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Growing Regular Marijuana Strains Problems

growing regular marijuana strains problems

If you are a new marijuana grower, you are certainly clueless on what you should do, where you should start, and what are the things that you need to prepare. Most of the time, you will only ask for someone’s advice so you can get an idea on how to grow a marijuana. But since there is already an internet and search engines that are available now, your innocence is not an excused.

In other words, if you want to grow a marijuana without encountering too much of an issue, you should be doing an extensive research every now and then starting from your seeds up to the optimal growth of your marijuana. But what if you are now too late to do this? What if you have already purchased your regular seeds to an ordinary marijuana strain seller without thinking about it because you are too excited to grow your own marijuana?

Well, you can’t do anything about it but just to nurture your regular marijuana strains, give what is right for them, and wait for its final harvest because regular marijuana strains will give you some problems most especially if you will just buy it somewhere or to an unknown source.

So if you are not yet planting your regular marijuana strains, then you are a lucky one! Because in this article, we will discuss to you the common problems that you will encounter if you will grow a regular and unknown marijuana strain such as the following:

  1. You are growing both female and male marijuana plants.

Regular marijuana strains can be both male and female in gender. So if you will opt to grow a regular strain, you are totally clueless about its gender most especially if you will buy this to a random seed bank online.

That means when growing regular marijuana strains, you need to give yourself a lot of patience and never expect that you will harvest a female marijuana because there is a 50% chance that your marijuana will end up being a male plant.

So if you are a novice cannabis grower, you better buy your regular strain to a very reputable seed bank since they can give you an assurance that you can grow a female marijuana.

  1. You are growing an unknown plant.

Unknown size, yields, potency, and overall growth – these things will be encountered if you will grow a regular marijuana strain. You can either harvest poor quality buds or denser and stickier buds, smaller or bigger plants, lesser yields or higher yields, or a hermie cannabis plant if you don’t need how to check the gender of your marijuana.

In other words, you cannot expect anything from a regular strain most especially if you will purchase your strains to an unknown seed bank. So again, if you are planning to breed your own strains or if you want to know what are the characteristics of your regular strain, then buy your strains to a 100% legit and dependable seed bank.

  1. Regular marijuana strains are slow growing.

If you will compare it to clone seeds, regular marijuana seeds are slow growing since they are not yet matured and established for growing. Additionally, if your seeds are too old or your seed bank did not store the regular marijuana seeds properly, there’s a big tendency that their growth would be much longer when compared to clone or other seeds.

  1. Regular marijuana strains will not all germinate.

Poor quality regular marijuana strains or those seeds that are not properly checked or stored by its owner will give you a failing germination. This is usually encountered if the coat of your strains is too hard or if the requirements given to the seeds are incomplete. That means you will not be able to grow your very own marijuana plant if your strains will not germinate.

So again, never purchase your strains to a random people on the internet.

  1. You are wasting your time and money.

Time, money, and effort – all of these will all be wasted once you have planted a poor quality marijuana strain. Just imagine the disappointment that you will get if all the strains that you have grown are all male plants and if you have exerted all your efforts, provided your plants all the best nutrients, grow lights, and many other essentials, painful isn’t?

So the bottom line of this is never ever to buy your regular marijuana strains to a seed bank without knowing their credibility and reputation in the cannabis industry. Because after all, growing a high-quality regular strain can still give you good advantages for as long as you will properly take care of them and purchase them to an established seed bank.

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