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Common Seedling Problems and Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Growing Marijuana problems  is not that easy, there are many things you need to bear in mind in order to harvest high yielding crop. Just like any other plants, seedling is the most crucial stage of growing your weeds. This means that as a grower, you should be careful in cultivating your seedlings in order to make it healthy and will produce more potent buds.

In this article, we will talk about the common seedling problems and mistakes that should be avoided to help our growers raise awareness about the right management of seedlings in order to produce high yielding crop.

Nutrient Problems

  • Overfeeding

This is one of the common mistakes done by many growers. If you think that more food will result to bigger and healthier plant, then you should start correcting yourself now. You must bear in mind that feeding too much fertilizer in your seedlings will result to too much nutrients and will also increase the acidity in your soil (if you plant your seedling in the soil). Whatever your seedling medium, too much application of fertilizers will turn your leaves yellowish and curled. If this happen, you need to immediately flush and spray pure water to its leaves for several days.

  • Underfeeding

If overfeeding is a problem, underfeeding can be a big mistake too. As growers we should always remember that our plants need enough nutrients to grow and produce buds. Seedlings should receive right and enough amount of fertilizers in order to achieve progress. Most of the time, under feeding will result to lack of nitrogen because nitrogen has a big part in the overall growth of the plant.

Watering Problems

  • Underwatering seedling

As water plays an important role in growing Marijuana plants, our seedlings should receive enough amount of water to maintain its moisture. Underwatering may result to improper growth, wilting and lack of moisture. This mistake usually happens to beginners who have reminded to not overwater their plants, thus resulting to under watering. Although this is not a very serious mistake, it will give negative effects to our seedlings especially if underwatering will be combined with over dose of nutrients. With this wrong combination, your seedling will be stunted, turn dark green and twisted. Water is not just simply giving moisture to your plants, but is also helps in its transpiration process. If there will be no enough water for the roots to absorb, automatically the growth process will stop. If you notice that your soil is getting dryer, fix it through watering it constantly until right moisture will be achieved.

  • Overwatering

Overwatering can be a big problem to your seedling. Even though water is very important in the life of our Cannabis plants, too much amount of water will result to “lack of oxygen” to your plants. Oxygen plays a very important role in the whole growth of our Cannabis since it helps in plant’s nutrients absorption. Only water your Marijuana seedlings when the top inch of the soil is dry. Application of right amount of water will result to healthier Cannabis plants.

  • Using wrong temperature

Marijuana plants are sensitive to temperature. It is important to be mindful about the right temperature for your Cannabis plant because if they will experience too much temperature its leaves will start to curl, wilt and show spots. The right temperature for your Marijuana plant should be 22.2 to 25 degree Celsius.

  • Improper lighting

Too much or too little lighting can cause harm in your Marijuana plants. Too much lighting will result to burnt and crinkled leaves so it is important to be mindful about the right amount of light we should give to our Marijuana plant. Luckily, this mistake has easy way to fix. If your plant experiences too much heat you just need to move your lamp and do in contrast when the plant receives not enough amount of light.

  • Impatience

Growing your own Marijuana plants indoor or outdoor is maybe exciting. Sometimes because of too much excitement, we are tempted to cut the buds right away when they are becoming sticky and swell. Wait for it because it will grow more in size and potency.

Generally speaking, Marijuana needs right amount of moisture, right amount of nutrients to support its growth, enough lighting and most of all proper care from its growers. We will be one step ahead if we will follow simple tips and applied it properly in growing our Cannabis plant.

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