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Haze VS Kush: A Comparison

When it comes to working with cannabis especially in the field of cultivation, you often come up with terms such as kush and haze. But, what are those terms and how do they differ from each other? The fact that many are still arguing about haze vs kush and which one is the best makes for an interesting debate.

These two great strains have been hotly debated over the past few decades. Some think that kush has a more pronounced flavor while haze has very potent effects. But, which of these are truly indicative of a great cannabis strain? To differentiate both strains, we need to discuss each and find out what are the advantages and benefits of cultivating and smoking each strain.

Haze vs Kush

What is Haze?

Haze is a long line of popular Sativa dominant strains. They are mostly purebred Sativa strains that have a very energetic head high. The long-lasting effects make it a popular weed to smoke during the day as the effects even continue towards the end of the day. Haze is often lauded for its amazing aroma and is accompanied by spicy fruity flavors.

Haze strains are often very delicate to grow hence they are quite difficult in terms of handling and cultivating. Many growers would often try to grow other strains as these require a lot of careful planning and management. Some Haze strains even take too long to grow and the patience of its growers would go thin. With that, Haze strains are more suited towards seasoned growers who have the experience to grow such demanding strains. Growing Haze strains will be high risk yet it will also ultimately reward its grower’s patience and dedication.

Due to its long flowering period, it took a while before Haze strains became a popular breed of cannabis. It as even thought to have been extinct in the 80s where most cannabis strains being developed were other types. However, its notoriety soon expanded and more growers begin to catch up on the trend of taking good care of a Haze strain and be rewarded for it.

What is Kush?

Kush is another popular strain that is known for its powerful medical benefits and very enjoyable recreational effects. You might have heard a lot about Kush through songs and in the movies however, Kush originated in the Hindu Kush mountains where it got its name from. It was grown in these cool mountain ranges that run along with Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Kush strains are primarily Indica in nature and are one of the most popular strains in the last decade. Modern-day strains would not be as popular and as potent than it is today if there were no Kush strains developed a few decades ago. One of the most popular Kush strains today is OG Kush where it was first introduced in the cannabis community around the 1990s.

Growing Kush strains will need to emulate the weather conditions of its origin. A cool and dry place with enough sunshine should do the trick. Kush strains often present a very relaxing high that will keep you joyful for several hours. They deviate more towards the sedative experience rather than the cerebral and energizing effects of a Haze strain.

Major Differences between Haze vs Kush

One of the major differences between haze and kush is its physical appearance. Haze strains have broad leaves and grow rather small. This small size makes it very convenient to grow whether it is in your backyard or a small grow room. Kush strains often develop bright green flowers with purple colorations while Haze strains produce a lighter green tone with lots of bright fiery pistils covered with hair.

Kush strains often have a sweet and sour aroma while Haze strains produce a very fresh and herbal sometimes floral odor. The Haze aroma involves spicy citrus notes with hints of earthy sweetness while Kush aroma tends to lean more towards a sweet and pungent smell with hints of earth, however, some also develop a pine and woody smell together with some hints of pepper in between.

The taste of Kush also bears a unique difference from Haze. Most Haze has an earthy sweet citrus taste while Kush strains offer more complex flavors like floral, diesel, and earthy notes. While not all of these strains follow the same flavor profile, Kush and Haze strains generally have their respective flavors.

Lastly, another major difference between the two classic strains is its effects. Most Kush strains affect the body through its relaxing effects. They are often consumed to relieve pain and help people get to sleep much faster. Kush strains are known to produce high amounts of cannabinoids known as THC and are often the reason why most Kush has a sedative couch-lock effect. With that, Kush strains are highly recommended for night time consumption. 

Haze strains on the other hand have a very cerebral and euphoric high. They tend to energize the mind and tap into the creativity of its user. Haze is often prescribed for people who need to focus and are the usual victims of stress and fatigue. Haze strains often have potent effects due to its high amounts of THC however, the presence of CBD in most strains helps keep a balance between both cannabinoids thus a sedative effect does not occur very often. With that in mind, they are ideal strains to smoke during the day.


Some of the popular Kush strains include OG Kush, Master Kush, and Purple Kush while Haze strains like Super Silver Haze and Amnesia Haze are highly lauded by many for its effects.

Haze and Kush have always had a unique rivalry in both growers and users. They are quite on the opposite side of the spectrum and bring something new to the table. More often than not, these two strains have garnered a following due to their distinct nature. This is why the debate between haze vs kush will never cease to exist as there will always be fanfare between both. Nevertheless, no matter which one is your choice both strains have always been top quality.

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