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How to Choose the Place to Grow your Marijuana Plants?


Basically, it is really not that hard to find a place to growing marijuana seeds. You could plant anywhere as long as you have the necessary equipment needed for cultivation. Though it still poses a challenge for you to find that place due to some factors like soil type and amount of sunlight. Also, there are some areas that restrict planting or acquiring marijuana. That is why you should really plan enough to get the ideal location for planting your marijuana. Thus, this article will help you get a grasp and will give you tips on selecting a place for marijuana cultivation.

Planting Marijuana Outdoors

The world outside your house is really big. Even if you own a spacious place, it’s still unsure if your marijuana will grow enough. That is why it is important to gain knowledge on what you should look for to assure the growth of your marijuana. The following includes;

a. Security
-Make sure your place is secured and safe against thieves, judgmental and suspicious neighbors, and hunters. It is important to just keep it hidden to avoid getting into trouble. I suggest keeping camouflage your plants using other plants and trees. Also, you could build big fences around it to reduce the number of people who will get access to it. There are also growers who tend to grow their marijuana plants in their rooftops through greenhouses. In this way, a lot of people won’t get to look at it and just exclusive for you and the people who live in your place. In addition, you could get dogs to guard your marijuana. This is helpful in case intruders will come to steal your marijuana.

b. Sunlight and Fertility of Soil
It is essential to keep your soil fertile. To check it, observe if there are plants growing around your place. If there exists, then this indicates that your soil is fertile. If it isn’t, then try to assess your soil through undergoing it to a soil test. The soil test will indicate the fertility of your soil and if it’s liable for plant growth. But to assure, you could treat your plants through adding organic wastes such as human and animal feces, dry leaves, and fruit peelings. These rummages decay with time and add through the soil. To make it fast, you could add earthworms to facilitate the decomposition.

Also, sunlight is important for growing marijuana. This type of plant thrives in more sunlight and thus, you should look for a place where it would be exposed more to direct sunlight.

Another thing also, the location should be near to a water source. But nonetheless, there are a lot of innovations now like a sprinkling system that manages water allowing for it to get through the plants.

Growing Marijuana Indoors

Our house could be a place for the cultivation of our marijuana. Space does not matter if you just think like Einstein. There are a lot of ways to keep your marijuana grow healthy through technologies, innovations and modern techniques that have been continuously applied by marijuana growers. Though, there are things that you need to consider before planting marijuana in your indoor spaces. The following includes;

a. Security
Make sure that you keep your marijuana safe against neighbors and people who will try to judge you. You can keep it in a room or in a hidden space that is locked so that only you could get access to it. To keep it more secure, you could install security systems or even getting a dog to reduce risks on exposing your marijuana plantation.

b. A Healthy Ventilation
Plants need air and enough sunlight to grow. That is why you need to secure ventilation for your plants. If you don’t have a place in your house that calls for this criteria, you could improvise using grow lights and exhaust fans to keep the plant growing. Also, make sure to not let the odor of marijuana go outside the space. Employ an effective ventilation to the location in order to avoid it.

c. Financial capabilities
Money is really important when you want to establish a marijuana cultivation inside your house. Unlike outdoor planting, you don’t have sunlight and soil readily available. That is why you need to buy all the necessary materials, tools, and equipment needed to sustain your marijuana plantation. An example of these things is an exhaust fan, grow lights, and reflecting materials.

Planting Marijuana in Dry Climates

Like any other vegetation, marijuana needs water to sustain its growth. That is why you need to make ways to get this extreme need especially to places where water is not readily accessible. For countries having a dry climate, you could install water holders to preserve water from your plant. You could also antitranspirant sprays to your plant to keep it hydrated all the time. Additionally, you could spend money on innovations to regulate your water system.

Also, sunlight is another thing when dealing with dry places. Find a location that keeps your marijuana gets exposed to extreme doses of sunlight. Think some ways like getting a sunscreen or employing a timely schedule for sun’s exposure.

Nowadays though, you don’t have to think of these problems because there are marijuana strains that are intended for dry climates. Though expensive and rare, it’s available online for purchase.

Though the best thing that you could do is to plant your marijuana indoors to keep a regulation on all the plant’s basic needs. It may be expensive but it’s definitely worth a try.

Planting Marijuana in Cold Climates

Indeed, the greatest challenge for growing marijuana in colder regions is getting the amount of sunlight necessary for growing marijuana. People could imply grow lights to keep your plants from nurturing despite the condition.
But the most common problem for growers during cold days is mold infestation. The plants need to be protected from molds through preventing it from getting exposed to excessive moisture.

Though there are cannabis strains that could survive even in winter and very low temperatures. These strains are much likely available online which comes with also with great price.

Similar to dry climates, it is recommended to put your marijuana cultivation indoors to keep conditions manageable. Somehow, this is costly but the easiest method to grow your marijuana.

The world is big and there are a lot of ways to take on things. Technology has continuously flourished and humans have made impossible to possible. Despite how hard it is, there is always a way of keeping your marijuana plant secure and grow healthy. All you need is to think and to believe.

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