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Growing Your Cannabis Plant in Pot Containers

Pot Containers

Not everyone enjoys growing their cannabis plants directly into the ground. More often than not, we find growers who would much rather plant in pot containers! You seem to place your marijuana plant in pot containers gives it a lot of advantages as well. It may not be the most traditional way of doing things as cannabis plants are generally known to thrive in a more natural habitat. But from what we have observed, pots are pretty darn effective as well!

It isn’t exactly an uncommon thing to find pots in a garden. In fact, it is pretty much a staple for just about any agricultural product out there! But because it is an option that cannabis growers have, we will discuss the benefits of using them! Additionally, we are going to give an in-depth explanation for the types of pots that people usually use!

Why Should I Have My Cannabis Plant In Pot Containers?

Using pots for cannabis plants is referred to as container gardening. This isn’t something that is exclusive to marijuana, too! Obviously, using pots and containers in gardens is extremely common. For thousands of years, studies have shown civilizations using containers for cultivating. It also makes the garden look organized. 

Of course, using pot containers for the cannabis plant extends a lot more beyond the purpose of appearances. Here are the advantages of using plant pots in your gardens. 


  • Using pots will allow you to have more control over the drainage, water retention, and spacing of your growing medium. Because you will be placing just the right amount of soil or growing amendments into them, you will have a much clearer idea of what is inside the containers. This, of course, isn’t possible when planted directly into the ground as there is a pretty large volume of soil. The mobility of pots allows you to properly adjust the exposure to light, temperatures, and humidity adjustments in your area. 
  • Arranging and transporting plants from one point of your garden to another will be a lot easier, as well. If you want to redecorate the looks and appearance of your gardens, you can simply carry each pot. This will work brilliantly for indoor setups. Hiding plants will be a lot easier with the use of pots!
  • The pots may also provide an extra layer of protection for the roots of the cannabis plants. Because they won’t be as exposed to rodents that may be living underground, there is a lot less chance of these pests damaging your crops. Additionally, your roots will be a lot less exposed to bacteria and fungus that are inherently present in the ground. These factors may be the sole cause of different deficiencies and sicknesses in your plants.
  • Placing your cannabis plant in pot containers will also eliminate the risks of weed (the bad kind) from growing in your plants! The elimination of these stray weeds, along with lesser debris and fallen leaves/branches will make for a much cleaner environment for your plants. Remember, a dirty garden will often result in various diseases and pests breeding!      

But with advantages will follow a couple of drawbacks and some unappealing features that might cause you to use it! 


  • Placing the cannabis plant in pot containers will require you to regularly repot them during different stages of their life cycles. As the plants get bigger and their rooting systems continue to expand, repotting is essential to allow a bigger space for them to grow. For a lot of growers, this may be quite time-consuming and tiresome. 
  • Depending on how big your cannabis plants become, you may need a sizable pot to contain them. While they aren’t exactly the most expensive commodity out there, they are still going to cost more than planting directly into the ground. 
  • It is easy to mess up the purchasing of the right-sized pots. In the case where you do have your marijuana plant in pot containers that are of the wrong size, this can significantly affect the way that they develop and respond to growing techniques. 


Is The Pot Size An Important Factor To Consider?

Obviously, the bigger cannabis plants in your gardens will also need bigger pots to house them! If a cannabis pot is too small, the insufficient amount of soil will not be enough to retain the needed nutrients and water levels that you will give them. Additionally, the small spaces may stop the further development of your plants.

On the other hand, placing your cannabis plant in pot containers that are too big will make it hard for all the nutrients and water to reach the rooting systems. This can likewise result in the underdevelopment of your plants.

So, how exactly do you know which pots are the ideal sizes? Cannabis plants will generally require 12-gallon pots during their full maturity. This can, however, vary greatly as Sativa strains can grow much larger (up to 13 feet in height) For these, it would not be surprising to use 15-gallon pots. On the other hand, smaller plants will usually need 6 to 10-gallon pots to give them just the right amount of breathing space. 

During their seedling and vegetative stages, a 2-gallon pot is sufficient. From there, slowly work your way up in size. You will know when the plants need to be repotted. It displays signs of discomfort such as discoloration, stunted growth, or even breaking through the pots! 


Types Of Pots For Your Cannabis Plants

Pots for cannabis plants can be made with many kinds of material, each with its own sets of benefits and drawbacks. You may be familiar with these. When walking into a gardening shop, you are bound to have seen these types of pot containers. But how exactly do they differ from one another? Let’s take a look:

  • Plastic Containers – These are the most common forms of potting, most especially for commercial growers who will need a substantial amount of them. They come at very cheap prices but they still provide the essential elements. Proper drainage, water retention, and holding up the soil are important. However, plastic containers may not be able to withstand harsh climates as well. Despite being made up of hard plastic, it is still plastic and may break easily.




  • Cloth Pots – This is something that recent growers have taken a keen interest in. Making pot containers out of fabric has surprisingly brought a lot of benefits that many people did not expect. The loose material of cloth will allow much more airflow into the growing medium. This gives the rooting systems a lot of opportunities to develop fresh and healthy plants due to the added amount of CO2 and oxygen that they are exposed to. Additionally, cloth pots give a very good drainage system as water can easily pass through the creases in them without having to place any holes underneath. However, the unstable build will require growers to place some sort of support system to keep the pots upright. 
  • Clay/Ceramic Pots – Lastly, we have clay or ceramic pots. These are much more used by personal growers and collectors who really invest a lot in their plants. They are the most durable and sturdy type of containers that people commonly use. These pots can withstand large volumes of soil and can pretty much protect your plants’ roots from pests and rodents. It also has all the properties that your plants will need! But they usually do not come with holes underneath so you will need to drill them yourself. Additionally, they tend to get quite heavy, making their mobility a lot harder than other types of pots. 

Using pots in your cannabis gardens is sort of the norm right now. Whether your crops are located indoors or outdoors, having your cannabis plant in pot containers will bring their benefits all the same. They are perfect for both beginner and experienced growers as they give an added layer of protection to your gardens! Moreover, pots are extremely accessible, making any grower capable of using them!

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