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Guerrilla Marijuana Growing Method

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Growing your marijuana plants outdoors is one of the best ways that you can consider because aside from the fact that you can save more money with this option, you can also enjoy the benefits of using the natural resources and the help of our Mother Nature. However, growing marijuana plants outdoors might result to a big disaster most especially if you are hiding it to the eyes of judgmental people and thieves.

So if you want to conceal your growing, you might as well consider the guerrilla marijuana growing method to perfectly hide your marijuana plants while still enjoying harvesting good crops. Additionally, by means of doing this method, you can get a chance to protect your marijuana including your personal identity.

That being said, if growing outdoors is really your goal and you are wondering how to start the guerrilla marijuana growing method, then here are some good and solid tips to consider so you can safely and successfully do your guerrilla farming.


Friendly Note: Before you start doing the tips that will be given below, make sure that you will never divulge your secret farming or guerrilla marijuana growing method to ensure that your secret will be kept safely. Even if your most trusted friend, a partner in life, family, and relatives should never discover your secret because remember, secrets and rumors can easily be spread out regardless of the fact that it is a top secret or not. So be careful with your words and actions while doing the guerrilla farming.


Tips When Doing the Guerrilla Farming


Tip #1: Find the best location for your marijuana plants.


Your location should be far away from residential places, commercial establishments, or recreational sites. You also need to ensure that no wild animals, hikers or hunters that would visit your location. Additionally, when finding your location, you have to make sure that you will get an easy access to a water supply so every time that you may need to water your plants, you will not find it hard to do such obligation.


Tip #2: Make sure there is enough sun coverage in your picked location.


Light is one of the best ways for you to maximize the growth of your marijuana plants. So make sure that your picked location has a good sun coverage because your plants need at least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight per day. But of course be mindful that too much exposure from heat might result to burnt leaves and other kinds of stresses.


Tip #3: Start growing your seeds indoors during the winter season.


If you have an indoor space and some grow lights, you can already start your growing journey before you transplant your marijuana plants to your actual guerrilla growing spot during the spring season. So while you are securing your guerrilla location, you can also enjoy growing larger marijuana with potential yields.


Tip #4: Plant your guerrilla marijuana after winter indoor growing.

Spring is the perfect time for you to grow a marijuana. So after growing indoors during the winter season, this is the ideal time for you to dig a deep hole where you can add your substrate such as perlite or pro-mix to keep the moisture of your soil which will help in making your roots stronger and better.

Then after such, don’t forget to feed and water your plants with good nutrients and supplements to get higher and better yields.


Tip #5: Protect your marijuana plants against wild animals and pests.

You can add chicken wire around your marijuana plant or grow companion plants which will help in killing the pests. These methods of protecting your marijuana plants are truly important to take into consideration because when growing outdoors, your marijuana plants are more exposed to risks.

There you have it! When the harvest time comes up, make sure that you will do it early in the morning so that no one will catch you while you are harvesting your plants. Additionally, when your plants are starting to show their genders, make sure that you will immediately remove the male plants to avoid harvesting hermies.


So good luck to your guerrilla moves and may you succeed growing the best marijuana plants!

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