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Growing Feminized Marijuana Problems that you Should Know

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Every marijuana grower knows the fact that female marijuana strains can do lots of beneficial things to the world of marijuana growing. And if it happens that your regular marijuana strains have grown into beautiful marijuana plants, then congratulations to you, my dear! Because not everyone has the chance to harvest female marijuana plants most especially those who have purchased their strains to random seed breeder.

Yes, the source of your strains really does matter a lot! And even if you have opted to buy feminized marijuana seeds to ensure that you will be able to harvest female marijuana plants, you will still end up with poor quality marijuana plants because there’s no assurance if the seeds that they have handed to you are in great quality.

And since we have already mentioned the feminized seeds, we will thoroughly discuss what are the feminized marijuana seeds including their disadvantages that every novice marijuana grower should take into consideration.

What is a Feminized Marijuana Seed?

A feminized marijuana seed is purposely made to allow the various growers to harvest a 100% female marijuana plant. That means if you will purchase feminized seeds to a reputable seed bank, there’s a 70-90% that your strains will grow as female marijuana plants and the absence of the male strains will be guaranteed to you.

However, regardless of the fact that you will be growing female marijuana plants, there are still some problems that you will possibly encounter while growing or if you are planning to grow them in the near future. So for your reference, here are some of the issues of growing feminized marijuana plants.


  1. The breeding program is not possible with feminized seeds.

If you want to breed and create new strains, the feminized seeds are not for you because they can only produce female plants. And as we know, you need a male marijuana plant and a female marijuana plant to produce a new marijuana strain.

So if your target is to become a breeder of marijuana, then you need to purchase regular marijuana seeds to get an assurance that you will harvest both female and male marijuana plants.

  1. Some of the feminized marijuana seeds will not germinate.

There is a chance that your purchased feminized seeds will not germinate. That means you will not be able to grow or even harvest a marijuana plant if your seeds will not germinate. And this is happening to feminized seeds because some of the breeders were using unsure techniques in creating a feminized marijuana.

That’s why it is highly important to always get your marijuana strains to a trusted breeder or seed bank for more chances of enjoying your journey to growing a marijuana.


  1. Hermaphrodite plants are possible to occur with feminized marijuana seeds.


Feminized seeds will not always give you female marijuana plants most especially if they came from bad breeders. Most of the time there is a clear possibility that you will get male and hermaphrodite plants.

And this is usually occurring if the breeder will use the hermaphroditic pollen to their female plants. So if the breeder used this method, you can assume that two or three of your marijuana will produce hermaphrodite plants. And if ever that you have produced female plants, there is still a chance that the hermaphroditic characteristic will be passed to other offspring of your marijuana since the mother plant is a pure hermaphroditic marijuana plant.

Overall, growing a feminized marijuana will not always give you great results. Even if you will provide them the complete light schedule, right nutrients, and proper watering and many other ways, you will still end up with failing feminized plants most particularly if your source is not a good breeder.

So to avoid growing a bad feminized strain, always buy your seeds to a trusted and reputable breeder or seed bank to save your time, effort, and money. And always ask questions to ensure that you are getting the right marijuana strain that will work best according to your desire.

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