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Growing Cannabis On A Budget? Here’s How!

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There are lots of ways to start growing marijuana plants in your own homes or out in your backyards. As long as you are creative and resourceful with the materials and procedures that you have. It is entirely possible to build your own cheap cannabis setup! That’s right, we say “cheap” because a marijuana garden does not have to be expensive to be fully functional! 

Despite all the new high-technology setups and equipment present in the markets, you are still pretty well-off with just the basics. Remember, the durability and sturdiness of cannabis plants are some of their best properties! Using them to your advantage can surely help you produce some fine weed buds all by yourself! 

Now, coming up with your own cheap cannabis setup will obviously require a lot of work put into it. Because you won’t have the luxury of spending a large sum of money growing gardens, you will have to make up for it by pouring a lot more thought and care into them! Don’t worry, though. This is a lot more fun and exciting than it sounds! 

Is Using A Cheap Cannabis Setup On A Budget Worth It?

Marijuana seeds, by themselves, can already come at a pretty expensive price. Couple this with the fact that they are not all that easy to have access to around the world. You are definitely gonna be splashing some money into the purchase of weed seeds. Now, some of you may already be familiar with all this state-of-the-art growing equipment. These are all present in online shops or physical hardware. The designs of this equipment give better outputs and bigger yields in cannabis-growing areas! 

But with the use of budgeted equipment and makeshift growing areas, your cannabis plants will still be able to fully thrive and produce healthy weed buds! Not every person out there who wants to grow cannabis plants can afford all the higher-end setups for their plants. With some grow tents costing up to $350.00, it just isn’t the most practical choice for everyone!

Getting All Fancy

Considering that your whole cannabis setup can cost just as much, inclusive of all the equipment that you need, it is a pretty easy choice to use a cheap cannabis setup instead! You get almost the same results in terms of potency and yields. In addition, you will be saving up a few bucks along the way! So, to answer the question: Yes, using a cheap cannabis setup is definitely worth the work and effort put into it. There really is no need to get all fancy with it! As long as the basic fundamentals of a cannabis-growing area are present, then you are all set for a bountiful harvest! 

Tips And Guidelines For Building A Cheap Cannabis Setup

The main objective of using a cheap cannabis setup is to save as much money as you can while still building an environment that is comfortable for the marijuana plants. Reducing the costs can also come in practically every factor of the setup! As such, you are going to have to canvass all the options that you have for your gardens. 

Here are some helpful tips that you can consider when you are looking to save some money when building a cheap cannabis setup:

Cheap Essentials Can Work – As Long As You Know How To Use Them! 

When you start growing your cannabis plants, you will need to make sure that they receive all the right elements that emulate the natural environment that they are so accustomed to growing in. This is made possible through the use of certain pieces of equipment/growing methods such as:

  • Lighting systems
  • Air circulation tools
  • Growing medium and soil
  • Watering systems 

Now, all of these can be provided by the cheapest choices while still being efficient! Many lighting systems can provide bright UV spectrums to your gardens. Moreover, installing some cheap air circulation systems or making use of natural winds work the same purpose of keeping the plants fresh and active!

Your soils can be significantly improved by using any organic soil amendments from your own homes! While you can opt for small amounts of store-bought fertilizers too, we are pretty sure you have a lot of leftover fruit peels and natural biodegradable ingredients that can also boost the performance of your growing medium! 

Picking The Right Marijuana Strains

Marijuana strains are just like any other commodity out there – the higher their reputation is, the more likely they will come at steeper prices. As such, there are still marijuana seeds that may cost less than others! Also, a lot of marijuana seed banks (whether online or local) are known for offering premium marijuana seeds at a bargain price. Taking advantage of promos and discounts can save you up a lot of money in the long run!

Carefully browse the choices of marijuana strains available to you. More likely than not, you won’t need the highest-end strains all the time. Settling for those classic go-to, every day strains can still give you great yields and potent effects! 

Cloning Is Your Best Friend

If you are planning to use a cheap cannabis setup for growing marijuana plants, then you will have to start learning how to clone cannabis plants. Cloning basically involves growers obtaining cuttings from certain maturing plants and subsequently planting them into a healthy growing medium! This produces a carbon copy (or clone) of that said mother plant that carries all its properties!

You see where this is going, don’t you? With the use of cannabis clones, you won’t have to buy marijuana seeds as much as you normally would! As long as you are content with the way your various strains are growing, you can continue to use clones for as long as you wish!  

Don’t Be Picky – Reuse And Recycle Your Things!

To promote a more eco-friendly growing operation while saving some money along the way, you should consider reusing the equipment for several growing operations. For one, the growing medium that you use will already contain high doses of nutrients and minerals. This can be used much more than just one time for growing cannabis plants. After a harvest, make sure to set this aside for future use!

Other tools such as pots, clippers, rakes, gloves, and watering cans will more than likely last for many years if kept with care. As long as they are not broken or they can still function properly, then you won’t have to go out of your way to replace them! 

Practice Resourcefulness

Lastly, it is a common practice for resourceful growers to make use of every part of the cannabis plant and not just the marijuana buds! The stems, branches, roots, and even sugar and fan leaves of the marijuana plant can come with a variety of uses if utilized properly. Whether it is used for making teas, edibles, extracted fibers, hashish, or even as fertilizers for soils, the remainder of cannabis plants will definitely improve your cultivation schemes. 

