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Guide to Dabs and its Consistency

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In today’s generation of Marijuana consumption, people are switching from one way to another. From simply smoking the weeds to extracting its content, all of it are used by Marijuana users for many reasons.

As of today, one of the most common ways to use Marijuana is through extracting its content. Many people have switched to this method for various reasons. One of it is dabbing or making a dab. Dabbing may be misunderstood by many people, thinking that it has higher risks. Although safety is our main concern, dabbing can be a good choice of weed using if it will be applied with proper knowledge and technique.

 What is dab?

Dab is a term referring to Marijuana concentrate in a form of hash oil, honey oil, BHO or wax. Basically, dabbing is the process of extracting a Marijuana concentrate through using a heat source, a galls or quartz in order to vaporize it. Dab started since 1970 but it was typically called hash oil that time, some people called it honey as its street name.

One of the main reasons why people use dab is to effectively use the oil content of Marijuana plants. According to the research, there is only a certain percentage of a weed’s weight is terpenes, and through this, we could assume that 50% of its content is a plant matter which has very low medicinal value, which if smoked can do harm than good the human’s lungs.

Dab consistency

The common consistency terminology is BHO or Butane Honey Oil; it is a type of making concentration through using butane as the solvent. People use different names for each way of extractions. For example the shatter, it refers to a glass-like consistency. Budder, honeycomb, and sap have their different meanings although all of them are under the BHO category.

Different types of dabs

  • Shatter- commonly, shatter has a higher percentage of THC content. As what its name says, shatter should be shattered or smashed like a glass. There are times, it the shatter is warm it will give a bending snap effect. Technically speaking, if it will fold and will not stop then it is not shatter at all.
  • Wax- wax is also referred as crumble, budder, and saps. The concentrates of wax are easier to handle.
  • Crumble- crumble is wax in form but it will crumble the moment you’ll break it.
  • Budder- when it comes to color and potency, budder is just the same with crumbles, however, its consistency is the same with peanut butter. Its texture will be achieved when it will be whipped while heated. When it will start to cool, it will again regain its consistency. Budder is a form of dab which is very easy to apply in dab pen.
  • Sap- sap is a term used that will end up or result to gooey or clear waxes. Its consistency can be affected by water, commonly it will give you a syrup feel but it would be better if you will keep it in the fridge and cool.
  • Distillate- with distillate, you can achieve the highest content of THC since it can give up to 99% THC content. The distillate is a kind of food that can also be added to your favorite food and eat right after.
  • Terp sauce- for those people who are not just looking for concentration but also for flavor, Terp sauce is for you. It will give you a great flavor while enjoying a dose of terpense at the same time.
  • Sugar wax- sugar wax is in a crystallized form. Usually, sugar wax will produce a great flavor in dab.
  • live resin- live resin is a way of dabbing which can be done through freezing fresh weed plants. It will go through some typical extraction through HBO. Other names of live resin are live sugar, live terp sauce, and live shatter.

How to do dabs wax

Doing dab can be done in different ways, but in general, you will need the help of heat to concentrate weeds and produce dabs. Glass dab rigs, dab nail, and butane dab torch are the most common forms of dab. Whatever you use in dabbing, quarts, ceramic or titanium, make sure that you will not dab while it is hot. Just wait 30 seconds to let it cool.

The reason why you need to let it cool is the fact that if the temperature is low, you will get the chance of using a more flavorful dab. On the other side, if your temperature will be too much cool you will also not be able to dab it effectively.

Are dabs good or bad?

A lot of people misunderstood the concept of using a dab. For those who are asking whether it is good or bad, the answer would be like this, in any way and form; this can be risky for you. However, it doesn’t mean that dab is not a good choice and option to consume weeds. With right ways and steps, you could able to enjoy dab for any purpose. To make and use a dab as safely as you want, make sure that you have enough idea and knowledge in order for you to not end harming yourself than striving for good. As long as you have all precautionary measures, there is no way of using a dab in a risky way.

Advantage and disadvantages of dabbing

  • dabbing has higher potency
  • No smell in dabbing
  • with dab, the high effect will last longer
  • Using dab is believed to be healthier
  • you will not accidentally spill water with pipes

Dabbing vs. smoking

Dabbing and smoking is both a good choice in consuming weeds. Most people choose any of these choices because of many reasons. Both of them has advantages and disadvantages.

Smoking may be one of the simplest ways to consume weeds; however, smoking will not give you the chance to consume all cannabinoid content. On the other side, dabbing maybe healthier but it has high risks for those who don’t have any experience yet.

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