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What to Do if Heat Becomes a Problem in your Indoor Grow Room

No one wants to harvest crops with burnt and curling cannabis leaves, right? But what if the hot temperature became more persistent in your indoor grow room? Is this the end of your cannabis growing?

Calm down, brothers and sisters! This is not the end of your passion for cannabis plants because indoor heat problems can now be fixed easily! Although this may appear like a challenging situation for novice cannabis growers, you and the whole cannabis community has still the chance to solve this heat issue by simply following all the rules that we will share in this article.

So are you now ready to fix your indoor growing room issue? If yes, then here are the things that you can take into consideration to immediately normalize the temperature in your indoor grow room.

Tips to Control the Heat Temperature Indoors

Before we discuss the ways on how to control the hot temperature inside your grow room, you need to know first that the ideal temperature for indoor growing is 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit if lights are on during the day, and slightly cooler temperature at night and while the light is off.

Cannabis plants have also their own comfortable temperature depending on their growth stage. So if your cannabis plants are in the vegetative stage, you need to ensure that you will provide 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit since they can vegetate more if the temperature is a bit warmer.

Then if your cannabis plants are already in its flowering stage, you need to give them 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit since the slightly cooler temperature will allow your plants to produce more trichome, the best smell, and color.

And since you already know the temperatures to maintain, you also need to understand now that if your grow room goes between 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, it only means that your cannabis plants will about to enter a stressful condition! So if you want to help your plants from surviving too much heat temperature inside your grow room (indoors), here’s what you need to do:

  1. Check your grow lights and make necessary changes.

Use LED grow lights instead of CFL or HPS grow lights if your indoor grow room is suffering from too much heat temperature since LED lights can produce lesser heat when compared to CFLs. But when switching your CFLs to LEDs, make sure that you will put your LEDs on top of your cannabis plants with a distance of at least 16 to 18″ above to ensure that your cannabis plants will still end up growing at its best features.

Note: You can still stick with your MH/HPS grow lights on the off chance that you own an exhaust fan that has an ability to release hot air since this type of grow lights have air-cooled hoods which help in managing the temperature.


  1. Lessen the power of your grow lights.

If your grow lights have the ballast that can be adjusted according to your power requirements, then feel free to do it so most especially if your indoor grow room has higher heat temperature. For an instance, if your ballast is set to the super lumen, you can adjust to 600 watts to lessen the power and heat of your grow lights. Then if you think that your indoor grow room is now cooling, then slowly adjust your power back to its normal settings.


  1. Set up a good exhaust system and ducting into your grow room.

A good exhaust system will help in reducing the heat inside your grow room. Additionally, if you will install a good exhaust system indoors, proper ventilation will also be achieved. That means the air flow in your grow room will be highly improved which is very significant when controlling the odor indoors.

So when setting up your exhaust system, make sure that you will place it on top of your growing area since the heat tends to go above your tent or what not. After such, you need to create an intake hole near the floor with a bigger size as much as possible because small intake hole will limit the ability of your exhaust to vent out more hot air.

For your ducting, make sure that you will keep its length shorter and in a straight line to get an assurance that the hot air inside your grow room can easily travel and go outside of your system.


  1. Adjust your light schedule to 18/6 instead of 24/0.

18/6 light schedule is almost the same with 24/0. That means even if you will adjust your light schedule to 18/6, will not bring any negative effects to the growth of your cannabis plants. As a matter of fact, you will not completely notice the difference of 24/0 and 18/6, but you will surely appreciate the result of 18/6 because you can be sure that your electricity bill will be minimized while normalizing the temperature inside your grow room.

Additionally, you can try to turn off your grow lights for about 6 hours during the highest temperature of the day to properly control the heat in your indoor growing room.


  1. Use coco coir and smart pots.

Coco coir in smart pots is one of the best options that could help in controlling the heat inside your grow room. As a matter of fact, the coco coir can resist the heat over 85 degrees Fahrenheit. That means you can still get a good crop even if your grow room has this extreme heat temperature.

Additionally, if you will opt for smart pots, your roots will maintain its healthiness since overwatering can be avoided with smart pots, plus it will increase the ability of your plants to evaporate.

All in all, there is always a solution to every problem that we are going to encounter most especially into our indoor growing room. So stop worrying now and continue enjoying your journey to the world of cannabis plants!

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