Your Best Options For A Cheap Cannabis Setup

Here, we take a look at some of the best things that you can input in your gardens to come up with the cheapest but most efficient growing area fit for you. Whether you choose to place your plants in an indoor or outdoor setup, following these options will guarantee you a cheaper, more environment-friendly growing experience!

Organic Growing

If you have the luxury of being able to expose your cannabis plants to more natural elements such as sunlight, open-air, and even organic soil, then you should definitely go ahead and use it! It will cost almost nothing to make use of these. Furthermore, it provides the advantage of growing in a cheap cannabis setup. Furthermore, it will expose your plants to an environment that they are naturally accustomed to thriving in. 

Now, how exactly do you grow organically and sustainably? First off, you will want to start in an outdoor garden. The inherent hours of sunlight, temperatures, humidity, rainwater (during rainy seasons), darkness from the nighttime, and fresh air during the different seasons will normally coincide with the timeline of cannabis growth as long as it is done in a planned manner. 

Organic Elements

Furthermore, the nutrients in your soils must consist of organic elements! Yes, there are a lot of store-bought minerals and solutions that are available in-store. If you do have ingredients at home (such as fruit peels, fish bones, animal manure, leftover vegetables, and the like), then you can opt for these instead! Just make sure that you do your research about what nutrients and compounds these contain. Then you’re all set to go! They do not contain any hazardous chemicals that can further damage your plants. 

Choosing The Right Growing Space or Area

Without having to buy an insane amount of materials to set up your growing areas, you can get some pretty good results if you are thrifty and resourceful. For indoor growing, making use of a vacant room, an empty cabinet, shelves, boxes, and even makeshift tents can be enough to give you a cheap cannabis setup. With a few tweaks and adjustments to their structures and equipment, they will be sufficient enough to house your plants. Oh – and it’s free!

As for outdoor growing, make the most out of the vacant lots and backyard spaces that you have in your homes. See that patch of soil lying in the corner of your property? With a few hours of proper tilling and a mixture of organic soil amendments, this can be perfect for cannabis growth! Simply install some nets and sheets above this area. You can control the amount of sunlight and darkness that your cannabis plants will be receiving. 

Autoflowering Strains Provide an Easier Growing Experience

Here’s a pro tip for you budget-friendly growers out there: try out autoflowering marijuana strains instead. They are inherently feminized. Plus, they display the sturdiest structures out of all types of weed seeds thanks to their Ruderalis genetics.

Because they will require very low maintenance and minimal attention, they are a great choice for makeshift marijuana gardens! They also grow into very small and compact plants. This means that you can make use of a lot of seeds with just a tiny amount of space. The slightly lower THC levels are a small price to pay for the benefits that autoflowering seeds bring! 

What Lighting System Will You Use?

The use of sunlight in outdoor setups gives a big advantage in terms of saving up costs and growing organically. But in an indoor garden, you will still have a lot of options for your cheap cannabis setup! 

There are a lot of different lighting systems out there but we recommend using an LED lighting panel. But don’t they cost more? Yes, they do. However, investing in an optimal LED lighting system will save you money in the long run! In addition to being the best lighting choice for indoor setups due to their unique, heat-free UV spectrums. LED lighting systems are much more efficient in terms of saving energy. When using them, you will be able to cut down the cost of electricity. In addition, be able to provide an ample amount of lighting to your gardens! 


LED lighting systems are also very accessible to growers. They are popular and in demand. You will not be spending a lot of money on shipping costs. LEDs are practically available in any mall or gardening shop! 

Ventilation Systems Can Come Cheap

The ventilation and airflow in your cannabis gardens is a very crucial element to factor in. They directly affect the temperature, humidity levels, and activity in your soils and growing area. Additionally, growers won’t have to spend a lot of money to get this!

Outdoors, the natural winds will do all the work for you. As long as your plants have proper spacing, each of them will be highly exposed to the fresh air of Mother Nature.

Indoors, on the other hand, can simply make use of hanging or ceiling fans! Depending on how big your growing area is, the placement of your fans will more than likely be enough to give them the required flow of air and CO2. Also, these won’t exactly cost you a lot of money as well. If you have any extra fans in your homes, you might want to transfer them to your growing area. 

Practice Training Your Plants!

Lastly, building cheap cannabis set up on a budget will require you to practice a lot of training techniques! Procedures such as topping, pruning, using a ScrOG, and other Low-Stress Training techniques will help you maximize your yields without opting for more expensive methods! These are natural behaviors of plants responding to your adjustments. They will basically just need some practice in doing so.

A lot of cannabis growers who cultivate on a budget will usually opt for micro growing, which means that they will use just a small amount of plants. Despite this limited number, you can still get some pretty good yields during harvest. As long as you invest some time in training your plants too!

Follow Through

Who says that you will need to spend a lot of money to successfully grow cannabis plants? That is not true! Follow these simple tips and guidelines. Any grower out there is capable of coming up with great outputs in their weed crops!

If you are a grower who is constricted by the costs of expensive setups, then we recommend you follow these simple rules. They will undoubtedly help get the best results for the lowest costs possible!

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