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Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds In the UK

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds UK

Growing cannabis can be a very rewarding activity leading to potential profit. Especially in the UK, smoking cannabis is a popular pastime for most people. Due to the high demand for cannabis in the UK, the price of cannabis can get quite expensive. This causes more and more people to look at growing this plant in their homes to save some money.

Winter season

Some people will think that since it is cold outside, they can’t start their autoflowering cannabis gardens. Little do they know that the colder months are what gets them ahead during the warmer months.


January is obviously not the start of the winter season, but it is the start of preparation for the cannabis season.

During this month, a farmer should start mapping out where the desired holes in the garden will be dug. This helps when the time comes to start digging. At least you won’t be completely clueless about where you are placing your shovel.

This is also the time when you start preparing for your soil and pest control. Buy a good supply of worms to put in your soil. They make your soil healthier because they absorb any bad chemicals that may have accidentally ran into our soil during the cold season. Also, be sure to set up your bird feeders. The birds will not only be attracted to the feeders but also to any pests they see moving around in the dirt.


February is the month where a farmer should start growing their autoflowering cannabis seeds in the UK. This is good for beginners and experts to start indoor farming. However, if your ultimate goal is to have an outdoor garden, then this should be done only by an expert or someone with good knowledge. When the warmer months hit, these plants will need to be transplanted outside, and if done incorrectly, this can kill the plant.

Not only should a farmer start germinating his or her seeds during this month but also stock up on supplies. Everyone knows that when the season hits, the prices for gardening supply will skyrocket. Right now, the prices are relatively low since no one is gardening.


Although March is technically not considered a “winter month”, the temperature during this time is still low. On the other hand, it is warm enough to start growing some seeds by windows just as long as it gets the necessary warmth it needs at night.

Spring Months

Springtime has arrived, and the itching feeling of gardening is on the rise. This is the time to start diving into the autoflowering cannabis buzz.


The sun is high, and the weather is warm. Since there is more daylight time, it is the perfect setting to start transplanting your autoflowering cannabis plants for those who grew indoors during the colder months. If you didn’t feel confident enough about your transplanting skills and didn’t grow indoors, this is also the perfect time to start.

However, as with any garden, you have to do the tedious garden maintenance. April is the time when weeds start growing and pests become more rampant. You have to weed your garden every other day if not daily so that your cannabis has room to grow. To get a little more help in pest management, plant some flowers nearby to attract insect predators that are beneficial in protecting your gardens.


May is the month of adjustments. Whether that means an adjustment to the amount of watering or the adjustment of the plant to the soil, this is the month where a farmer needs to especially tend to his or her autoflowering cannabis plants. This is also the time to start putting up a fence around your garden because deer and other springtime animals come out to feed on the new vegetation that has grown.

Summer Months

The weather is getting hotter, and the days are getting longer. This means that your garden needs you to know more than ever.


Possibly the hottest month of the year, June is when everything in your garden is growing crazy. By now, if you planted your autoflowers in April, it is time to harvest and plant another batch. With this second batch comes a whole different set of care and maintenance.

The first and foremost new maintenance regimen is to water your autoflowering cannabis constantly. This is the time where most autoflowering cannabis plants grow faster because they do not have to worry about the colder weather damaging them. Make sure to also hoe your garden regularly for weed control.


As the next hottest month on the calendar, watering is a must-do. If you have an automatic watering system, then you have nothing to worry about. If you do not have an automatic watering system, though, then get ready to put on your gardening hat and water your plants for a few hours depending on the size of your garden.

Make sure to also look out for fungal and pest infections. Humans are not the only ones affected by the heat. Birds and other predators that help protect your garden are also looking for ways to hide from the sun. This means that they are fewer predators to take the pests away from your garden.


As summer is calling to a close, make sure you listen to your garden’s requests. This is the time when your plants need the most water. As temperatures are still reaching its peak during this month, do not forget to watch your autoflowering cannabis plants. Watch for burned leaves or rotting buds. Still, perform regularly hoping to keep your unwanted weeds at check.

This is also a perfect month for harvesting your autoflowering cannabis plants and planting the third batch since this is the second month from first planting the second batch. Keep in mind, though, that not all autoflowering cannabis is ready for harvest in two months. I am just using the two-month minimum as a basis since some autoflowers are ready after two months.


When tending to your third batch during the ending part of the cannabis season, these plants need a different kind of care than the other two batches.

Daylight time is shorter which means that there is a risk of possible colder nights. This also plays a factor in how much water your autoflowering cannabis plants need. Since it isn’t as hot as the other summer months, your plants do not need a lot of water. This is to reduce the risk of mold formation since the soil may still be soaked from the previous watering.

Autumn Months

As the weather is finally cooling down, it is the time where a farmer needs to keep an eye on his garden. With the uncertainty of possible frosts at night, a farmer’s garden is going to need all of the protection it can get.


Ah yes. The time of pumpkins and falling leaves. Aside from all of the fun of this month, October is a dangerous month for cannabis farmers. 

Known as the rainiest month of the year, the detrimental effects from all of the rain could ruin a farmer’s crops. This means that a farmer will need to build a shelter over his or her plants. A greenhouse or a simple tarp can do the trick to protect the top of your plants from getting drenched. However, a farmer should keep watch of the soil. Too much runover rain could rot roots, so if a farmer lives on a hill, he or she should take extra precautions.


November is known as the official end of the cannabis season. If you are growing a third batch and they are still not ready for harvest, do not fret. If you built a greenhouse over your autoflowering cannabis plants already, then you just need to replicate the temperature and humidity levels to keep your plants alive until harvest time.

November is also the month of cleaning up the garden. It is kind of like spring cleaning but during the autumn season. Once your garden is completely cleared of autoflowers, remove the stray leaves. This is to prevent water-logging your garden. Also, start taking down your bird feeders. Since the birds are looking for warmth, they will not be wanting to spend so much time out in the cold open air. However, you should still stock your bird feeders for the next growing season.

Winter Month…again


As the final month of the year, December is a time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Keep these two tips in mind to prevent any mishaps for next season. First, insulate your water taps to keep them from freezing. Second, maintain your garden for next season. Yes, you still need to do some slight tending to keep your garden ready for April.

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