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Growing Marijuana in a Greenhouse 101

Growing marijuana in a greenhouse quickly gained popularity, and many people show interest in utilizing the greenhouse to grow their marijuana. Growing marijuana in a greenhouse has many advantages compared to growing indoors or in the growing room. However, there are still some problems to face as indoor as well. The best part of growing marijuana in the greenhouse is you can easily remove the unwanted intricacy like in an indoor growing room. Many skillful growers considered greenhouses to be more secure and consistent compared to growing marijuana outdoors.

You can also easily best natural elements and add some protection for those worse part elements that make it ideal condition, especially for marijuana growers that lived in northern part places. Even marijuana plants naturally heat themselves through greenhouses; you can still adjust more heat when needed. For those cannabis growers that want to grow cannabis to supply their medicinal and recreational needs, consider growing your marijuana through the greenhouse.

Why Should You Try Growing Marijuana in a Greenhouse

Growing marijuana in a greenhouse is known for having more potent compare to other growing setups. If you are growing marijuana from seeds with sturdy genetics, expect to have a high-quality marijuana bud by the end of the growing stage. It is definitely why more cannabis growers are shifting to grow in greenhouse setups rather than cultivating indoor and outdoor setups.

What are the Benefits of Growing Marijuana through Greenhouse?

Growing in a greenhouse is an ideal and economical method to plant marijuana. In the greenhouse setup, it uses the power of the sun to give a warm climate as well as serve as protection against different unwanted environmental conditions.

1. A Greenhouse Can Control the Climate 

Controlling the climate is very important to produce a high-standard product. Other growers created a greenhouse with their own windows that can easily be opened to let the wind circulation cool the plants or captive the heat that the marijuana plants need. 

Greenhouses can also be served as the cover of the plants against heavy rains that possibly harm the plant. It can also result from rotting the branches and gives much moisture that remains inside the cannabis buds. Another greenhouse has heaters, fans, and air conditions that will also help to manage the climate. Other than controlling the climate and manage the direct exposure to sunlight, growing in a greenhouse is cheaper than other growing setups but still guaranteed a very persistent product.

2. Control the Life Cycle of Marijuana

The usual procedure that uses by greenhouse growers is to control the life cycle of the plants or the method that also known as the light deprivation that effective during the summer season. They lessen the amount of light that the plants get right before it reaches the end season. You can maneuver it by early flowering. This will let you engage an early crop that is ideal if you live in colder areas. 

Cannabis growers usually harvest that plant before the rainy season start that can possibly cause the plant to get moldy. However, if you still want to continue growing marijuana during winter and fall, you need to depend more on secondary heaters and lighting needed by marijuana plants. In order to produce high-quality products, you need to extend the hours of light in a day. An advanced greenhouse can provide secondary lighting when it is too dark outside, and it can even block the light when it is too light outside.

3. A Greenhouse Can Help Conserve Energy 

The capability of managing the light and maintain the climate will let you cultivate for a year-round similar when you grow in an indoor setup. Growing in a greenhouse and in outdoors is much cheaper than cultivating indoors. 

It will help you save more money as well as the costs of electricity. Even you used secondary light supply in a greenhouse set up, it still inexpensive compare to the energy that you used to power your growing room in an indoor growing setup.

4. Can Extend the End of Growing Condition 

Using a greenhouse setup is the ideal environment to control the length of the end of the growing season. Many cannabis growers use this setup to lengthen the end of the growing season. This becomes beneficial for them that they maintain enough air needed by plants, especially when toasty warm climate inside or when the colder during fall begins to approach.

5. Security

Another benefit of growing in the greenhouse is the security of the plants against the warmest day during summer and protection for the too cold season. If you use painted greenhouse, other people will not know what plant you are growing; this is ideal if you want to secure your growing privacy.

Methods Used in Growing Cannabis in a Greenhouse 

You can use two different methods of growing marijuana in a greenhouse set up. You can grow the marijuana plants straight to the ground, or you cultivate separately in pots. However, growing with such a method follows with advantages and disadvantages. Still, it suits best into your growing lifestyle. 

If you prefer growing in pots, you will love the idea that you can easy to move and bring the plant anywhere when needed. It is very useful, like you are usually visited by friends or other people, that you do not want to share your growing operations. 

You can easily move the plants anywhere to avoid getting others’ attention. Another advantage of growing the plant in a pot is the unwanted weather that possibly damages your plant.

On the other hand, if you prefer growing your marijuana plant direct to the ground, this will progress better, especially when you left the plant alone. But, this method is possible if you use high-quality soil. 

If you are not using such soil, then replace it with better quality soil that can reward you with a high-quality product. You can also use hydroponics, which can guarantee great success and produce high-quality plants, making it ideal to fits your growing technique and experience.


Growing marijuana in a greenhouse is a good idea. When you decided to grow using greenhouse setups, choose the type of greenhouse that can be suited in your area. Also, even you grow in such setup, make sure to used high-quality seeds and soil to produce better buds.

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