consider it a place for smoking weeds. It’s half right, yes, but that’s the thrill of it. The stuffy feature makes it smoke-filled with the impression that the temperature in it is high. Hence, why it’s called “Hotboxing.” Still, oxygen-deprivation is harmful and could bring out adverse effects, which we will discuss later.

The purpose of Hotboxing is to acquire the maximum impact you could get from a cannabis strain because while you are puffing out smokes from ganja, you are also inhaling the smoke in the air, which comes from your weeds. Because of that, the process becomes recycled. Besides, you aren’t going to inhale it all anyway since you and your cannabis companion will share on it.  

What are the advantages of Hotboxing?

Who would like to go on with their day wearing the smell of weeds? No one. That is why Hotboxing is a thing. One of the reasons why cannabis users prefer hotboxing is to avoid spreading it in their homes and have them with it instead because honestly, getting rid of weed smell from your body is more accessible than removing it from inanimate objects. Another benefit you could get is experiencing the powerful, potent effects of cannabis to its extreme. According to users who have tried it, it made the high to last longer and hit stronger. Besides, you could also get the joy of sharing it with a friend.  

What are the disadvantages of Hotboxing?

According to drug counselors, a sealed-off and enclosed area can bring you to death, especially when you do it in the car. You could easily perceive the smoke from the weed as oxygen due to the unavailability of it in the air. Instead of filling yourself with oxygen, you unknowingly fill it with smokes that could make you high, vulnerable, and unaware; it could also poison you to death. The anxiety-relieving factor of cannabis will prevent you from panicking. In conclusion, you could die without knowing you’re dying.

How to do Hotboxing correctly?

There are critical factors you should consider before you plan on beginning your hotbox session. For starters, you need to take into consideration the number of people that will join you. They said the bigger group, the better. But the question is, where should you do it? Now that is where the location will enter. You have to ensure that the carefully chosen whereabouts will deliver the best air ratio versus smoke, you won’t be enjoying it as much.

Next is the involvement of other objects. It would be best if you deliberately thought of the best setting to smoke ganja, where there are no absorptive materials that could capture the scent longer than usual. Due to that, hotboxing in the bathroom is the highly preferred selection since there are no absorptive materials around. Aside from that, you could quickly eliminate the scent of it using water and soaps.  

Those are the most crucial considerations you should list down when you wish to do hotboxing. There are also additions and attributions to spice up your smoking sessions, such as selecting companions with great attitude and behavior. Since you expect the course to become a refreshing experience, you should also be able to highlight which type of people you wish to hang out with and get high. Other spices include fitting snacks that will not overwhelm your digestive system and a touch of calming music to make it more enjoyable.

When is the right time to hotbox?

As far as users know, there should be no limitations on your hotboxing period. You could do it anytime but not anywhere because the deciding on where you will do it is what makes it more of a “hotbox.” Therefore, there is no wrong and right time in hotboxing. 

There are limitations that you should know of, though. First, you should have at least a presence of mind before preparing your hotbox session. You wouldn’t want to risk your life and other people as well, would you? By being risky, I mean hotboxing in a car that you will drive after or a vehicle that isn’t yours. That, if I’m not mistaken, will put you into legal trouble and issues. Also, being mindful around people you share a room with is a must because there will be specific individuals that will undoubtedly argue with you and eventually cut ties with you if you do hot boxes in their place without their permission and if they dislike the said activity.

The last thing to keep in mind is oxygen. Sure, a minimally-ventilated place is the ideal setting to do hotboxing sessions, but you cannot ignore the possible dangers from it. There’s no real that you cannot crack a window or take a fresh breath outside of your preferred room if you find yourself enduring lightheadedness. Remember that your safety matters more than your skunk smell that individuals outside could sniff.

Is hotboxing for everyone?

The truth is, there are no qualifications in performing hotboxing. As long as you’re well aware of its definition, disadvantages and advantages, purpose, effects, and considerations, you can freely do it. Remember that smoking a portion equal to your experience is a must, so one thing you should avoid is consuming too much despite being a beginner.

On the other hand, professional and expert cannabis users can do it in any lengths they wish since they already possess backgrounds on that matter. Surely, they already know the do’s and the don’t’s as well as the possible harmful dangers they could receive. After all, enjoyment is fun as long as no harm is around.

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