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Do’s and Dont’s When Growing Autoflower Feminized Seeds

dos and donts when growing autoflower feminized seeds

If you anticipate your future cannabis yields, you will not have full control of that will be their gender using the regularly sought techniques of fertilization. Taking measures on how to produce autoflower feminized seeds from the female plant is one best to get profitable yields. The idea behind taking this measure is that you are generating a higher amount of THC that will be taken out of your yield through the female crops.

All cannabis breeders understand that the female buds are where they get the most THC so they are going to do all means. Seed banks are able to produce feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds by forcing the female plants to be like male plants where they produce pollen sacs. Once they have this, the female plants that grow like male flowers can now bear pollens which are easily harvested. Afterward, this can be pollinated to another sort of female strain of cannabis plant with all female offspring. On this article, we will discuss the dos and don’ts when growing the autoflower feminized seeds.

What are Autoflower Feminized Seeds?

It will probably take six weeks before you can go ahead and have your feminized seeds harvested. Feminized seeds are the ones that are created from having two female cannabis planted to be cultured together. Since there will be no male parents that are used on the vegetative cycle, all of your yields will end up bearing female strains. This has been true as Dr. Rachna Patel, who is known to be a cannabis entrepreneur, as she suggested this manner on the cannabis feminization process.

Generally speaking, you cannot speak of the big difference between the female and male cannabis seeds unless they get to grow on your farm or in a seedbed. The idea behind people doing this is that there is a maximum amount of female that can produce higher content of THC after they get harvested. Remember that the seed feminization process has many numbers of pollination processes that can be used to attain your main goal which is getting profitable yield from autoflower feminized seeds.

Autoflower Feminizing Do’s and Dont’s

Here are some of the recommended dos and don’ts that you can do to maintain a good yield for your feminization process of your autoflower feminized seeds.

Do: Silver Thiosulfate Feminization Method

Also known as STS, the Silver Thiosulfate has become very common and effective that allowed many feminized seeds. The average grower can eventually produce a high amount of THC on their yields with this method. This is a process where it is the combination of sodium thiosulfate as well as silver nitrate that causes the hormonal stress reaction in the plant that can trigger the change of the cannabis gender right away.

Don’t: Removal of Fresher and Green Leaves near the Buds

If you remove the fresh and green leaves near where you will gather the pollen sacs, you will get to destroy the whole plant. Do not ever remove these leaves since feminizing the cannabis plants is just a single stage of the whole plant cycle. These leaves are also essential for plant food production.

Do: Decide on which type of cannabis strain and plant to use

Deciding which plant works out better among the rest is something that you can do initially. Remember to choose all female plants and from a single strain which are the mature ones that will make the most of the yield. Try taking one of it and have it separated, then spray them with your purchased Silver Thiosulfate Solution.  Have it dried and place them along with their corresponding female partners.

Don’t: Stressing them out with sunlight, water, and temperature

Once you see that the fresh and green leaves turn into brown or yellow, you are definitely stressing them out. Few more days and they will eventually die. If you get to expose them in much more hours in direct sunlight or in any light sources, this can bring stress on your cannabis plants with many other factors on it. Decreasing the intensity of the lamp lights in the indoor growing of your autoflower marijuana seeds for sale can help a lot. Intense sunlight on outdoor growing makes the leaves and buds diffused and wilt. Place them on places where there are shades of trees that can protect them from direct rays of the sun.

It is also very crucial to not overwater them during the feminization process. One of the most common mishaps in growing cannabis plants is that they overwater their seedlings. Once they drown on water or from any water source that you directly apply to each seedbed. If you plant your cannabis seeds on soil, you can water them directly a few centimeters away from the root section on a circular motion. Make sure that the soil is dry at the end of the day to allow nutrient absorption.

Do: Placing the Right Amount of Chemicals on the Right Spots

Primarily, the best-recommended manner of the seed banks, as well as other known breeders in creating feminized seeds to have it sold in the market for the public, is by using chemicals. Using a colloidal silver is one of the cheapest ways to produce feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds. It is a solution that is suspended in water and available as a dietary supplement in health stores all around the world.

Don’t: Spraying Bloom Boosters on the Wrong Cannabis Plant Spots

Bloom boosters can surely help a lot in the feminization process of cannabis seeds. This is done during the first three to four weeks of the flowering stage of the female plant. You can go ahead and do this until they bear pollen sacs just like a male plant and then start opening on a spilled form. With a 12/12 lighting schedule, you can choose the bud sites that is known as any female plant with a spray and having them drenched daily on a daily basis with the colloidal silver solution.

Remember to spray them on the right spots where the buds would usually spring. As the buds develop into flowers, you will observe male pollen sacs being formed on the treated parts. The parts where you did not apply sprays of colloidal silver may also develop female buds but they are very unsafe unless you get these smoked. The feminization process is very critical during this stage since this will make or break your whole method.

Do: Allowing a Naturally-induced Nutrient Absorption for Your Cannabis Plants

The cannabis plant requires a lot of care to produce better yield from your autoflowering seeds for sale. There are three important and primary nutrients that aid a healthy cannabis plant and root system: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. The cannabis plant requires a lot of care to produce better yield from your autoflowering seeds for sale. There are three important and primary nutrients that aid a healthy cannabis plant and root system: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

Don’t: Forcing to Collect Pollens from the Pollen Sacs of the Feminized Cannabis Plants

Harvesting early can break the whole process so keeping them sprayed on bud sites on a daily basis can help a lot! You can easily notice that the pollen sacs become more ready for harvest if they swell just like a balloon and they get to open up. The leaf section will start to crack so you can easily harvest the pollen. Collect the pollens which are feminized in a very careful way to protect the whole plant. Afterward, try to dry them up for a week or so before placing them on a container or a bag to preserve them with high-quality.

Do: Giving a 12/12 lighting to your Autoflower Feminized Seeds

If you wish to grow your feminized cannabis plant indoors, the flowering stage shall begin when the grow lights have been changed to 12 hours of light with 12 hours of darkness each day (12/12). The 12 hours of darkness must be uninterrupted. This is a vague signal to your plant that is now the time to flower. These days will be thought of as winter as the days are shorter during this time. On outdoors, the days are getting shorter as it causes the cannabis plant to bud during late summer. These outdoor buds grow on various schedules as it is dependent on the local climate.

Remember that auto-flowering cannabis does not need special lights as the vegetative stage is good for three to four weeks. Thus, when you start counting these weeks once you switched to the 12/12 schedule, the plant shall grow crazily higher when it comes to height. It can double its size when you switch to this. This is known as the ‘flowering stretch’ as this period is where your cannabis plant grows stretchy. Make sure to gently bend the stems which are stretching downwards and away from the plant itself.  Known as ‘low-stress training’, this maintains a flat canopy as its height will be the same for all.

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