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What to do with Hermaphrodite Weed Plant

hermaphrodite cannabis plant

Hermaphrodite weed plant cause some destruction in your cannabis growing. Every grower must have an idea as to what to do if there is a presence of hermies in their growing area. So what should you do in this instance?

When your marijuana plants are starting to reveal their genders and you see signs of hermaphroditism, remove them immediately in your grow room and separate them in another area. Why do you need to do this? Well, hermies will pollinate your female weeds if they will stay together in the same growing room. When hermies will pollinate, this trait will be passed to the next generation of your weed cultivation.

Even if you are growing some of the easiest strains you may encounter this problem if the plants are too stressed out.

Aside from that, hermies will also cause seedy cannabis plants. Why is this so? The moment hermies will have contact with your weeds, they will be more focused on producing more seeds rather than producing more buds. For this reason, your yield might decrease which is not good on your side as a grower.

How Will You Know That your Marijuana Plants are Hermies?

Knowing the signs that your weeds are developing into hermies is vital because this will have a direct effect on your growing process. So what are the signs to identify hermaphroditism? Hermies will produce both female pistils and male pollen sacs in one.

What Causes Cannabis Plants to Hermaphrodite?

Hermaphroditism is destructive and preventable as well. This is why it is important for every grower to know what the causes of hermaphroditism are. Stress is the number one cause of the occurrence of hermaphroditism. When your plants will experience stress, it will be affected by its growth.

Hermies are actually really possible in every marijuana cultivation, however, since it is preventable every grower must know what to do and how to prevent it for more successful cultivation.

One great step to prevent this is is to get feminized marijuana seeds. This is much less common with seeds that have been feminized.

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